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There’s a lot of buzz around this technology known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). The fact that it can study and predict human behaviors makes it an exciting technology, yet scary for some. It’s also applicable in almost all industries, and digital marketing isn’t an exception. Today we are going to discuss how email marketing is changing with AI.

In recent years, the introduction of this technology has changed the face of marketing, and as it continues to grow and advance, it’ll do so even more in the future.

Email marketing, one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, seems to be benefiting the most from the introduction of AI into marketing. AI has changed email marketing massively and has enabled it to yield better results. Here are some of how email marketing is changing with artificial intelligence.

1. Improved Subject Lines

One of the biggest problems that marketers face in drafting their email messages is creating an interactive subject line that enables the email recipient to open and read the email. Without a well-written subject line, it’ll be difficult for the recipient to click through and read the email. However, AI ensures that email marketers can create the right subject line that recipients find exciting and cause them to read the email.

Improved Subject Lines

2. Email Personalization

We’re in a world where personalization is effective for people to be moved into taking action. This is the same for emails. Recipients will only read and click through if the email feels personal to them. Thankfully, AI can study and predict human behavior such that it knows its interests. Thus, allowing marketers to create emails along with the recipient’s interests. This makes the email more effective.

3. Sending Time Optimization

According to authors helping with dissertation writing services at assignment help, email recipients don’t open or engage with their emails because it comes in at the wrong time. It’s important to note that there are right and wrong times to send an email, depending on your audience. The use of artificial intelligence allows you to optimize your sending times so that you send the emails when the recipients are more likely to read them.

4. Email Frequency Optimization

Apart from sending the email at the right time, you also have to ensure that you optimize the frequency of the emails you’re sending too. If you don’t send enough emails, you might not be able to create a connection with your email subscribers, but if you spend too much, you’ll piss them off. It’s essential to find the right balance between sending too little and sending too much. This is where artificial intelligence comes in. It helps you to plan your strategy so that your email frequency is on track.

5. Improved Email Content

Your email content is ultimately one of the essential things in your email campaign/message. You must be able to craft the right email content to meet up customer expectations. With AI, you’ll be able to understand the customer’s needs and create email content that is attractive to them. Promoting your brand story to align with the customer’s needs and how you solve their problem is effective email content.

6. Email Retargeting

It is common for customers to abandon their carts during online shopping. This can be due to many reasons, but what’s more important for marketers is to find a way to bring them back to complete the purchase. This is called customer retargeting, and email is an effective means to reach out to them. The good thing is, you have their data stored, and you can analyze this with artificial intelligence. This will make it easier and more effective to retarget these customers.

7. Boost Sales By Tracking Customer Behavior

The word “predictive analysis” must sound familiar to your ears by now. This has to do with the use of artificial intelligence to analyze a large amount of data and use the result to predict customer behavior. This allows marketers to predict items that customers want or need from artificial intelligence on previous data. This information can be used in emails to boost sales.

8. Marketing Automation

Marketers create a marketing funnel to track the customer journey. With AI, they’re also able to create email automation funnels. An example of an email automation funnel for new contacts includes a welcome email, a what we do video, reviews & testimonials and other forms of social proofs, and product email.

Marketing Automation

9. Digital Marketing Campaigns

When planning your next digital marketing campaign, you should be more emphatic about email marketing and the use of artificial intelligence. AI has made effective email marketing even more effective, and you should take advantage of this.


Artificial Intelligence already plays such a significant role in email marketing, but over the years, it’s bound to play even more significant roles in marketing as a whole. It’s already effective in creating good email content, interactive subject lines, making sure the emails are sent at the right time, etc. All of these ensure that email marketers get profitable marketing results from their email campaigns.

Author Bio: John Peterson is a journalist with four years of experience providing essay writing services and working in the London magazine “Shop&buy.” During his spare time, John offers professional essay writing services for BestCustomEssay. He is a professional mini-tennis player, and he has written a novel, “His heart.” You can find him on FB.

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