10 Key Metrics To Measure Customer Retention

Customer retention illustrated by a magnet and marbles.

No one wants to lose customers, and it’s a no-brainer! Customer retention is one of the key metrics for business growth. It’s important to have a list of happy customers for the business growth, after all, happy customers are the backbone of your business. Today we are going to talk about 10 key metrics to… Read More

How To Increase Productivity At Work

How To Increase Productivity At Work.

So, it’s 2021. Businesses strive to develop even more comfortable workspaces, psychologists write even more articles about motivation and goals’ achievement, and software companies release even more programs to automate everyday operations. It would seem that employees’ productivity should skyrocket under such conditions. But cold statistics show that improvement isn’t going that fast. How can… Read More

The Importance Of Empathy In Keyword Research

Sticker with the inscription keyword research hanging on a rope.

Keyword research can feel like a technical job. After all, you’re trying to find the phrases and keywords that people enter most often, related to the product or service, right? The importance of empathy in keyword research is often ignored. Yes, but there are human beings behind those keywords. The phrases aren’t just data, they… Read More

Tips To Improve Your WordPress SEO Rankings

Keywords - Alphabet blocks. Tips To Improve Your WordPress SEO Rankings.

1. Select An SEO Compatible Theme WordPress has hundreds of visually pleasing themes that you can apply to the look of your website. However, not all those themes are SEO compatible. While they may look incredible, some themes come with plugins and scripts that aren’t SEO-friendly. It is worthwhile to take a look at some… Read More

Must-Know Tips For Graphic Designers To Find Success On Instagram

Instagram logo made out of colored pencils. Must-Know Tips For Graphic Designers To Find Success On Instagram

Standing out from a crowd of talented graphic designers is a tough challenge. Not only is a presence on Instagram much more than creating an attractive feed but also many other factors for raising visibility and engagement. To establish a profitable presence on Instagram, graphic designers need to not only showcase their portfolio of design… Read More

6 eCommerce Strategies For Converting First-Time Visitors Into Buyers

6 eCommerce Strategies For Converting First-Time Visitors Into Buyers

When running an eCommerce business, increasing conversion rates can become far more difficult than developing a great product. It’s also not as simple as investing tons of money into high ROI marketing strategies. Today we are going to go over some eCommerce strategies for converting first-time visitors. In the real world, converting first-time website visitors… Read More

Does My Business Need SEO?

Man working on SEO from his home.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be an imperative part of your business structure and website. We investigate what SEO is and why it is important for your small, medium, or large business. It’s no surprise that countless businesses fail in the first year of operation. This can be caused by a lot of aspects, however… Read More

Key Marketing Tactics For Connecting With Your Target Audience In 2021

Key Marketing Tactics For Connecting With Your Target Audience In 2021

In 2021, the people you want to reach your business are closer than ever before — yet simultaneously farther away. You might wonder how that works. Well, let’s first look at why they’re so close. Almost everyone uses the internet at this point, with most Luddite holdouts having conceded the battle during the early days… Read More

SEOblog.com Names Matchbox Design Group Among Best St. Louis SEO Companies In 2021

Best St. Louis SEO Companies. SEO and Keywords on white notes.

Matchbox Design Group is one of the leading innovators in the St. Louis digital marketing industry. Throughout the years, we have established our name as a trustworthy provider of comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO), web marketing, and branding solutions that put businesses in a position to succeed. Our SEO firm’s ability to take on any… Read More

5 Ways To Improve Your Companies SEO

5 Ways To Improve Your Companies SEO. Working on strategy.

Are you struggling to get your content ranked higher in the search results? Part of the issue may be your lack of high-quality SEO. Now is the time for you to do all in your power to improve your performance in this crucial area. Here are 5 great new ways that you can improve SEO… Read More