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Today we are going to talk about how to write better sales emails from scratch and we are going to be sharing an infographic as well.

Email outreach is a key part of every sales automation process. When done correctly, it can drastically improve your open rates and positive responses. There are a few important components to every great sales email that you can implement immediately to give you better results.

Start by shortening the subject line. This is the first thing your prospect will see from you, so you want to make it interesting enough to open but straightforward and to the point. Avoid using any spammy words like “Free” or “Reminder”.

The opening line of your email should be personalized. You don’t want the email to look automated or like it’s been sent to a list of email addresses. Give it a human touch by adding a personal element. Including a mutual connection, common interest, or recent event is a great way to get your prospect’s attention.

In the body of your sales pitch, you want to convey to the prospect how your service can actually help them achieve their goals. Making it all about selling your service will be a turn-off, so keep the focus on them.

Close the email with a clear call to action. Many times people don’t respond to an email when they’re unsure of what is being asked of them. So end your email strong with a confident and clear “next step”.

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guably the greatest determinant in email marketing conversions. So don’t take it lightly. Make sure you have the best subject line game plan for your marketing efforts:

How Email Subject Lines Improve Email Marketing


Your first job as a marketer is getting the attention of your audience. After all, you can’t show them the amazing features and benefits of your offer if they aren’t paying attention in the first place. And today that is more difficult than ever. People have way too many distractions from email, social media, and life in general. Your email subject line is your best shot in email marketing to compete with an inbox that is likely full of other offers.

Email Subject Lines Should Grab Attention

To get attention with your email subject line, be sure to include a major claim or benefit right off the bat. This should be the absolute best part of your product or service. The end result is that it could stop them right in their tracks and get them to click through to actually read your email.

According to Convince & Convert, 35% of customers open a marketing email based solely on the subject line. The same study reports that more than 80% of email subjects run 60 characters or less, with the average length coming in around 44 characters. Effective marketing subject lines use minimal space to draw the reader in. Many customers read emails on their mobile devices. Subject lines should be short enough to appear fully on a standard smartphone screen.


Getting someone’s initial interest is essential in email marketing. However, it is just the first step. You also need to earn the right to keep their interest and attention. You can do this in a number of ways, each of which has its own unique application.

For instance, you could include a relevant industry fact. Or perhaps you mention a customer testimonial. Both of these are of high interest to anyone that is in your target market. If this is not helping your click-through conversions, you might need to revisit your market research.

Customers receive floods of promotional emails in their inboxes every day, particularly around busy sales seasons like Black Friday or President’s Day. Adding emojis can make a company’s email stand out from the fray by incorporating images and levity. Before adding emojis to a subject line, consider if it is in line with the brand’s image.

Personalized email offers have nearly a 30% higher open rate than those that aren’t personalized, according to statistics compiled by Social Media Today. Adding personalization to marketing emails also drives higher click-through rates and has been shown to generate more revenue. Brands can add a personal touch to email subject lines by including the recipient’s name, targeting an offer based on their past buying behavior, or including the word “you” related to the desired action.


People do not act simply because of logic. Therefore, facts and figures are important but not sufficient to improve your subject lines. If you don’t create an emotional appeal, people will not be moved to read the rest of your email.

Email subject lines should invoke desire.

A great way to create desire is to paint a picture of the future. You do this by using vivid language and exciting details. Contrast this with the situation they are facing now. Perhaps they are looking for a new career, to lose weight, or to find a special person to share their life with.


All of the methods above aid your email subject lines. Of course, this creates a more efficient and effective email marketing campaign. However, nothing happens until your prospects take action. If you run surveys and they say they are interested in something but never seem to convert, you know you have a problem with action.

To get action is simple in theory, but more difficult in practice. It is easy to use phrases such as “click here” or “buy now” or “take advantage of this special offer” but you need more behind it. Your action must be connected directly with their desires which requires excellent market knowledge.

Email subjects that include a deadline in the call-to-action such as for the end of a sale or last-minute deal can catch the reader’s attention and motivate them to open the message now rather than later. Companies that implement smart email tracking are able to understand which customers opened an email and clicked the call-to-action button. From there, they can follow up effectively and encourage the customer to complete their purchase.


The best marketers understand that email is a numbers game. You won’t often simply create a profit by making one or two email headlines. You need to try out a bunch of different ones to see which are working and which are simply wasting time.

The only way to do this is if you set up testing in advance. Make sure your email marketing software lets you switch out headlines on your emails. Only test one part at a time. Don’t change the body if you are testing something in the subject line.

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If an email gets caught in a recipient’s spam filter, there is no chance they will open it. Terms like “free,” specific prices or discount rates, or anything else that is too promotional can alert an email platform that an email is spam. Instead of using these terms, focus the subject line on the benefit to the customer.

Getting more out of your marketing is critical to business success. That is why you don’t want to risk having a plan that does not align with your business goals. If you act in a smart manner towards your business marketing, you can generate greater profits than ever before. So make sure to understand the importance and tactics of email marketing subject lines. Then, enjoy more profits and peace of mind.

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