10 Tips For Web Design That Drives Sales

Here are 10 Tips For Web Design That Drives Sales

People who get their websites to a top ranking in search results and see a significant increase in traffic deserve a solid pat on the back. After all, achieving both is no easy feat. You can only imagine the kind of SEO work they have done to get to that point. Their sales performance, however,… Read More

The Benefits of Mixing Online and Offline Marketing

Check out the benefits of mixing the online and offline marketing.

Mixing online and offline marketing is a concept that may sound somewhat contradictory, yet, it’s quickly becoming the reality of the business world. First of all, even though these techniques exist in different environments, they’re often complementary and can be used to boost the efficiency of others. In a way, they form a symbiosis that… Read More

How to Grow Your Mailing List with a Facebook Messenger Bot

This article will teach you how to grow your mailing list with a facebook messenger bot.

Facebook Messenger bots are becoming a trend today in social media marketing, and it produces excellent results for a lot of companies doing this. Have you been curious about this trend and how these bots work? In fact, Facebook Messenger bots are not that complicated. However, we should talk first about why Facebook Messenger marketing… Read More

Understanding How Web Design Can Impact Your SEO

Coding a website. Understanding How Web Design Can Impact Your SEO.

Optimizing a website for the search engines is challenging work, to say the least. With more than 200 Google ranking factors to take care of, an SEO definitely has a lot on his mind. He has to worry about acquiring quality backlinks, making sure all the right keywords are there, and putting up the appropriate… Read More

The Future Is Voice Technology

The Future Is Voice Technology is a very true statement with Alexa, Google Home and Siri being so prominent.

What is voice technology? Today, when we think of voice technology, we think of big names like the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple’s Siri—devices and software that ease the users’ experience through simplistic and hands-free interaction, but voice technology has been around much longer. In 1961, IBM created the IBM Shoebox, a rudimentary digital… Read More

How Google Voice Search Can Change the Game in 2019

Listen up about How Google Voice Search Can Change the Game in 2019.

One of the aspects of the Internet that continues to be developed today is voice search. While it has been around for a while, it is still being improved to be able to help make it a staple for modern-day search activities. We are going to help you learn how Google voice search can change… Read More

Why We Click: The Simple Psychology Behind Calls to Action

Learn about the Simple Psychology Behind Calls to Action.

Nowadays, most marketers have a few important goals in mind. Some of them might be even reaching for the stars with them, but who are we to judge them? After all, all they want is to engage their audience and make their potential customers, who just might be part of that audience, do something. The… Read More

eCommerce Marketing and Quick Tweaks Before Holidays – Online and Offline

eCommerce Marketing changes are always happening and we should do them before the Holiday's as well.

The holidays are almost here, and you should get ready. Christmas and New Year’s bonuses, savings, gifts, presents, New Year’s resolutions… All of this good lovely stuff means people are going to spend money. The competition, of course, knows this as well as you do, and they are probably bringing out the big guns as… Read More

A Guide to Social Media Brand Protection

This is a guide to social media brand protection that Matchbox Design Group in St. Louis is sharing.

In today’s modern, global economy there are more and more marketing methods being invented every year. The one that is all the rage these days and will stick for a long time is influencer marketing. Social media platforms offer a vast area for both the consumer and brand alike. Gone are the days when products… Read More