Buying An eCommerce Website Vs. Starting A New One

eCommerce websites can be bought or created from scratch

Table of Contents Buying An Existing eCommerce BusinessAdvantages Of Buying An Established eCommerce BusinessPrior Profitability Assessment – The best thing about this option is that you can assess the profitability of such a business before putting in your money. Since the company is already up and running, you can easily access its financial history and… Read More

Why Is It Important To Define Clear Brand Values For Your Company?

Brand Values Make Decision Making Easier

Table of Contents What Are Brand Values And How To Define Them?Brand Values Make Decision-Making EasierBrand Values Help Define Your Company’s IdentityBrand Values Make Your Company More AccountableBrad Values Work As Excellent Recruitment Tools In business, there are many aspects a business owner must pay attention to in order to ensure that their venture is… Read More

Website Essentials: 8 Must-Haves When Developing An eCommerce Website

Developing An Ecommerce Website. Matchbox Design Group Will Help You

Table of Contents Ensure Security For Checking Out And User Trust FactorQuality Homepage Design Becomes Your Stores FacePrioritize User-Friendliness When ShoppingGreat Experience For Mobile ShoppersQuality Product Photography For A Professional StoreDetailed Product Descriptions Helps eCommerce SEOEasy Checkout Process To Cut Down Cart AbandonmentNo-Hassle Payment Improves User Experience Do you take pride in your products, pouring… Read More

5 Benefits Of Migrating Your Business To The Cloud

5 Benefits Of Migrating Your Business To The Cloud

Table of Contents The Cloud Can Reduce The Costs Of IT (Information Technology)Scale The Infrastructure As You GrowEnjoy The Flexibility To Work From Anywhere With The CloudTake Cybersecurity To The Next Level With The CloudImprove Data Recovery And Your Backup PlanWrapping Up A common question people ask is what are 5 benefits of migrating your… Read More

Is There Really An Alternative To JavaScript?

Is There Really An Alternative To JavaScript

Table of Contents Why JavaScript?Before We Introduce Other Options, It’s Important To Establish Why JavaScript Enjoys Its Current Status. Here Are Some Of Its Most Important Benefits:What JS Alternatives Are There?And Here Are The Top JS Alternatives Which Offer Decent Solutions To These Issues1. Coffee Script2. TypeScript3. Elm4. Clojure Script Although there are numerous programming… Read More

Digital Marketing Facts You Should Know To Get More Sales

Matchbox Design Group is a top digital marketing agency in St. Louis

Table of Contents What Is Digital Marketing?Digital Marketing Facts1. Internet Marketing in General2. Social Media Marketing3. Content Marketing4. Email Marketing Marketing is one of the most essential parts of a business. Without marketing, no one will know about your business, let alone buy your products or services. Before the Internet came along, people marketed their… Read More

5 Reasons Why Video Marketing is So Popular Today

5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is So Popular Today

Table of Contents Our Brains Process Visuals BetterGreat At Introducing Your BrandVideos Are Proven Effective To Boost ConversionThe Rapid Development Of YouTubeVideos Offer The Best ROITakeawayGuest Author Bio Nowadays, online videos are everywhere. The rising popularity of Netflix and YouTube is so overwhelming that people are starting to leave the television. By 2022, videos will… Read More

Matchbox Design Group Selected As Top Healthcare SEO Provider

Matchbox Design Group was named one of the top healthcare and non-profit SEO companies in St. Louis, MO

When you search something on Google, do you click on the first listing that pops up, even if it’s an ad? Or do you scroll down to the organic search results? If you scroll down to see the organic results then you are seeing the results that Matchbox Design Group worked hard to gain. That’s… Read More

Tips On Designing Creative Websites That Will Wow Your Clients

Tips on Designing Creative Websites That Will Wow Your Clients

Table of Contents High-Resolution Imagery Help Designers Wow ClientsAttention-Grabbing CTA Buttons Are Imperative To Designing Creative WebsitesThe Importance Of SEO Can’t Be Understated When Designing WebsitesWebsite Creativity For The PeopleColors, Colors, And More Colors In Website CreativityWhite Space Is Not All That Useful For Designing Creative WebsitesOur Guest Blogger Just a few years ago web… Read More

Using Mobile Messaging Improves Brand Loyalty And Here’s Why

Using mobile messaging improves brand loyalty. Notice the loyalty in this image.

Table of Contents Purposeful Text MessagesPersonalized Push NotificationsIn-App MessagesGeofencingConclusionGuest Author Bio: These days, many people use their mobile phone continuously through the day and it is never far from their side. It makes sense for marketers to use this knowledge to build a strong and loyal customer base. It’s a perfect chance to show off… Read More