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Have you ever wondered what percentage of marketers use email marketing to communicate with customers? 87%. That’s a staggering figure. They can take their email marketing to new heights by leveraging AI and machine learning.

It has already become an integral part of our daily lives, facilitating the performance of numerous ordinary chores. Various sectors, including healthcare, banking, and retail, have started to implement AI-powered marketing strategies.

Since email marketing is so vital, firms are keen to use novel solutions to turn data into insights to increase results.

Let’s explore how AI can enhance your email marketing campaigns‘ return on investment (ROI).

What Is AI’s Role In Email Marketing?

We’re going to be overrun by robots! You need an update if you use this definition of marketing automation or artificial intelligence.

AI systems, at their foundation, are designed to act and think like humans. A subfield of artificial intelligence called machine learning (ML) focuses on processing and predicting new information from large datasets.

For instance:

  • Self-driving cars equipped with AI-driven computer vision systems can recognize obstructions in the road just like humans can.
  • Much like a good friend would suggest things or movies based on your tastes, Amazon and Netflix use AI recommendation algorithms to make suggestions.

To assess your email marketing campaigns, outcomes, customer behavior data, and more, AI relies on ML to process and analyze massive amounts of data. Therefore, AI marketing allows you to increase critical KPIs such as email open rate, click-through rate, engagement rate, and conversion rate through better content.

Benefits Of Using Ai And Machine Learning In Email Marketing

Whether your team is small or large, AI has the potential to elevate your email marketing to the next level. Some of the upsides to incorporating AI in email marketing are as follows:

1. Personalization

The more you use AI, the more it learns about each client, their preferences, interaction patterns, and more. Based on this data, it recommends products, offers discounts or gives away freebies to the people on your list who are most likely to be interested.

Hence, AI can email a potential buyer who visited your website and looked at a specific set of products but still needs to complete their purchase.

Personalization is the most effective email tactic.

2. Affordability

A human may complete virtually any email marketing task; however, doing so manually is expensive. Instead of sorting through product recommendations for each of your 200,000 customers or deciding when to send emails, your email marketing team can use the time saved by automation and AI to focus on tackling more systemic problems.

3. Optimization

Even if your email program is state-of-the-art now, AI can make it even better. For example, what works across vast datasets of high-performing emails can be extracted and used. 

When AI is used to improve an email, it makes numerous minor adjustments that collectively make a significant impact.

For example, artificial intelligence can help you improve your email program by:

  • Sending at a time that is more aligned with customer behavior.
  • Changing the subject line to one that will likely get a higher open rate.
  • Engaging and converting your audience through segmentation.

4. Cost-Saving

Email marketing solutions driven by AI make it simpler to create effective campaigns while reducing advertising costs.  

Statista reported that 51% of companies that integrated AI into their email marketing saw their costs reduced by more than 20%.

AI And Machine Learning Tools In Email Marketing

Several artificial intelligence email marketing technologies could greatly improve your workflow and lead to higher click-through rates (CTR). Especially people doing remote marketing jobs use AI-powered email marketing tools to work more efficiently. The following list overviews a few popular AI email marketing tools.

1. Phrasee

Phrasee for leveraging AI And Machine Learning In Email.

The success or failure of an email marketing campaign often hinges on the subject line. Phrasee is an AI-powered email marketing tool designed to improve subject lines to increase clicks, opens, and sales.

In a matter of seconds, it can generate countless variations of human-sounding subject lines tailored to each subscriber.

2. Drift Email

Drift Email

Drift Email (formerly known as Siftrock) is a cleverAI marketing tool that will automatically sort through the responses you receive from your subscribers via email.

For instance, if a consumer has a question regarding a service or product, their email will be directed to the relevant department.

3. Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense Email Marketing tool.

Have you been struggling to find the best time to send your emails? Seventh Sense might be the right tool to help you improve your email marketing strategy.

Artificial intelligence is used by this email marketing technology to determine the best times to send out messages. By analyzing subscribers’ behavior on your list, the algorithm determines when and how often to send them emails. 

Implementing AI And Machine Learning In Email Marketing

After discussing various AI email marketing tools, it’s time to go deeper into AI’s role in the industry’s radical transformation.

Make Your Subject Lines Compelling

Personalizing your emails by addressing the recipient by name is effective. However, a captivating subject line will set your correspondence apart as a work of art. A good one will immediately pique the reader’s interest and make them want to know more.

A subject line that sparks interest is more likely to be opened and read by the recipient. On the contrary, a poor subject line for your email could lead to it being ignored or even deleted as spam.

Using AI-powered writing helpers for email marketing entails putting machine learning algorithms to work on client data to develop compelling subject lines.

Automated segmentation

Machine learning algorithms automatically analyze customer data and segment email lists based on user behavior, demographics, purchasing history, and browsing history.

Compared with non-targeted or generic campaigns, targeted campaigns resulted in a 34.7% higher open rate and a 26.5% increase in orders.

Motivate Excellent Performance In Delivery

With AI-powered solutions, you can divide your email marketing efforts into hundreds of smaller campaigns to increase your chances of reaching recipients’ inboxes. Before dividing up your marketing initiatives, look at past statistics to see what worked. 

Analyzing A/B Test Results Automatically

Analyzing A/B Test Results. AI And Machine Learning In Email.

Using split testing (A/B testing) for campaigns can boost profits by 13%.

It is essential to test and evaluate your work regularly for optimal results. Email subject lines, sender names, and calls to action may all be tested to see how they perform. This helps marketers pinpoint the factors that contribute to high engagement and conversions.

Future Outlook On Ai And Machine Learning In Email Marketing

The use of AI in email marketing is rapidly advancing, presenting exciting opportunities for creating personalized and impactful campaigns. Recent advances in natural language generation, enabled by AI tools like OpenAI’s GPT-3, are already paving the way for future advancements.

The integration of types of AI in marketing has the potential to make it more effective than ever before. Particularly for tasks commonly performed by marketers manually, such as content creation and audience segmentation. 

One significant advantage of AI-generated content is that it can closely mimic human language. Thereby helping to enhance open rates and reduce spam scores. It’s conceivable that AI will automate most of the manual work in the future. 

Businesses can send frequent, targeted emails that drive results in the future by enlisting AI to handle the bulk of email marketing tasks. Even if you are an eCommerce company, you can also benefit from using AI, as it will allow you to create more personalized email campaigns for your customers and attract more people to your digital storefront. Consequently, we expect to see more exciting developments in email marketing as AI evolves. 

To Sum Up

AI can help you decide what to send, to whom, when, and how often. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience under your belt, AI has a lot to offer in the way of improved email marketing performance. 

Using technology does not replace marketers or engineers. But it does aid them in streamlining their operations and analyzing vast volumes of data in real time. Combine its use with tried-and-true email marketing strategies like segmenting, personalization, and targeting, and you’ll have a recipe for success.

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