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Did you know that 78% of marketers reported increased email engagement over the past year? That’s why we are going to discuss 15 email marketing statistics that you need to watch out for in 2023.

Since the pandemic, digital engagement has become the only way to stay connected to the world due to a lack of physical engagement. And, the pandemic isn’t over yet!

Out of all digital marketing techniques that are booming, email marketing has been and will be the most effective way to reach out to people, hands down. Marketers can vouch for how email marketing has the most longevity as a marketing technique that quickly brings in new leads and nurtures customer relationships.

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Email marketing is used by businesses worldwide and will continue to thrive for as long as the universe. Emails are known for delivering high ROI at a lesser cost, especially those with high email deliverability. If you are still unaware of this, let’s dive into the reasons why you should use email marketing for your business.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing For Your Business?

1. Lower cost

First and foremost, email marketing has been in business since the start. Even before social media came into the picture, email marketing yielded results like no other marketing tactic. In the beginning, the cost was lesser than print and postage, billboards, and television ads.

Even right now, the cost of email marketing is lesser compared to marketing costs of social media, google ads, etc. Email marketing tools are cheaper than you can imagine, and most of them also offer a particular set of free emails to new users. For example, Vertical Response offers to send 4000 free emails a month and 1000 email contacts.

2. Send Personalized Messages

Any marketer would prefer to target a potential audience instead of spending their marketing budget to target all the audience. When you advertise through ads or social media, it’s always one message for all targeted users, but that’s not the case with emails.

With emails, you can send a message depending on the receiver. For example, if you have an offer for your customers but only in specific locations, you can segment your email list and send the emails only to the ones living in that location. 

This attempt can help you boost your engagement rate right away!

Moreover, when you send relevant messages to the audience compared to sending all emails to everyone, the users stop looking at your emails as spam. If you send all emails to everyone, after a point of time due to lack of relevancy, users can develop a behavior of not opening your emails.

Let’s look at how Black Milk Clothing drops emails to customers who abandoned their carts with items in them. Additionally, they add a sweet dog’s picture to add more persuasion.

Personalized message with a dog. 15 Email Marketing Statistics.

3. Easily Measure Analytics

Every business is running marketing campaigns nowadays.

Have you thought about how your campaign can stand out from them?

An essential part of any marketing campaign is to know how well it is working for your business. And analytics is the best way to learn and improvise any marketing move. Most tools allow you to check the open rate and click rate of any email that is triggered. What refers to domain security when sending mails, including DMARC in the system and using SPF flattening to minimize the chances of your emails being marked as spam?

With this data, you can analyze what you need to improve. For example, if your open rate is low, you need to work on your subject line and make it more clickbait. If your click rate is low, you need to improve the content and improvise the message.

Software showing someone easily measuring analytics.

4. Reach Customers In Real-Time

Another benefit of using email marketing is that you can choose when to reach the audience. With social media campaigns, users will only see it once they are on that specific social media application, even after launching it.

With emails, you directly land into their inbox at the time of your choice.

Moreover, you can also send them personalized birthday wishes, festival greeting cards, etc., making the users feel more special. Look at how Nissan sends customized emails to their customers, reminding them of their first maintenance.

Car email showing customers being reached in real-time.

5. To Collect Feedback And Surveys

The best part about email marketing campaigns is that it allows you to get personal feedback from users. Prepare a survey that persuades the user to respond to it. With this attempt, you can quickly figure out your area of improvement and excellence.

Once you have the survey prepared, all you have to do is check for the right time to send it. Keep in mind to not restrict the user with your feedback. Instead, allow them to write whatever they feel, just like Taylor Stitch did by adding a text box in their survey.

Collecting feedback with a survey.

Additionally, to persuade the user more, you can offer them a little something in return for filling the survey, just like Anthropologie did.

Anthropologie offering something in return for filling out a survey. 15 Email Marketing Statistics.

Emails can indeed do all of this to your business.

If you are now convinced of the benefits email marketing has, let’s check out email marketing statistics that can help you in the upcoming year 2023. These can help you get more insights and with leveling up your marketing tactics in 2023.

15 Email Marketing Statistics To Watch Out For In 2023

1. Four Billion Global Email Users Existed In 2020, And This Number Can Grow Up To 4.6 Billion By 2025. 

Source: Statista

Since the pandemic, it’s pretty much expected to see the number of email users rise. 2020 was a significant hit for all digital channels, and while email was already doing better than any other channel, it is expected to rise even more by 2025.

2. 78% Of Email Marketers Noticed Increased Email Engagement Over The Last Year.

Source: Not Another State of Marketing

As stated, when people had nowhere to go physically, they turned towards connecting digitally with other people, brands, etc. Even when physical restrictions are lifted, people have developed a habit of staying connected through their screens. This has led to increased digital engagement such as email, social media, etc.

