Is It Time To Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment For eCommerce

Is It Time To Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment For eCommerce? Fancy Bitcoin

The disruption of the financial services industry has naturally spilled over into the eCommerce landscape. According to our friends at, retailers represent the largest group of non-bankers that provides fin-tech solutions to consumers. What do you think about cryptocurrency as a payment for eCommerce? One of the boldest moves made by advanced tech-driven online… Read More

Why Does Your Business Need Influencer Marketing?

An influencer using mobile phone outdoors at night.

Modern-day marketing is rooted in word-of-mouth tradition that has been practiced since humans started to trade. And this powerful tool is just as effective today. But, today’s most profitable marketing style may look different than what companies in the past had gotten used to. We’re talking about influencer marketing, a digital tactic that is growing in… Read More

Stop Spamming And Start Branding, You’re Not Fooling Google

Stop spamming and start branding, you’re not fooling Google. This hacker is spamming.

In the past, SEO has focused on non-branded searches and we have built our campaigns and other marketing efforts around this fact. We direct links to our website and optimize keywords in order to rank for them. It makes sense; this is where we want to send potential customers and what key terms we want… Read More

7 Powerful Email Drip Campaign Examples To Inspire You

7 Powerful Email Drip Campaign Examples and this man is checking those emails

There’s an old saying that reminds us “slow and steady wins the race.” Maybe the best example of this idea in action takes the form of a tried-but-true technique that has been around since the dawn of digital marketing itself, the drip campaign. As the name suggests, a drip campaign is a direct email marketing… Read More

The Sketch App Vs. The Adobe Suite – A Sketch App Review

The Sketch App Vs. The Adobe Suite

The Sketch App was first released in 2010, and since then has steadily grown a following of designers, especially those specializing in UI/UX design. Since its first release, it has continued to be updated with features and plugins. These features have made it a progressive and powerful tool, but is it powerful enough to stop… Read More

How To Promote Your Online Business In The Offline Community

How to promote your online business in the offline community? In the city streets.

It’s 2019, and there’s no doubt in anyone’s right mind that you should promote your startup or an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) online – through various strategies that mostly include social media. No one can argue that it’s a logical marketing step that uses sound reasoning: you’re conducting your business online, so your brand,… Read More

How Your Website Marketing Depends On The Right Web Host

A server room. How your website marketing depends on the right web host.

Launching a website has never been easier. You no longer need your own server, a pricey web developer, or even the ability to code. Today, launching a website takes little more than a few clicks. Having a well-optimized, actual useful website, however, is a whole ‘nother ball game. Using the right web host can make… Read More

Important Tips To Remember When Creating Your Online Course

A pencil on a keyboard. Important tips to remember when creating your online course.

When I started out as an Online Course Creator, I was thoroughly intimidated and terrified of the prospect of creating and selling online courses to strangers. Selling your Online Course on Online Learning Platforms is one of the better alternatives to a fulltime day job. It can also be a high-paying sideline gig that you… Read More

What Is The Importance Of Online Reviews For Your Business?

Leaving a review showing the importance of online reviews for your business.

The current business landscape is very competitive, and therefore, every business takes special care to mark their online presence and build an online reputation. A good online reputation can help a business show its credibility and attract new customers. That’s why we see the importance of online reviews. With so many options available in the… Read More

Killer Content Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

Woman realizing she needs a killer content strategy for affiliate marketing

Affiliate opportunities are everywhere, but a great content strategy requires more than simply signing up and adding links to your site or blog. Almost every successful affiliate marketer will tell you that their numbers increased dramatically when they started to use informative, entertaining content to capture and keep visitors’ attention. Here are a few proven… Read More