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Due to the ever-shifting nature of the world wide web, it’s not uncommon for issues to arise with your website after launch. Normally these are minor issues that are easily resolved and have little to no impact on user experience, but every now and then something major may occur. In circumstances such as these, it’s important to have a maintenance + support team at the ready to diagnose and fix the issue ASAP. In other words, you need us.

Our Maintenance & Support Services

This service is normally offered as an optional part of every website agreement. We highly recommend this service to all our websites clients so that we can continue to provide assistance after launch. It’s kind of like buying a new Subaru and making the decision to take it into the Subaru dealer for routine maintenance. They’re the most familiar with the make/model and are able to outsource parts a lot easier than anyone else. Routine maintenance will also increase the longevity of your vehicle which is exactly what we’re trying to achieve for your website.

Our Maintenance & Support Process

We’ve been refining our maintenance and support process over the years and have created a seamless system for submitting requests. When you want to make a change or encounter an issue on your site, you can submit your request in the form of a support ticket. You can do this by filling out a form on our support page that asks you to provide some details around the change request or issue so that our support team can get it resolved for you in a timely manner.

Chris troubleshooting a maintenance + support issue at Matchbox.

We request that you submit all requests in this fashion as opposed to an email or phone call for two reasons. One, there will be documentation of the issue, and two, the request will be submitted to our internal system to ensure that our support team receives it.

Things We Do

  • Troubleshoot and fix technical issues

We’re Here To Help With Maintenance + Support!

Our partnership doesn’t have to end after launch. We’re here to support you in any way we can, whether that’s fixing an inventory issue or adding a new plugin. You can count on us to keep things running smoothly.