3. The Number Of Emails Sent And Received Per Day Will Increase To Over 376.4 Billion Daily Emails By 2025.

Source: Statista

As the internet has become increasingly accessible in all corners of the world, the number of emails sent and received per day has astonishingly increased. That’s a lot of emails! This also suggests that any user’s inbox is also becoming competitive. In the future, it will take a lot more creativity to stand out in a user’s inbox as well.

4. 31 Billion Emails Bounce Every Day As Per The Most Updated Reports. 

Source: Bounce

This statistic means that 35% of emails sent never reach the recipient which is why focusing on email deliverability is very important. This can negatively impact the marketing and sales effort of any business.

5. Email Marketing Revenue Stood At 7.5 Billion U.S. Dollars In 2020, And This Figure Is Set To Cross The 10-Billion-Dollar Threshold By 2023.

Source: Statista

As email marketing is bringing success to many businesses, it has become a core marketing format across the globe. While the figures of email marketing revenue in 2020 were already astonishing, it is set to blow our minds by 2023.

6. 74% Of Baby Boomers Look At Email As The Most Personal Channel To Communicate With Brands.

Source: Hubspot

We all know that baby boomers weren’t introduced to digital technology until adulthood. Before social media, they were inclined towards email as their primary communication channel. As they say, it’s easier to change technology but difficult to break user habits; baby boomers still look at email as the most personal channel.

7. Globally, Fridays See The Highest Email Open Rates (Nearly 19%), Compared To The Lowest Open Rates (17%) On Saturdays.

Source: Campaign Monitor

The success of any email marketing campaign depends on the email’s open rate and click rates. Between 2015 and 2018, the email open rate was 24% on average, dropping to 21.3% in 2020. As per reports, Fridays see a high open rate which is why most emails are sent on Fridays.

8. Nearly 22% Of All Email Campaigns Are Opened Within The First Hour Of Sending.

Source: GetResponse

If you send your email and it isn’t opened in the first few hours, it goes way down in the inbox list. This means it’s very crucial that an email is opened in the first hour of sending. Fortunately, 22% of email campaigns keep up to the same.

9. Nearly 1 In 5 Email Campaigns Are Not Mobile Optimized.

Source: SuperOffice

The usage of mobile devices is increasing at an enormous scale and is now even more than desktops. Any marketing move that isn’t mobile-optimized loses the success potential that it might have. Knowing that 1 in 5 email campaigns aren’t mobile-optimized, a huge potential is still left to acquire for businesses. 

10. 91% Of Clients Use ‘Click-Through Rate’ To Measure The Success Of Their Email Marketing Campaigns.

Source: Adestra

If we pay attention to just the open rate of emails, it doesn’t determine the exact success of the campaign. While click rate is when the users open the mail and click on the given link, that is when the campaign is successful. 

11. As Per The Reports, Tuesdays And Thursdays Are The Best Days To Send Emails.

Source: Coschedule

Businesses are running towards getting every user’s attention, but engagement is hard to get. Users receive tons of business emails backed by analytical reports, certain times and days are when most engagement is reported.

12. 99% Of Email Users Check Their Inbox Every Day, With A Few Of Them Checking 20 Times A Day. Of Those, 58% Of Users Check Their Email First Thing In The Morning. 

Source: OptinMonster

There is a reason why email marketing is still the most looked upon digital channel, and this statistic clearly explains that reason. No other marketing channel can give certainty of 99% of users landing on it every morning.

13. Around 85% Of Marketers Say They Work With Email Marketing Software.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

When working on a campaign, keeping track of the metrics is as important as sending emails. And, email marketing software can do the job just right with features such as automation, email delivery insight, open rates, click rates, etc.

14. 53% Of Emails Are Opened During The Workday (Monday – Friday) Between 9 AM – 5 PM.

Source: Campaign Monitor

Businesses should pay close attention to the analytics of email marketing. When you know precisely the time that brings the most user engagement to your business, that is when you start your success journey with email marketing.

15. Marketing Email Open Rate Was Observed To Be The Lowest On Saturdays, 17.3%.

Source: Statista

The time of delivery is the most crucial factor for email open rates. As weekends are known to be the time when people relax with their friends and family and not work, it’s given that email open rates take a low on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Email marketing continues to thrive in today’s world as it did for years. While you integrate email marketing as a channel for your business, these statistics can help you make your way in 2023. 

But remember that email marketing, as well as people, are constantly evolving. Hence, learning everything about your buyer persona is a cherry on top with email marketing.

If you have more statistics that can help businesses in the upcoming year, write it down in the comments sections below.

Happy Email Marketing!

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