Email Marketing: Ways To Ensure It Is Effective

Email Marketing: Ways To Ensure It Is Effective

Marketing is essential for any business to reach its full potential, this includes your small business. If you are a business owner or manager, you are always searching for new ways to increase your sales, and this means having more customers. Great email marketing is one way to do this. Technology has helped many businesses… Read More

How Email Subject Lines Improve Email Marketing

How Email Subject Lines Improve Email Marketing

In this article you will find the following: The importance of the subject line in an email. The “how to’s” of a great subject line. The benefits that come from a well thought out subject. Email marketing is all about effective hooks a.k.a. email subject lines. You need the right marketing strategy from the start…. Read More

6 eCommerce Conversion Hacks To Get More Customers And Revenue

6 eCommerce Conversion Hacks To Get More Customers And Revenue

If you are running an online store, then getting more and new customers and increasing your revenue is the ultimate goal of your business. By making some important tweaks in your eCommerce web design and marketing strategy, you will increase your conversion rate and boost your eCommerce sales. When it comes to improving eCommerce conversion… Read More

9 Quirky Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

Boost Your Website Traffic

While traffic on the road makes you sullen, traffic on your website can sure lift your spirits. Who doesn’t love scenarios in which the server crashes while handling increasing web traffic? Today let’s learn how to boost your website traffic. Digital marketers often focus on website conversion rates. But even to do that, you need… Read More

How To Create An Email Marketing Template For The Holiday Season

Email Marketing Template

The holiday season is one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year for businesses. Retail sales are usually high because people spend on gifts, appliances, clothing, and other household supplies more than they do on a regular day. Having an email marketing template will help with sales across all niches. As a… Read More

Understanding The Value Of Email In Marketing

Taking inventory after an email marketing campaign shows the value of email in marketing

Email marketing is a cheap and effective strategy to boost your ROI in the long run. Most importantly, it is accessible to everyone, and everyone can learn how to master it. It’s easy to show the value of email in marketing. Statistics show that 95% of adults use email services daily, mostly on mobile devices…. Read More

Creating Hybrid Email Marketing Campaigns

Global strategy and communications

You’ve created a great email campaign. You did everything correctly from finessing the subject line to ensuring the layout was perfect. But still, you’re getting a lukewarm response. Why aren’t people opening your emails? Maybe you need help creating hybrid email marketing campaigns. If they haven’t been quarantined by anti-spam software, it could be that… Read More

6 Reasons to Personalize Every Email

6 Reasons to Personalize Every Email. Woman checking her email.

Modern customers want to feel valued and special. This is a reason why they tend to be more loyal to companies that provide them with a personalized shopping experience. It’s also a reason to personalize every email. When it comes to email marketing, personalization is the key to success. According to statistics, personalized emails deliver… Read More

How To Optimize Your Mobile Email Marketing Campaign

Man is using his phone to check his email after creating an optimized mobile email marketing campaign.

If you consider email marketing to be an outdated digital strategy, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, a huge number of companies are applying this strategy and reaping the benefits of such a huge market opportunity. The reason why many people consider email marketing to be ineffective and irrelevant is that probably they aren’t… Read More

7 Powerful Email Drip Campaign Examples To Inspire You

7 Powerful Email Drip Campaign Examples and this man is checking those emails

There’s an old saying that reminds us “slow and steady wins the race.” Maybe the best example of this idea in action takes the form of a tried-but-true technique that has been around since the dawn of digital marketing itself, the drip campaign. As the name suggests, a drip campaign is a direct email marketing… Read More