Tips To Keep Your Startup’s Data Secured In The Cloud

Keep Data Secured In The Cloud

If you are running a startup, the cloud is the most convenient and cost-effective solution for data storage. The cloud allows your employees to easily access company data from any location, and share it with their coworkers whenever they need it. But, as great as it is, cloud computing comes with several challenges—cybersecurity being the… Read More

Cybersecurity: Linchpin Of Business Growth And Long-Term Success

Cybersecurity: Linchpin Of Business Growth And Long-Term Success

In the wake of digital transformation, businesses of all sizes find themselves under constant threat of cyber-attacks, online scammers and hackers, and nefarious online activity in general. Now that companies have more access points to their data stores and sensitive customer information than ever before, including email, domains, payment platforms, IoT devices, and more, it’s… Read More

How To Strengthen Web Security With VPN

Security using VPNs

In the time it’s taken you to read this sentence, a hacker has breached someone’s security. Every 32 seconds, someone is hacked. If you don’t want to be the next victim, read more about strengthening your web security using a VPN. This is why security is so important. What Is A VPN? VPN stands for… Read More

Landing Page Security Tips For Better Business

Here Are A Number Of landing Page Examples

A landing page is a website’s homepage or internal page that viewers access by clicking on a link. Typically designed to funnel viewers toward one specific offer. We are going to talk about landing page security tips that will help better your business in today’s post. Landing Pages Can Serve Lots Of Different Purposes: Providing… Read More

7 Most Common Database Security Issues And Fixes

7 common database security Issues

Data security is the prime concern of any organization now, and in the current time of big data, it becomes very complicated and skillful to administer database security measures. In this article, we will discuss the top vulnerabilities found in terms of database security administration and tips to eliminate those. As of late, databases are… Read More

Overcoming Security Challenges In Social Media Marketing

Overcoming Security Challenges In Social Media Marketing

The hyperconnectivity that social media provides is the reason why marketing on social networks is a must for brands of all sizes. But once scammers and hackers get involved, what was once a golden marketing opportunity becomes a grave threat to an organization. From phishing scams to hijacking accounts and tarnishing a brand’s reputation, social… Read More