The User Experience For e-Commerce

The User Experience For e-Commerce needs to be top tier or your potential customers will leave.

It is a fact that the main purpose of any marketing initiative is to create high conversions. For companies that sell their products online, this KPI is highly influenced by the interface, for that reason the user experience for e-Commerce is the key element of the success of a brand. Most studies reveal that users… Read More

Ten Marketers And A Bunch Of SEO Tips I’ve Picked Up From Them Along The Way

Here is my Steve Aoki jump and me telling you all A Bunch Of SEO Tips I've learned from famous marketers.

***First of all the above picture is me doing the (Steve) AOKI jump. I wanted to prove that I might just be a ninja, so I’m qualified to talk about a bunch of SEO tips. Wrong type of Ninja huh?*** I haven’t written a blog post in a long time, mainly because I haven’t had… Read More

Important eCommerce Trends To Watch Out For In The Future

There are some important eCommerce trends happening and we want you to know about them.

If you look at the pretty accurate prediction that global eCommerce sales are going to hit the roof (meaning more than 4 trillion US dollars), you could say that the future is now. If there are some doors of brick and mortar shops that have remained open, that’s only because they also interact with their… Read More

Tips for Working Remotely or Running a Business Outside Of The Office

Working Remotely. Tips and concerns.

This is a Guest Blog Written By Laura Gayle about working remotely and more, The American workplace has changed dramatically over the past decade, especially in the tech and marketing sectors. Earlier this year, it was reported 3. 9 million workers, including freelancers, worked from home at least half of the week. Projections suggest this… Read More

Meet Vanessa Sickles

Meet our newest Web Development Intern Vanessa Sickles

Meet Vanessa, Web Development Intern This will help us learn more about Vanessa, our Web Development Intern for the summer. Describe yourself in three words. Honest answer? I’ll go with ‘friendly, laid-back, forgetful.’ Where did you grow up? I grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where your entertainment options are ‘movie at a built-in-the-70s theater,’ ‘shopping… Read More

Meet Nick Waldinger

Matchbox Design Group hired Nick as a Design Intern. See if you can be an intern too.

Meet Nick, Design Intern Nick is going to tell us about himself and his time as a design intern at Matchbox Design Group. Describe yourself in three words. “Handsome, Genius, Humble.” Where did you grow up? “A tiny farm town in Illinois called Bradford. Population: 700” What are you doing during your internship at Matchbox… Read More

Smart Content Strategy to Drive Great User Experience

Learning about a smart content strategy that will lead to a great user experience.

The first rule of UX: put content where users are most likely to look for it, this is part of a smart content strategy. And this is the rule most often broken by many organizations when designing their digital product (website, app or other). When structuring content and information architecture, most organizations make one of two… Read More

5 Overlooked Email Marketing KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Here are 5 Email marketing KPIs that get overlooked.

Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies out there. Because of its effectiveness, it has retained its relevance and continues to be one of the most widely used digital marketing techniques employed by brands of different size.But, as with anything, there are certain Email marketing KPIs that are overlooked. Studies have shown that… Read More

6 Expensive eCommerce Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Cost

St. Louis Digital Marketing Agency discusses 6 expensive eCommerce mistakes to avoid

When we look at how products and services are being sold today, we can easily tell that eCommerce has transformed and reinvented the whole sales process. This has happened via fresh and powerful platforms which made it possible for businesses to sell what they’ve got 24/7, no matter where they are actually located. The last… Read More

How Your Outdated Articles Can Drastically Increase Your Traffic

Learn how your outdated articles can drastically increase your traffic

Are you hoping to move up the Google rankings and gain more search engine traffic this quarter? One of the simplest strategies to boost your SERP position and see you rise up the rankings is to update your outdated articles and web pages. Keep reading to learn how your outdated articles can drastically increase your… Read More