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If you are like most people you get overwhelmed by all the new terms used in website ownership, website management, and ranking well organically in search engines such as Google. Things like what is a holistic SEO approach come up. It seems people are using English words and sound like they are speaking English, yet they do not seem to speak in English. It is very difficult to understand what they are saying.

In this article, we will help clear up some of the confusion, while explaining what a holistic approach to SEO and website optimization is. Knowing the right terms and what they mean can help you market your services or products a lot better. If you’re eager to learn more about SEO, check that company called SponsoredLinX.

Key Terms & Their Definitions

We would not be very responsible if we did not get you caught up on some of the key terms used in the holistic SEO approach.

  • Holistic – the complete strategy to bring people to your website. Many SEO experts, if you were to visit their homepage, would tell you that this is one of the most important aspects. It is not targeting partial topics, but all topics your website can possibly cover.
  • Conversion funnel – this is the process that turns your visitor into a customer. It can also include making them repeat customers.
  • Converter – you are not changing their religion, but this is a person who changes from a visitor to a customer. Your website content has convinced them to purchase your services and or products.
  • Phase – different aspects of your website content that helps convert your visitor into a customer.
  • Upper funnel searchers– these are simply people who are aware of your website and decide to visit it.

What Is The Holistic SEO Approach

Simply, when you choose to use this strategy, you are putting keywords and rankings to the side and targeting the person doing his or her internet search. Your strategy is all about the user, their needs, their experience with your website, and good customer service.

This can be done by creating your website content to help the visitor become more interested in what you are offering, a good SEO consultant will tell you more about this. The better experience they have, the more likely they will travel down the conversion funnel and be converted from a visitor to a customer.

That end goal is why you have the website in the first place. You want to make money and the only way to do that is to convert those visitors into customers. The end goal is achieved through different qualities found on your website.

Those Qualities Include:

  • Easy navigation features.
  • How easy is it to find the information they are looking for?
  • How relevant that information is.
  • The quality of information you share online.
  • Does the service or product meet the visitor’s needs at the right price?
A computer showing a holistic SEO approach. What is a holistic SEO approach?

There Are 4 Phases In The Holistic SEO Approach

To understand how to use a holistic SEO approach, it is best to understand the concept of the conversion funnel. There are 4 stages or phases in converting a visitor to a customer in this approach:

  1. Visitor awareness – this phase is where a person becomes aware of your internet presence and the services or products you offer.
  2. Visitor interest – hereafter becoming aware of what you do and where you are located, your product or services pique their interest and they want to know more. The person doing the search then visits your website.
  3. Visitor consideration – your website content is so convincing and interesting that the visitor starts to think about purchasing your product over your competitor’s.
  4. Visitor conversion – they have liked your website’s content, easy navigation, etc., and make the decision to purchase your products or services.

Using The Holistic SEO Approach

When you turn to the holistic SEO approach to help market your products or services, there are some key questions you need to address. These questions help make your content more interesting and help each visitor take the next step in the conversion funnel:

  1. What is your website’s purpose?
  2. What are your goals for your website and visitors?
  3. How do you want to attract traffic?
  4. What type of clientele do you want to attract and target?
  5. How can you make your customer service better than what you have experienced?

It Is Not About Page 1 Anymore

Traditional marketing on the internet has always been about landing on page 1 of search engine results. The common thought used to support this thinking is that people are lazy, and they won’t look for websites past page 1.

The problem isn’t with achieving page 1 goals. It is what to do with the people after they see you on page 1 and they come to your website to see what you offer. If it isn’t much, they will move on to your competitor’s webpage.

Holistic SEO helps you solve that problem and lets you design your content to hold your visitors and convert them into customers.

Cartoon showing the SEO holistic circle approach.

The Difference Between Holistic SEO And Traditional SEO Methods

To help you understand the holistic SEO approach better, here is where the two strategies differ:

Traditional SEO strategy

  • Uses a technical SEO checklist to land on the first page.
  • Uses short or single keywords for better ranking.
  • Ignores the needs of the person doing the internet search.
  • Focuses solely on ranking and not content.

Holistic SEO Strategy

  • Focuses on the needs of the person doing the internet search.
  • Using longer keywords provides faster results.
  • Gives them exact responses to their search question.
  • Provides interesting and relevant content.
  • You get the right visitors to your website.

Some Final Words

Using the Holistic SEO approach is helping you provide a better shopping experience for those people visiting your website. One of the keys to converting visitors to customers is to treat them right when they enter your website.

The holistic method provides better content, looks after your visitor’s needs, and makes them feel valued. You provide them with an atmosphere that is not insulting, doesn’t treat their needs as frivolous or irrelevant, and helps them use their time more effectively.

That is what business is all about. It treats the customer correctly and in turn, that visitor into a repeat customer. The holistic SEO approach helps you do business better.

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