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We are a St. Louis full service digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. Chances are you’ve landed on this page for a number of reasons. Maybe you’ve noticed a drop in your website traffic, you’re not happy with the number of leads you’re generating, or you simply want a healthy, high-performing site. Whatever the reason may be, you’ve come to the right place.

We view SEO and content as a natural evolution for a well-constructed website and a key component to long-term success. We have an in-house SEO team composed of technical experts, content strategists and copywriters who are passionate about all things data. This team will act as your personal council of marketing advisors who will work with you to formulate strategy and deliver results.

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What Is SEO And Why Do I Need It?

Search engine optimization (SEO) can often seem like this mystical concept that is interpreted and approached in a multitude of ways. It’s true that there are different approaches, but it’s actually a lot less mystical than you may think. Simply put, SEO is a process of improving your website’s visibility in search engines.

This is achieved through a variety of best practices and strategic decisions that differ based on a company’s goals. Some of these best practices include:

  • Technical on-page fixes (404 errors, broken links, redirects, duplicate content, etc.)
  • User experiences improvements
  • Site structure
  • Accessibility
  • Internal linking structure
  • Backlinks
  • Lead generation
  • Content optimization (landing pages, blog posts, videos, social media posts, etc.)
  • Keyword research
  • Content repurposing & new content creation
  • Consistent data analysis

Now when it comes to the question of “Why do I need it?”, the answer is simple. It’s the quickest and most effective way to increase your website’s visibility and grow your business online. In today’s digital landscape SEO is a crucial factor in establishing domain authority and out-performing your competition.

Without it, your site could become a lost ship in the endless ocean that is the internet. So long story short, you need SEO.

Our SEO & Content Process

So at this point, you’ve probably decided that it’s time to bite the bullet and get an SEO strategy set in place. Unlike other SEO agencies, we provide SEO services in the form of a monthly agreement. Instead of blindly choosing from a menu of services, we offer a customized experience based on research and data. We pull from a monthly pool of hours which allows us to allocate our time towards the most pressing issues that will help move the needle forward the most.

The Matchbox team working together.

Before we officially get things going, we encourage you to first reach out to us for a free SEO consultation. This allows us both the opportunity to get to know each other and talk through your current marketing strategy. We’ll also walk through your website and start unearthing opportunities as they arise. The goal is to provide you with any upfront information you may need to make a confident decision on moving forward with services.

Rachel and Amber conducting an SEO audit
SEO Audit

After your consultation, we’ll send over an official service agreement for monthly SEO. During the first month of services, we’ll conduct a site-wide SEO audit within where we deep dive into the weeds of your site, looking for technical errors and other issues related to user experience or content. All issues that we come across will be documented in a master log. This will help paint a full picture of where the trouble areas are and help us determine which fixes we should prioritize that will make the most difference.

St. Louis SEO + Content service being conducted by James.
SEO Strategy + Technical Fixes

Once the audit is complete, we’ll report our findings to you and present a strategy on how to move forward. The first thing we’ll address is technical fixes. As mentioned above this includes things such as 404 errors, broken links, faulty redirect loops, toxic backlinks, duplicate content, etc. These fixes help to build a solid foundation for us to build on. We aim to fix the most detrimental errors within the first month but we want to note that this process will likely be an ongoing effort.

Rachel working on content strategy for a client.
Content Strategy + Implementation

Once a majority of the technical fixes have been made and we’ve laid a solid foundation, we’ll then add content into the mix. Not producing content on a regular basis is a huge missed opportunity. Without consistent updates, your site may lose relevance and fall behind in rankings. It’s important to note however that not just any content will do. Your content needs to be well-optimized and structured around a specific keyword. We’ll present you with a content strategy deck that will help define your audience and outline our strategic approach for achieving your content goals.

Amber working on a monthly SEO report after an SEO audit. St. Louis SEO + Content.

As your strategic partner, we want to provide as much transparency as we can into our efforts so that you can see the results with your own eyes. We do this by providing monthly reports that outline key information such as visibility, site health, keyword rankings & distribution, backlinks, and other important data points. We’ll also update you on the status of monthly SEO tasks and the progress we’ve made towards our overarching goals. We can customize your report to fit your preferences, whether you’re someone who needs all the information in front of them or prefers a quick overview.

What Makes Our St. Louis SEO + Content Services Different?

We approach SEO from a holistic standpoint meaning that we integrate all online marketing elements into our strategy. This includes the best practices we mentioned above along with other services including website design, content marketing, pay-per-click, email marketing campaigns, PR, social media, print ads, etc. Our goal is to help manage and streamline these elements so that they’re integrated effectively with your website.

We’ve found that the most effective strategies take into account all marketing efforts and ensure that they’re all interconnected and maintain consistent branding strategies. These things set us apart as the top SEO company in Missouri.

Clear & Concise Icon

Clear & Concise

We strive to make complicated processes simple. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with SEO due to its technical and ever-shifting nature. We consider it our personal responsibility to help walk you through the process while providing clear communication around our strategy and individual tasks. We want you to walk away from every conversation feeling educated and confident in the plan of action.

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We Play By The Rules

We value integrity in everything we do. This means no black hat practices like over-the-top keyword spamming or suspicious backlinks. We don’t believe in shortcuts or cheating your way to the top. As a Google Premier Partner, we play by the rules and never jeopardize your business in any way. It’s nothing but hard work and honest wins over here.

Always learning icon.

Always Learning

We’re passionate about growing our clients’ business and our own skillsets. SEO is an ever-shifting environment due to Google algorithm updates and new trends that can have a significant impact on rankings. When we’re not submerged in data, we’re soaking up various articles, podcasts, or webinars. We’re always learning new techniques to stay ahead of the curve.

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