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An eCommerce design is one that caters to the unique needs of businesses that sell products or services online. Both the design and functionality of your eCommerce website play a crucial role in your success. You need a design that differs from standard websites by choosing a web server that can support your storefront, setting up a secure payment process, creating an organized inventory database, and adding other back-end features that make the buying and selling process as simple and straightforward as possible.  

At Matchbox Design Group, we believe in the power of intuitive design and collaboration. We will partner with you to create an innovative eCommerce design that will help drive sales and create an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

Our St. Louis eCommerce Website Design Services

Every store you walk into has a different look and feel. As a consumer, you usually choose to frequent stores that offer an enjoyable shopping experience. This means something a little different to everyone, but oftentimes this includes an easy-to-navigate floor plan, friendly and helpful staff, well-organized inventory, and high-quality products. Of course, there are other little things that set you apart such as your store’s color scheme, lighting, and interior design, but at the end of the day what matters most is making sure that people can find exactly what they’re looking for. This leads to a good user experience which everyone loves.

In the online world, these same factors apply. Creating an enjoyable online shopping experience includes things such as an easy-to-navigate site map, a chat feature that acts as your “floor staff”, user-friendly product pages, and a streamlined, secure payment process. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or operate solely online, you need a highly functional eCommerce website that can drive sales quickly and efficiently.

eCommerce Design

At Matchbox, our eCommerce designs are centered around creating a positive user experience and incorporating important WordPress plugins. User experience is more important than ever for eCommerce sites since your livelihood depends on users finding exactly what they’re looking for. We also make sure that your site is responsive meaning that it can be accessed across devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones. We live in an age of online shopping so we want to make sure that your users can easily pop a few items in their cart while on the go.

An eCommerce website with a good UX/UI.

Things We Do

  • UI/UX focused designs
  • Responsive design (desktop + mobile design comps)
  • WooCommerce Integration

eCommerce Development

Our team has experience with multiple platforms including WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and more. We have built many custom WordPress WooCommerce websites to handle thousands of products, special ordering processes as well as connect these sites to in-house systems. When making these types of connections to in-house systems we consider factors like what types of systems are connecting to (ERP systems, Quickbooks, Sales Reporting Software, etc.), how we can keep all of these data transactions secure, and how to use these relationships to save you time and money.

Things We Do

  • Inventory Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Hosting + security

Our eCommerce Website Process


Understanding your products and how your customers shop, or what your customer’s intent is, for them is the key to creating a great structure and foundation for your eCommerce site. If you already have a site and analytics data, we will review this information to see where your site is performing well and where it needs improvements. If you don’t have this data available, we’ll take into account your competition in the space, current and potential users, and goals when making these up-front decisions.

Next, we create a sitemap to identify content pages as well as product segmentation and hierarchy. Special consideration is also given to how people purchase your products, what options, variations, and special needs apply to make your eCommerce presence fit your products and process. 

The Matchbox Design Group goal is always to make an intuitive and easily navigable site so that your customers get to the products they need (and ones they didn’t know they needed) in as few clicks as possible. Using best practices, we make decisions upfront to make sure we’re creating a positive experience. 


The next step in design is to visually prioritize the information on every page, from the homepage to individual product pages. We understand the need to expose customers to new products, cross-sell, and make transactions as frictionless as possible. To do this we focus on creating intuitive product categorization, displaying related products, and adding clear calls to action throughout the entire site.


Once the design is solidified, your eCommerce website will then move into the development phase. This is where everything comes together functionality-wise and your site is in the final steps of completion. We also offer SEO services that will help your site stay relevant by keeping up with changes in customer preferences, updating/adding new content, and continually reviewing analytics data to make improvements.

We’re Here To Help With Your eCommerce Websites!

Whatever your product or service we can help with strategy, design, development, integration, and marketing services to bring your products online or make your new eCommerce site perform at its peak. With a vast amount of experience creating dynamic and robust eCommerce websites, we can help craft a solution to meet your business goals.

As a St. Louis eCommerce website design agency, we are excited to be listed as one of the top eCommerce web design companies

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