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When you search “hosting services” in Google you’re most likely going to get a bunch of articles titled something like “The Top 10 Best Hosting Sites in (insert year)”. Tempting… although what these articles often leave out are the steps it will take to actually set your website up on one of these hosting environments. They also don’t have any insight into the functionality requirements of your site. So, unlike a poncho or fuzzy socks, web hosting environments are not one size fits all. Let’s learn more about our web security + hosting services.

Instead of spending countless hours sifting through hosting options, trying to decode the lingo, and learning complex technical processes, it may be time to call in some backup. We can help you choose the right hosting environment based on the size and functionality of your site. We’ll then set everything up for you so that all you have to do is sit back and relax with peace of mind knowing that your site will soon be fully supported and operational.

Our Web Security & Hosting Services

Web security and hosting were actually two of the very first sub-services that we offered as a company. As a website design agency, it’s imperative to know how to make sure your sites are secure and successfully set up on the right hosting platform. These two things alone can be the difference between your site crashing and burning or growing and thriving – and we tend to prefer the latter.

The word domain in dominos. Web security + hosting.

Web Security

Web security is a vital factor when creating or managing a new website. It might sound a little science-fictiony, but there are hackers and cyber thieves across the internet who are looking for opportunities to gain access to sensitive information. This often includes customer order history, payment info, login information, etc. Without properly securing your website, you leave yourself vulnerable to all types of cyberattacks and once that sensitive information is collected, it can’t be undone. Also, if a hacker is successful, you run the risk of spreading the attack to other computers and IT infrastructures within your company, making it difficult to detect the origin.

Now our intent here is not to scare you… We simply want to be realistic. The good news is that all of those disaster situations mentioned above can be avoided. As part of our web security service, we’ll provide you with an SSL certification, secure your site with HTTPS and provide you with tips on how to maintain a high level of security.

Things We Do

  • Encryption
  • Data integrity
  • Authentication

Web Hosting

You’ve probably seen ads for hosting services such as Bluehost, AWS, or Hostinger all across the internet. Each of those companies are web hosts that own online servers where websites can live. In a way, it’s similar to the way real estate works. You have your agent (web host) that provides you with a nice plot of land (the server) where you can build your new home. The tricky part is that each plot of land has different characteristics that aren’t always a good fit for the type of home you’re trying to build. That’s where we come in.

We’ll help find you the best hosting service that aligns with your budget and the size of your site. This service is automatically included in our website rebuilds, but if you have an existing website that you’d simply like to transfer to a different hosting environment, this is offered as a separate service. We’ll make a hosting recommendation and help ensure a smooth transfer.

Things We Do

  • Help you find the right hosting service
  • Transfer your site to a new hosting environment
  • Troubleshoot and fix and issues that may arise during the transfer

We’re Here To Help!

At Matchbox, our goal is to help improve your online performance in any way we can. We know how easy it can be to overlook seemingly small things such as web security and hosting, but if not handled properly they can have a huge impact. We can help ensure that both of these bases are covered early on so that you can avoid any potential repercussions down the line.

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