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If you consider email marketing to be an outdated digital strategy, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, a huge number of companies are applying this strategy and reaping the benefits of such a huge market opportunity. The reason why many people consider email marketing to be ineffective and irrelevant is that probably they aren’t doing it right. You’re about to learn how to optimize your mobile email marketing campaign the right way.

Email marketing is always evolving and not adapting it to mobile devices, which is the reason why many companies don’t notice the effects of this digital approach. The latest trend in this type of advertising is mobile email marketing, which has brought tremendous results in 2023 for plenty of companies, including Buzzfeed and Airbnb. Check out the top 11 companies that have been doing mobile advertising right.

So, if you want to implement this strategy and improve your email marketing for mobile apps, we’ve got your back. Here is how you can kickstart your mobile email marketing campaign and reap all of its benefits.

Email Marketing On Mobile Devices

Nowadays, most of our attention is focused on mobile devices. We use our phones at such a rate that statistics show that about 60% of all emails are read on mobile devices rather than desktops. So, if you’re still using a marketing strategy targeting desktop users, you are risking missing out on a lot of clicks and conversions which could possibly bring a lot of revenue to your business. Moreover, it’s quite possible that your target audience will never even open your emails.

You should definitely reconsider optimizing your email marketing campaigns for mobile and change the text and the design of your emails. Mobile-optimized emails are crucial if you want to reach your target audience and increase your revenue.

Email Marketing on Mobile Devices

How To Optimize Your Mobile Email Marketing Campaign

You might start with generating domain names, but your website needs to be optimized way before you even use them. You can first check out this guide which will help you build your website. Further, the following steps will show you how to soar to success with your mobile-optimized email marketing campaign.

It’s Not About Sales Only

First and foremost, sales shouldn’t be your primary focus. Instead, opt for cultivating experience and creating faithful potential new customers You can provide a positive user experience if your emails offer some additional benefits for the users. So, the users will notice the additional offerings they get and are more likely to click and open your email. Make sure you shift your focus on how the customer can get more and how you can improve business relationships with your customers. This applies to the fact that the emails shouldn’t only be emails, but include something personal or special which will intrigue the receiver and build a closer relationship with them.

Implement Mobile-Ready Templates

Your emails have to look great across every app and every mobile device. To achieve this, you can take advantage of email templates that were specifically designed for mobile. There are plenty of mobile-ready templates available that feature a perfect setup for your customers to effortlessly read your content. So, select an existing template to boost your open and click-through rates.

Modify Your Subject Lines

Subject lines, without a doubt, are the first thing that captures the reader’s attention, so they should be optimized because they affect the open rate. You can adjust the email subject by sticking to foolproof strategies such as:

  • Compose a catchy title because you have 2 seconds to get the reader’s attention;
  • Keep the subject lines less than 35 characters long;
  • Personalize the subject using the reader’s name and location;
  • Keep it simple;
  • Use a darker text to make sure your email stands out from all other emails in your reader’s inbox;
Modify your subject lines for a better mobile email campaign

Pay More Attention To The Preheader Text

Right after the subject line comes the preheader, which is essentially a summary of your email. This text is really important as that’s what the customers read first and decide whether or not to open your email. So, your preheader should be compelling and you should use it to highlight only important and eye-catching information. This text should match your email copy so be careful to stay true to form.

Pay more attention to the preheader text

Image Size And Text Balance

It has been estimated that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, if you want to deliver your message as effectively as possible, make sure you use captivating images. However, it’s extremely important to consider how the images would look on mobile devices, especially if they have plenty of text. So, you should balance the size of the image and the text and make sure you keep it short to keep your reader’s interest.

Use Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

Let’s imagine your subject line and preheader text were so awesome, they convinced your reader to open your email. But you want more than that. To succeed in persuading the reader to make a purchase, you need to ensure your landing page is mobile-optimized. One way of doing it is by optimizing the speed of your website, which can be done by using the best CDN. Think of it this way, if your page doesn’t load properly, potential customers are going to hightail it out of your website and dive straight into your competitor’s website. Having a killer mobile-friendly landing page makes the purchase easier and more probable.

Make Use Of Media Queries

You can benefit from media queries to optimize the email width. Media queries will help you adjust email viewability and width based on the device screen size. It will help you adapt your copy to the screen resolution and adjust the width automatically. Utilize media queries to target mobile devices and alter your styles accordingly.

Be sure to make use of media queries.

Preview and Test Your Email Before Hitting ‘Send’

Not checking and testing the email you’re sending is highly unprofessional and has a strong influence on brand trust and brand loyalty. So, previewing, checking all links, and testing your emails is a very important step before hitting the ‘send’ button. Luckily, there are several tools available that will do this work for you, such as Litmus, Email on Acid, and GetResponse.

Track Email Client Usage

There are plenty of modern email marketing tools that can help you track your campaigns and report how many people have clicked and opened your emails and on what devices. Moreover, you’ll be able to learn what the most popular devices are and how well your campaign is received so you can further optimize your strategy.

Now that you got a grip on how you can actually put theory into practice, why don’t you start optimizing your email marketing for mobile devices? Implementing a great mobile email marketing strategy will help you gain more than sales. You will get loyal customers and make your company stand out.

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