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Delicious Desktop Downloads (Free!)

A couple weeks ago our team took a field trip down to Pharaoh’s Donuts on 7th street and let me tell you, Francis … it was amazing! It gave me design inspiration for this months free desktop download and it is the free donut wallpaper. Everyone loves donuts so why not give out an amazing and free download so you can at least look at them everyday on your computer screen. This might actually help some people not go to the donut store, spend too much money and then upset your diet. Of course there might be others that see the donuts on your computer screen and then want to eat more of them. If this is going to happen to you, this free desktop design might not be good for you.

The people inside were super nice and the donuts were so fresh because they just came out of the fryer. In fact, they were so good that they inspired this month’s free background download.

“What’s that?” you ask.

Well, we have such talented designers here at MDG that we wanted to feature some of their work. So every month we’ll be posting a new desktop background created by one of our artists that usually has something to do with events going on around St. Louis.

This month, something simple bright and colorful: Donuts by Jeremy Schwartz.
There’s no #NationalDonutDay for us, we frequently share our favorite St. Louis donuts in the office with each other. But now you don’t have be in our office to enjoy donuts with us, you can enjoy them all the time with these:


Free Donut Wallpaper Downloads

Standard Desktop (1024×768)
Wide Screen (1080×1920)
Wide Screen (1366×768)
Wide Screen (1920×1080)

iPhone 5 (640×960)
iPhone 6 (640×1136)
iPhone 6 Plus and Android (750×1334)

Look forward to new backgrounds each month and a new poster series coming later this year!