How To Make A Career Setback Work In Your Favor

Learn how to make a career setback work in your favor.

Experiencing a career setback can be life-altering in many ways. It can be challenging, discouraging, and even depressing. However, it can also be an opportunity to start a new chapter in your life and go in a direction that ends up putting you in a better position than you were before. A lot of how… Read More

Highly Specialized Team At Matchbox Design Group Recognized For Excellence

Matchbox Design Group recognized by Clutch for excellence

Based in St. Louis, MO, we are experts in customer-centered digital marketing. We build unique digital and branding solutions to help our clients grow. We love interacting with our clients and we are skilled in adapting to any scenario. Our team is composed of 10 employees who are trained in a multitude of tech skills… Read More

The Importance Of The Fold In Web Design

The Importance of Fold in Web Design

It might seem weird that a concept that originated from the print media is actually being described as important even for web content, but it’s true. Of course, we’re talking about the “fold,” and the things that webmasters and digital marketers have to put above it. So what exactly is the “fold,” where can you… Read More

8 Web Design Tips for Law Firm Website to Attract Right Prospects

We hope you use these 8 web design tips just like the two people in this picture are doing to help your website rank.

The primary purpose of your law firm site is to bring more prospects in. So, if your website is gaining a lot of traffic but isn’t getting a lot of leads, or if you’re not gaining any traffic at all, there’s a problem. These 8 web design tips can help you. Chances are, your website… Read More

7 Tips for a Sound Approach to Inclusive Design

7 Tips for a Sound Approach to Inclusive Design

Many web design trends are entering the scene in 2019, and one of the phrases being mentioned is “ïnclusive design.” No, it’s not just another term for “accessibility.” It’s far more than that. Kat Holmes, Director of UX Design at Google, explains: “Accessibility is an attribute, while the inclusive design is a method.” So What… Read More

How to Pinpoint The Reason Your Customers Are Leaving Your Website

Learn how to pinpoint the reason your customers are leaving your website

You just don’t understand it: you’ve gone through a comprehensive website refresh and are now proudly sporting a brand-new design backed up by compelling copy. You’ve handpicked a selection of products your customers will love and are busy promoting them through email, targeted ads, and social media. Your SEO efforts are starting to pay off, and… Read More

10 Free Web Design Tools You Probably Never Knew About

Here are 10 free web design tools you probably never knew about.

If you have the budget for professional versions of your favorite web design tools, then go ahead and get them. Without a doubt, they will be of immense use to you and will help you come up with attention-grabbing websites. Keep in mind though that there are also lots of free web design tools available… Read More

10 Best SaaS Ecommerce Website Builders for Online Business

10 Best SaaS Ecommerce Website Builders for Online Business

If you are looking to set up a new eCommerce website to sell your products on a national level, but you don’t have the money for a customized website built by us or another agency, there are other options for you. There is no reason for you to not get your product out there and… Read More

Key Strategies For Rolling Out Your Internal Branding

Key Strategies For Rolling Out Your Internal Branding

While most of our branding efforts are focused toward customers and creating an awesome brand identity, rarely who notices another crucial audience – his own employees. In the end, they are the ambassadors of a brand and can make a rebrand become alive in the eyes of the consumers. The best employees are the ones… Read More

5 Reasons Why Journalists Make Excellent Content Writers

Here are 5 reasons why journalists make excellent content writers, content marketers and content strategists.

Content is everywhere. You soak up endless amounts of it from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Today, people have come to realize that the success of their business relies on the success of their website and the success of their website relies on the value of its content…. Read More