What To Avoid When Shopping For A Web Design Company

What to avoid when shopping for a web design company.

Thanks to many DIY templatized services available online, just about anyone, even those who know little to nothing about designing websites, can create one these days. That’s why shopping for a web design company can be difficult. Still, your best option to have one that’s thoroughly professional in look, feel, and function remains getting it… Read More

5 WordPress Security Tips

This computer hacker shows us why we need these 5 WordPress security tips.

When deciding on which CMS platform to use undoubtedly WordPress springs to mind and it’s the number 1 choice not only for developers but for general consumers. We have 5 WordPress security tips for you that you might need. It’s no wonder that WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS platforms on the… Read More

Meet Vanessa Sickles

Meet Vanessa Sickles our newest junior web developer

Meet Vanessa Sickles, Junior Web Developer This will help us learn more about Vanessa, our Junior Web Developer. So Meet Vanessa Sickles. Describe yourself in three words. Honest answer? I’ll go with ‘friendly, laid-back, forgetful.’ Where did you grow up? I grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where your entertainment options are ‘movie at a… Read More

Finding The Visual Identity You Need

When your business is starting off or rebranding, finding your visual identity is of utmost importance.

Starting a business usually includes starting a brand as well. With great brands come great logos that are instantly recognizable and leave a lasting imprint in our minds. Achieving a result like that is difficult and the road towards it is treacherous and packed with potential pitfalls. Whether it is via gut feeling or thorough… Read More

Psychology Driven Mobile UX Trends

St. Louis Website Design company Matchbox Design Group is excited to talk about Psychology Driven Mobile UX Trends For 2018

As you are probably already aware of as a web designer, the era that we live in now is dominated by mobile users, and UX and design have never been as important as they are today. If we take a look back at the years before us, we can conclude that a lot of change… Read More

Why Designing A Website Is Like Building A House

Designing A Website is like building a house

This is a guest blog post written by Victoria Green about designing a website. More information can be found at the bottom of this blog post. Designing a website is no small task. It can take months to perfect, with all sorts of important factors that need to be taken into consideration. Just like building… Read More

Our Website Design and Web Development Process, With Tips For New People To The Industry

One of our designers and front end developers working on our website design and web development process for a new site.

Matchbox Design Group has been around for 10 years, almost 11 now. You can trust that we don’t just take your order and give you results oriented web design and online marketers. Our web designers are the best of the best, they take their time getting to know your brand. They also do research on… Read More

University City Swim Club Web Design & Development

Matchbox Design Group was lucky enough to complete the University City Swim Club Web Design and Development.

Exploring New Possibilities With The University City Swim Club Web Design & Development Project The University City Swim Club (UCSC) site was an important project for Matchbox. It gave us the opportunity to explore new techniques and provide examples of our offerings to future clients. For one, we explored the process of design when it… Read More

Redoing the Matchbox Design Group Website: Part 1

Matchbox Design Group Website Redo

Why It Can Take Multiple Years to Complete Your Website Since we re-designed our website, people often ask us if we did it in honor of our 10-year anniversary. That could be a good reason, we suppose. But what most people don’t realize is that we have been working on re-designing our company’s website for the… Read More

Works for Me: A New Website for the New Year

A New Website

Updated 8/22/18 Since re-designing their main site, Matchbox has worked with St. Louis Community Credit Union (STLCCU) to create several other complementary sites like Reasons to Switch, Red Dough and Works for Me. Recently, they noticed that their Works for Me site was attracting a lot of traffic. However, this mini-site didn’t have a lot… Read More