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The Mix & MatchBox podcast explores innovative digital tools, dissects complicated marketing strategies, and offers pro tips on how to grow your business online. Join podcast host Brent Feldman, Cofounder of Matchbox Design Group, in interviews with members of the Matchbox team, industry partners, and other marketing specialists.

We’ll break down complex marketing topics into bite-sized pieces to help you hone your marketing skills and thrive online.

We realize that our mission to “make the web better” is more significant than just us. So we’re passing the torch to you and hoping you’ll join us in making the internet more responsive, user-friendly, and accessible for all.

Episode #1 – Why We Use Figma

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Brent Feldman, Cofounder at Matchbox Design Group, and UI/UX Designer, Alex Shaw chat over Google Meet about why our agency uses Figma for designing websites and digital assets.

Episode #2 – An Interview With Matt Raithel Of Graphite Labs

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Brent Feldman, Cofounder at Matchbox Design Group, and Graphite Lab’s Founder & Studio Director, Matt Raithel chat over Google Meet about Matt’s background, and how his full-service game development studio works.  

Matt and Brent discuss advice for getting into the industry, their approach to projects, lessons about client relationships, and even dig into fee structure and how they bill for their work. We reveal some news about a new title they will be producing with Atari and some of the goals that as a game development shop, they still are looking to achieve.

Episode #3 – Why Empathy Is Important In Marketing

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Brent Feldman, Cofounder at Matchbox Design Group, and Tim Leon of Geile/Leon Marketing Communications sit down to peer into Tim’s vision behind trademarking the term “Return on empathy”. Brent and Tim discuss why empathy is overall important in marketing, how different brands such as Pepsi and Nike use empathy to connect more to their consumers and whether or not these marketing campaigns have failed. Is philanthropy more than just donating money to organizations? Tim and Brent take a deep dive into this topic and many more.

Episode #4 – Best Practices For Site Mapping

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Brent Feldman, Cofounder, and Rachel Jurina, Content Strategy Lead at Matchbox Design Group sit down to talk about the best practices for creating a sitemap for websites.   

Brent and Rachel discuss the dos and don’ts of site mapping, why it matters when dealing with search engine optimization and where to start when you’re trying to migrate five or more websites into one site map.

Episode #5 – This Product Helps With Self-Sufficiency

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Brent Feldman, Cofounder at Matchbox Design Group, and Myke Bates, Cofounder at Hearo sit down to talk about the product Myke and his team have created. Brent and Myke discuss how their product came to be and how they maneuver challenges such as privacy, accessibility, and many others. All while creating a product that helps people who need care or are living with disabilities live without full-time in-person supervision.

Episode #6 – The Bridge Between Digital & Traditional Ads

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Brent Feldman chats with Jill Gainer, Director of Marketing at AAO and board member at 314 Digital. They discuss the bridge between digital and traditional ads, myths about traditional advertising, her role at 314 Digital, and what they love about advertising and marketing in St. Louis.  

Episode #7 – The Importance Of Web Accessibility

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Brent Feldman and Cullen Whitmore sit down with Kyle Pellegrino-Hartman, Partnerships Consultant from eSSENTIAL Accessibility to talk about what accessibility really means, why it matters and how the pandemic made companies start caring about web accessibility more than ever.  

Episode #8 – Savvy Coders Versus Other Bootcamps

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Brent talks with Laurie Wilson, Director of Partnership Outreach at Savvy Coders. During this episode, they chat about how Laurie got to Savvy Coders, what changes she’s seen in workforce development, what sets Savvy Coders apart from other boot camps, and how they prep candidates for interviews. 

Episode # 9 – Is Brand Naming Important

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Brent talks with Tyler Doyle of TBD Naming to discuss what brought Tyler into this type of career, what are some of the best brand names out there, and what methods are used to come up with a great name.

Episode # 10 – Is SEO Dead?

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Brent chats with James McMinn, Senior Digital Strategist at Matchbox Design Group about SEO, its nuances, and following instincts. They also talk about how to make the most of a relationship with your SEO vendor and what SEO myths just won’t go away.  

We hope you are enjoying the Mix & Matchbox Podcast. If you have any questions or if you would like to be on the podcast please contact us below.

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