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Get To Know Tracey Better

Tracey Jones grew up in St. Louis and recently moved to Kansas City. For the last several years, she was on-and-off teaching herself web development and working various retail and support jobs. In 2021 she started at Matchbox as a web developer and support engineer. Working here has allowed her the opportunity to branch out and finally move out of St. Louis. Tracey currently lives in Kansas City with her significant other, dog, and cat while working remotely which she’s a huge fan of!

Tracey was hired primarily to assist with the support team but has found herself working heavily with the development team as well. She loves working with the development team to build and create new things, but she also enjoys the challenges and puzzles that support presents.

Tracey typically splits her day up with mornings on support, communicating with clients, and resolving support requests that come through. Afternoons are spent working on development projects or testing and reviewing teammates’ code. Tracey’s favorite thing about working at Matchbox is the flexibility.

“I’ve worked for large companies and small companies, and small companies are always my favorite because everyone is heard and it’s easier to meet everyone’s individual needs. I love that we work remotely so moving to Kansas City was no problem at all. I love that when I have ideas, I can voice them and see real change take place. I love that this is a real team, where everyone is listened to and appreciated!”

– Tracey Jones
Tracey holding up house keys with her boyfriend
Tracey posing in the pilot seat of a plane
Tracey posing with her dog River

five Questions with Tracey Jones.

  1. Describe Yourself In 3 Words.

    “Sleep, coffee, code”

  2. What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?

    “I like reading, hiking, video games, tv, and hanging out with my dog and cat!”

  3. Do You Have Any Special Talents?

    “I research literally everything.”

  4. What’s The Coolest Place You’ve Ever Visited?

    Ouray, Colorado was amazing. A small town located in the valley of enormous mountains. They have a hot spring pool in the town where you can be warm while taking in the beautiful surrounding scenery.”

  5. What's Something Awesome About You That No One Else Knows?

    “I’m a master at solitaire and sudoku.”