Franchise Reputation Management: The Hidden Key To Your Own Global Brand

An earth puzzle representing your global brand strategy.

Even before we all gathered in this big global village, reputation was an integral component of any successful company. The internet multiplied its significance enormously. Franchise businesses are no different. In the ever more digital business world of today, one small incident can quickly grow large and create a full-blown reputation crisis. Viral bad reviews… Read More

Extremely Helpful Free Resources If You’re 
Going To Start an Online Business

Here are comprehensive free resources for starting an online business

Thanks to technology more and more businesses are now shifting base to the virtual platform. Setting up an e-store online expands your audience base. However, the task of setting up a business online is not an easy one, especially for a first-timer. You need tools, and a lot of them, from a website builder for… Read More

2019 E-Commerce Trends You Need to Know

2019 E-Commerce Trends You Need to Know.

In this day and age, e-commerce is rapidly becoming a normal aspect of everyday life. As consumers, we can buy pretty much anything online now, from products like furniture and groceries to the naming rights of someone’s newborn child. A vast array of services, too, can be acquired online – from bookkeeping all the way… Read More

How UX & UI Are Helping Make The Web Better For Users

Do you know what a good user experience is?

Surprisingly, it is still commonplace for websites to be designed based on the preferences and opinions of the company director or marketing team with little or no insight from the actual end users. But without consulting your audience, how do you know what they really want? What is user experience and how does it affect… Read More

10 Online Video Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss

Take a look at the Infographic about the online video trends of 2019

As predicted by many, online video content has risen to become the most powerful medium to grow an online audience, and boost engagement! If we just take a look back a few years ago, simply put, the sheer amount of video content that we now consume on a daily basis was unimaginable! In fact, video… Read More

6 Superb eCommerce Strategies to Beat Your Competitors

Here are 6 superb eCommerce strategies to beat your competitors. As the image says we are now open.

If you want to stay ahead in the business world, you need to utilize every tool you have at your disposal. It doesn’t matter what your line of business may be. The flower shop business is just as cutthroat as the largest multination conglomerate disputes. So know that eCommerce isn’t that different. Where does that… Read More

Ways To Make Your eCommerce Store Stand Out

Image of a per finding Ways To Make Your eCommerce Store Stand Out.

Last year, approximately 1.8 billion people around the world purchased products and services online. Moreover, global e-retail sales summed up to $2.8 trillion and online sales are expected to grow to $4.8 trillion by 2021. So, what does that tell you about eCommerce? Just that it’s as strong as ever. Not only is it evident… Read More

Actionable Tips For Converting Leads Into Customers

Here are some actionable tips for converting leads into customers from Matchbox Design Group

Converting leads into customers is a strategy that aims to make a site visitor take the desired action on your website. Every business today tries to employ this, but everyone has its own level of effectiveness here. Having big traffic doesn’t always end up with great lead conversion. Digital technologies and human behavior are changing… Read More

The Simplest Way to Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign Success Rates

Segmenting Your Subscriber List

Email marketing can sometimes seem to be a hit and miss affair. If your campaigns seem more hit than miss though, you might feel that email marketing is best left out completely. Before you write it off for good, try this one simple trick. Segmenting Your Subscriber List Before you hit the send button on… Read More

Effective Website Marketing Strategies that Bring Results in 2019

These are effective website marketing strategies that bring results in 2019

At the time of writing this article, there are 1,673,946,823 active websites on the web. While many of those are for government organizations, hobbies, or communities, a significant percentage of them are also sites that run an online business, which means that if you want to carve out a place for your website, you need… Read More