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Email Marketing is one of the best marketing campaigns that you can ever employ on your company. Up until now, Email Marketing proves itself as the best marketing strategy in terms of the Return on Investment. Most people in the marketing sector buy gmails to kickstart their campaigns. The average ROI of a properly done Email Marketing campaign is that for every dollar spent, 38-40 dollars are earned by the company. Aside from this, studies have found that compared to Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing is much more effective in getting customers by up to almost 40 times. 

However, these results are only applicable if you do Email Marketing properly. If you do not do Email Marketing the right way, it is very much possible to damage your brand’s reputation instead of boosting it. You would want to get the optimal result for every cent that you spend on your strategy.

Despite the growth of technology, social media, and people thinking about buying subscribers for their youtube videos, Email Marketing is still the most effective, proving its superiority in the field of Marketing. There are a lot of Email Marketing tactics going around the Internet so I have compiled a list of ways you can do to improve your Email Marketing campaign. This would guarantee that your KPIs are all met and that there is nothing but success on the horizon.

Here are some ways that you can do to boost the results of your Email Marketing tactic.

Personalized Emails

Personalized emails are one way to improve your email marketing campaigns.
Personalized Emails Can Help You Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Personalized Emails make your customers think that you care about them. It presents a message that they are special and that you took the effort just to market for them personally. Personalizing content is an effective way to get your customers to avail of your services and products.

Staying relevant to your client base is important if you want them to be loyal customers. Here are some emails that you can send out to keep your customers engaged.

  • If you have an eCommerce website, you can send out Cart Abandonment reminders.
  • Location-specific Content would also be great as it would be heavily relevant to your recipients.
  • If you have relevant customer data, you should use this to engineer a properly worded email for the client you will send to.

So how do you know which email addresses to send to? Use an Email Finder or Email Lookup tool to guarantee that all of your recipients are actually interested in your services.

Write With A Personal Touch

Using a typewriter to write with a personal touch.
Write With A Personal Touch To Improve Your Email Marketing

Don’t write like you are a robot. Make sure that your diction and syntax is appropriate for your medium of the message. One mistake that many Email Marketers do is that they write the email so professional and robotic that it sounds jaded and bland. This makes the email you send out difficult to read and will probably have a very low open rate. And how can you convince your recipient to avail of your services and products when you can’t even make them read your entire message.

Make sure that the topic is relevant and easy to read. It should also be short and direct to the point. Remember that your recipients have their own busy lives so when you send them a very long email, chances are they will not read it as it will take too long. Give your email some personality so that it sounds like you are talking to them directly.

Send Out Regular Emails

A clock representing sending out emails on a schedule to help improve your email campaigns.
Sending Out Regular Emails Ensure You Stay Relevant.

To ensure that you are relevant to your client base you should send out regular emails that will remind them that you still exist. A bi-weekly Email blast is all you need to guarantee that your name does not get forgotten.

Do not send out an Email blast then disappear into the void. Make sure that you do a follow-up regularly. Research also shows that the best time of day to receive an email is from 10 AM to 11 AM. However, this may be different for your company. Take the time to experiment on what day and time work best for your audience.

Check Out These Email Marketing Tools.

Make Your Emails Mobile Friendly

Most of your recipients would be opening up emails with their mobile phones. This means that making your emails mobile-friendly should be a must. If they cannot open them with their phones then they would not open their laptops just to read one measly email. This lowers your open rate drastically.

Add Images

Images on a computer screen.
Adding Images To Your Emails Can Improve Your Campaigns.

Images add to your email’s aesthetics. By adding images into your email body, you make everything much prettier. Images can also be used to summarize your content which improves the email’s brevity. Aside from this, infographics are much better to look at than text-based emails with important data.

Use An Interesting Subject Line

Subject Lines are the first thing that your recipient will see. If it is not interesting or relevant then your recipient will probably not open it. Aside from this, you should make sure that it does not look like a spam message. A subject line should consist of 5-7 words that are relevant to the topic of the email that you sent.

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