Useful APIs For Web Designers And Developers

Useful APIs For Web Designers And Developers

Website development has evolved due to the availability of APIs. There was a time when clients asked for features that demanded a lot from developers. It could take a long time before they could figure out how to develop such features. However, things have changed today due to APIs. With APIs, web developers can connect… Read More

Web Design Trends For 2020

Web Design Trends For 2020

A brand’s website is, in most regards, its public face on the internet. As web design trends come and go, then, they inescapably take this simple truth into account. That first impression can determine whether a visitor becomes a valuable lead, and thus potentially completes a purchase. So understandably, digital marketing has evolved to take… Read More

The Salesforce Partial Data Sandbox Pricing And The Importance Of Developer Code Reviews

The Salesforce Partial Data Sandbox Pricing And The Importance Of Developer Code Reviews

Organizations across the world today are deploying the advantages of Salesforce data sandboxes for their software development processes. These sandboxes give developers an isolated environment separate from the production org for coding and configuration. They can use these sandboxes for the purpose of testing, training, continuous integration, quality assurance, and more. The biggest advantage of… Read More

6 Design Features To Improve Your On-Site SEO

Design features to improve your on-site SEO

Balancing between a client’s business needs and Google’s indexing algorithm takes a lot of experience because the two are often canceling each other out. Through the use of various SEO tools, we can analyze and improve our results and create a suitable design solution. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that we should consider from the… Read More

3 Complicated SEO Issues And Their Solutions

3 Complicated SEO Issues And Their Solutions

Nowadays, implementing a methodical and wide-ranging SEO campaign is essential for ranking your website in the search engine results pages or SERPs. When you are not paying much heed to optimize your business website or not updating yourself with the latest SEO trends, your site will not rank high in the search result pages. Consequently,… Read More

3 Ways To Speed Up A Slow Website

Thinking of ways to speed up a slow website.

The web has a need for speed. Users are more impatient than they’ve ever been, and Google is open about the fact that page speed influences where your website appears in the search engine results page. If your website is slow, you’re going to lose both rankings and potential customers. You need to speed up… Read More

What Are Some Tips For Creating A Unique Website Design

Website designs on computer screens

Every business must have a website and that website needs to be engaging in order to attract visitors and keep them on your site. Here are some tips on how you can create a unique design for your website. #1 Establish Your Website Design Plan Of Action  It would be a stupid mistake to start… Read More

What To Avoid When Shopping For A Web Design Company

What to avoid when shopping for a web design company.

Thanks to many DIY templatized services available online, just about anyone, even those who know little to nothing about designing websites, can create one these days. That’s why shopping for a web design company can be difficult. Still, your best option to have one that’s thoroughly professional in look, feel, and function remains getting it… Read More

5 WordPress Security Tips

This computer hacker shows us why we need these 5 WordPress security tips.

When deciding on which CMS platform to use undoubtedly WordPress springs to mind and it’s the number 1 choice not only for developers but for general consumers. We have 5 WordPress security tips for you that you might need. It’s no wonder that WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS platforms on the… Read More

Meet Vanessa Sickles

Meet Vanessa Sickles our newest junior web developer

Meet Vanessa Sickles, Junior Web Developer This will help us learn more about Vanessa, our Junior Web Developer. So Meet Vanessa Sickles. Describe yourself in three words. Honest answer? I’ll go with ‘friendly, laid-back, forgetful.’ Where did you grow up? I grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where your entertainment options are ‘movie at a… Read More