Is It Time To Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment For eCommerce

Is It Time To Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment For eCommerce? Fancy Bitcoin

Page Contents Why You Should Adopt CryptocurrencyWhy You Should Not Adopt Cryptocurrency (Yet)Final Word The disruption of the financial services industry has naturally spilled over into the eCommerce landscape. According to our friends at, retailers represent the largest group of non-bankers that provides fin-tech solutions to consumers. What do you think about cryptocurrency as… Read More

What To Avoid When Shopping For A Web Design Company

What to avoid when shopping for a web design company.

Page Contents Companies Asking For Full, Upfront PaymentWeb Designers That Offer Bargain-Basement RatesCompanies That Offer Only Web DesignWeb Designers Who Bury You In Tech-SpeakNo CMSNot Responsive Designers Thanks to many DIY templatized services available online, just about anyone, even those who know little to nothing about designing websites, can create one these days. That’s why… Read More

Why Does Your Business Need Influencer Marketing?

An influencer using mobile phone outdoors at night.

Page Contents It Boosts Brand AwarenessIt Helps You Gain Consumer TrustIt Drives Engagement And ConversionIt Diversifies Your ContentIn Conclusion Modern-day marketing is rooted in word-of-mouth tradition that has been practiced since humans started to trade. And this powerful tool is just as effective today. But, today’s most profitable marketing style may look different than what… Read More

Stop Spamming And Start Branding, You’re Not Fooling Google

Stop spamming and start branding, you’re not fooling Google. This hacker is spamming.

Page Contents What Is The Difference Between Branded And Non-Branded SearchesBrand Searches Impact Search ResultsMaking Your Brand Relevant To GoogleNow That You Understand Why It Is Important To Influence Branded Search Results, Here Are Some Tips On How To Do It:Guest Blogger Bio: In the past, SEO has focused on non-branded searches and we have… Read More

How Does Branding Help A Startup?

How Does Branding Help a Startup

Page Contents Good Branding Vs. Bad Branding In StartupsSlackLyftBeing Inconsistent In Omnichannel MarketingTurning Branding Into A Corporate SiloOverusing BuzzwordsBranding Can Stand In For The Face to Face Connections That Are Often Absent In eCommerceStartups Begin With A Clean Branding SlateThere’s A Lot at Stake With Startup BrandingSeveral Elements Make Up Startup BrandingLogoPersonaContentExperienceFinal Thoughts Branding is… Read More

How To Optimize Your Mobile Email Marketing Campaign

Man is using his phone to check his email after creating an optimized mobile email marketing campaign.

Page Contents Email Marketing On Mobile DevicesHow To Optimize Your Mobile Email Marketing CampaignIt’s Not About Sales OnlyImplement Mobile-Ready TemplatesModify Your Subject LinesPay More Attention To The Preheader TextImage Size And Text BalanceUse Mobile-Friendly Landing PagesMake Use Of Media QueriesPreview and Test Your Email Before Hitting ‘Send’Track Email Client UsageGuest Blogger Bio: If you consider… Read More

7 Powerful Email Drip Campaign Examples To Inspire You

7 Powerful Email Drip Campaign Examples and this man is checking those emails

Page Contents 1. Kapost And The Art Of Standing OutHere’s A Great Example From Tory Moore, A sales Development Rep At Kapost:2. InsightSquared’s Drip Campaign Targeted Cold LeadsHere’s What Their Campaign Looked Like:3. Klaviyo Used Drip Campaigns To Grow Their Organization4. Yesware Used Drip Emails To Generate Referrals5. Trello And The Power Of Persuasion6. Becca… Read More

The Sketch App Vs. The Adobe Suite – A Sketch App Review

The Sketch App Vs. The Adobe Suite

Page Contents Pros Of The Sketch App Vs. The Adobe SuiteSymbolsArt BoardsFile ExportingLibrariesPricing, Community & SupportPrototyping & Sketch CloudText & Shape StylesCons Of The Sketch App Vs. The Adobe SuitePhoto EditingPen Tool & Drawing ToolsPrototyping OrganizationConnecting to External Document LibrariesThe Verdict? The Sketch App was first released in 2010, and since then has steadily grown… Read More

How To Promote Your Online Business In The Offline Community

How to promote your online business in the offline community? In the city streets.

Page Contents Take Advantage Of The Free Media Publicity OpportunitiesTry Media GiveawaysLocally Endorse Your Brand Or Services And Opt For Branded MerchandiseShow Your Face At Vendor Trade ShowsInvite Customers To A Free Lunch Or DinnerThe Bottom LineOur Guest Blogger It’s 2019, and there’s no doubt in anyone’s right mind that you should promote your startup… Read More

How Your Website Marketing Depends On The Right Web Host

A server room. How your website marketing depends on the right web host.

Page Contents Site SpeedWebsite UptimeWebsite SecurityResponsive Web DesignWebsite Hosting ScalabilityConclusion Launching a website has never been easier. You no longer need your own server, a pricey web developer, or even the ability to code. Today, launching a website takes little more than a few clicks. Having a well-optimized, actual useful website, however, is a whole… Read More