The Cross Between Psychology And Typography And Why It Is Important

The Cross Between Psychology And Typography And Why It Is Important.

There has been a lot of talk about the psychology behind website designs. It’s not new information that using certain psychological methods and principles helps you reach your target audience and conveys your message better. From using the right shade of a color to choosing the perfect image for your company logo, it’s all been… Read More

Franchise Reputation Management: The Hidden Key To Your Own Global Brand

An earth puzzle representing your global brand strategy.

Even before we all gathered in this big global village, reputation was an integral component of any successful company. The internet multiplied its significance enormously. Franchise businesses are no different. In the ever more digital business world of today, one small incident can quickly grow large and create a full-blown reputation crisis. Viral bad reviews… Read More

Extremely Helpful Free Resources If You’re 
Going To Start an Online Business

Here are comprehensive free resources for starting an online business

Thanks to technology more and more businesses are now shifting base to the virtual platform. Setting up an e-store online expands your audience base. However, the task of setting up a business online is not an easy one, especially for a first-timer. You need tools, and a lot of them, from a website builder for… Read More

7 Tips for a Sound Approach to Inclusive Design

7 Tips for a Sound Approach to Inclusive Design

Many web design trends are entering the scene in 2019, and one of the phrases being mentioned is “ïnclusive design.” No, it’s not just another term for “accessibility.” It’s far more than that. Kat Holmes, Director of UX Design at Google, explains: “Accessibility is an attribute, while the inclusive design is a method.” So What… Read More

How to Pinpoint The Reason Your Customers Are Leaving Your Website

Learn how to pinpoint the reason your customers are leaving your website

You just don’t understand it: you’ve gone through a comprehensive website refresh and are now proudly sporting a brand-new design backed up by compelling copy. You’ve handpicked a selection of products your customers will love and are busy promoting them through email, targeted ads, and social media. Your SEO efforts are starting to pay off, and… Read More

Here’s Why You Should Be Paying More Attention to Mobile SEO

Internet users no longer means someone sitting behind a desktop, mobile is much more important.

There’s no going around it — if you want a worthwhile online presence, you need good SEO. You should be paying more attention to mobile SEO and here’s why. To do SEO properly, it’s a necessity to keep tabs on the latest trends in people’s online behavior — the words they’re searching for, the kind… Read More

2019 E-Commerce Trends You Need to Know

2019 E-Commerce Trends You Need to Know.

In this day and age, e-commerce is rapidly becoming a normal aspect of everyday life. As consumers, we can buy pretty much anything online now, from products like furniture and groceries to the naming rights of someone’s newborn child. A vast array of services, too, can be acquired online – from bookkeeping all the way… Read More

How UX & UI Are Helping Make The Web Better For Users

Do you know what a good user experience is?

Surprisingly, it is still commonplace for websites to be designed based on the preferences and opinions of the company director or marketing team with little or no insight from the actual end users. But without consulting your audience, how do you know what they really want? What is user experience and how does it affect… Read More

10 Online Video Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss

Take a look at the Infographic about the online video trends of 2019

As predicted by many, online video content has risen to become the most powerful medium to grow an online audience, and boost engagement! If we just take a look back a few years ago, simply put, the sheer amount of video content that we now consume on a daily basis was unimaginable! In fact, video… Read More

10 Free Web Design Tools You Probably Never Knew About

Here are 10 free web design tools you probably never knew about.

If you have the budget for professional versions of your favorite web design tools, then go ahead and get them. Without a doubt, they will be of immense use to you and will help you come up with attention-grabbing websites. Keep in mind though that there are also lots of free web design tools available… Read More