Ten Marketers And A Bunch Of SEO Tips I’ve Picked Up From Them Along The Way

Here is my Steve Aoki jump and me telling you all A Bunch Of SEO Tips I've learned from famous marketers.

***First of all the above picture is me doing the (Steve) AOKI jump. I wanted to prove that I might just be a ninja, so I’m qualified to talk about a bunch of SEO tips. Wrong type of Ninja huh?*** I haven’t written a blog post in a long time, mainly because I haven’t had… Read More

How Your Outdated Articles Can Drastically Increase Your Traffic

Learn how your outdated articles can drastically increase your traffic

Are you hoping to move up the Google rankings and gain more search engine traffic this quarter? One of the simplest strategies to boost your SERP position and see you rise up the rankings is to update your outdated articles and web pages. Keep reading to learn how your outdated articles can drastically increase your… Read More

SEO for Google Assistant – Voice Search

SEO works for more than just mobile and desktop searches. SEO also works for smart voice devices such as Alexa, Siri and Cortana.

The rules of SERPs and SEO are being redefined by digital assistants. Digital assistants are becoming more and more popular and they are definitely going to impact the way people search which includes voice search. This post informs you how SEO for Google assistant and other voice searches can help you be found. Therefore, companies… Read More

Everything You Need To Know to SEO Like A Pro

If you want to do SEO like a pro then here is Everything You Need to Know to SEO Like a Pro.

The online audience believes that the higher one site is displayed in search results the more reliable and quality it is. The funniest thing is that they aren’t exactly wrong about this. Sure, this may seem like an oversimplification of the Google’s algorithm but the amount of creative work, strategic thinking and technical optimization that… Read More

2018 SEO Strategies That Are Already Working On RankBrain – Think Context

RankBrain is the new way to get good rankings in Google's Search Engine Results

You must be absolutely sick of reading SEO predictions for 2018, that is exactly why this guide is not one of those posts. We are basing our guide on strategies that are already being implemented, already working and should work even better as the year progresses and RankBrain takes a more prominent place in the… Read More

What Are LSI Keywords And How Do They Help Website Rankings

Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords

We all know that Google loves content, but not just content. Google loves good quality content. In fact, if you want your website to rank well in Google, you will need quality content. That means quality content for your users and for Google. If you want to rank for a certain keyword, you write your… Read More

How Should You Ask Your Clients For Google My Business Page Reviews?

Contact Matchbox Design Group and we can set up your Google My Business page plus all of your other social media accounts

Google My Business Page Reviews Blog Post updated on 7/31/2018 When you think of local SEO you should think about Google My Business Pages and all of the other local citations that you can get. However, Google My Business Page Reviews are not just essential ranking signals, they are also a powerful way to give… Read More

Semantic Search – One of Many Future Trends In SEO

Learn what Semantic Search or LSI Keywords are, since they are part of the Google Search Rank Future

When you think of Digital Marketing or more importantly SEO over the last couple of years. What do you think of the most? Times Change and Things Change! The platforms you were using a few years ago have evolved, which definitely includes Google. One thing we know is that when the search engine changes it’s time… Read More

Does Social Media Help My SEO Efforts

Does Social Media Help My SEO

Deciding which marketing strategy is the best or most profitable in today’s crowded space, my short answer is there isn’t just one. The best way to create a marketing strategy is to use more than one that works well together. When you stop to think about it, each strategy will actually help the other grow,… Read More

Do’s Vs. Don’ts Of On Page SEO (Infographic)

We’ve all set out to write a blog post and didn’t really have a direction. We simply did not have a clue what to write about. I started to do this, but once I got through the first sentence, I decided that wasn’t going to work. What I did realize would work, is a blog… Read More