Matchbox Design Group Selected As Top Healthcare SEO Provider

Matchbox Design Group was named one of the top healthcare and non-profit SEO companies in St. Louis, MO

When you search something on Google, do you click on the first listing that pops up, even if it’s an ad? Or do you scroll down to the organic search results? If you scroll down to see the organic results then you are seeing the results that Matchbox Design Group worked hard to gain. That’s… Read More

Matchbox Design Group Tops List Of Missouri Advertising & Marketing Agencies!

Matchbox Design Group Top Of The List Of Missouri Advertising & Marketing Agencies

Here at Matchbox Design Group, we’ve been providing quality service since 2006. We provide web design, SEO, web development, and content marketing services. It’s been a long time coming, so we’re excited to announce that according to Clutch’s research, we are a leader in the competitive advertising & marketing industry in Missouri! Clutch, headquartered in… Read More

What Are Online Ideas To Grow Your Business

Child pretend to be businessman

Scaling your business is the ultimate goal. When you choose to expand, one tool that you should not neglect is the Internet. The Web has taken over the world and almost everyone right now is connected to the Internet one way or another. This makes for a great medium for advertising, raising Brand Awareness, and… Read More

Why Responsive Web Design Is So Important For eCommerce Today More Than Ever?

A girl using her cell phone showing off responsive web design.

First things first – no matter what business you are in, from used car parts to luxury watches to mamas homes cooking, you need to have a website. This is non-negotiable. So, how does a specialized eCommerce store become able to stand out? Through quality and covering your bases. That’s why responsive web design is… Read More

Matchbox Design Group Recognized By Clutch In 2019 Report

Matchbox Design Group Recognized by Clutch In 2019 Report

Matchbox Design is a digital marketing firm operating out of St. Louis, MO. Since 2006, our creative team has used their distinctive strategies to help brands across the country grow. We offer a wide variety of services including branding, development, design, and strategy. Our unique processes, along with our expert team, allows us to craft… Read More

What Are 7 Ways Of Enhancing SEO With Strong Product Content

Here are 7 ways of enhancing SEO with strong product content.

The sole purpose of E-commerce businesses these days is to gain more sales, money, and popularity. A novice can find these terms quite challenging but once you get hold of what SEO can do for your E-commerce business, you will offer it all the attention it needs. When you become a savvy marketer, you will… Read More

8 Web Design Tips for Law Firm Website to Attract Right Prospects

We hope you use these 8 web design tips just like the two people in this picture are doing to help your website rank.

The primary purpose of your law firm site is to bring more prospects in. So, if your website is gaining a lot of traffic but isn’t getting a lot of leads, or if you’re not gaining any traffic at all, there’s a problem. These 8 web design tips can help you. Chances are, your website… Read More

How to Pinpoint The Reason Your Customers Are Leaving Your Website

Learn how to pinpoint the reason your customers are leaving your website

You just don’t understand it: you’ve gone through a comprehensive website refresh and are now proudly sporting a brand-new design backed up by compelling copy. You’ve handpicked a selection of products your customers will love and are busy promoting them through email, targeted ads, and social media. Your SEO efforts are starting to pay off, and… Read More

Here’s Why You Should Be Paying More Attention to Mobile SEO

Internet users no longer means someone sitting behind a desktop, mobile is much more important.

There’s no going around it — if you want a worthwhile online presence, you need good SEO. You should be paying more attention to mobile SEO and here’s why. To do SEO properly, it’s a necessity to keep tabs on the latest trends in people’s online behavior — the words they’re searching for, the kind… Read More

How Will Voice Search Affect SEO?

How Will Voice Search Affect SEO? Maybe we should ask Alexa, featured in this image.

Voice search could be described as an up and coming technology. Although it is already around and used by many people today, it has a lot of potentials to develop further and be the solution to a range of problems. It is a technology used by people to access internet search results on a smart… Read More