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Today we are going to discuss 10 tips for web design that drive sales. People who get their websites to a top ranking in search results and see a significant increase in traffic deserve a solid pat on the back. After all, achieving both is no easy feat. You can only imagine the kind of SEO work they have done to get to that point.

Their sales performance, however, is an entirely different story. Many websites enjoying lofty rankings in search results and considerable traffic still report so-so sales. Considering that selling products or services is kind of the point for business websites, it becomes incredibly frustrating for many webmasters to go all out in securing that ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs only to see weak sales despite the many visitors that their SEO efforts have attracted.

Then again, there are so many possible reasons why sales could be dismal despite excellent SEO results. The website design could be one of them. Web design is about making a site look good, but it can also be instrumental in lead-generation which could lead to, among other things, increased sales.

So what do people need to do with their web design to boost sales? Here 10 Tips For Web Design.

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1. Make Your Pages Load Faster

For most users, a page should not take more than three seconds to load, so if you want to keep your visitors engaged and more likely to buy what you’re offering, do what you can to improve your page loading speed. Tweaks to your web design like optimizing your images or minimizing your font selection can help you speed things up. This is a great example of having a good user experience.

2. Create An Impressive Landing Page

A great landing page would be one with a strong headline to catch the attention of visitors. A high-quality image should be on the page too. To rope people in, your landing page must also have a brilliantly-written description of what you’re offering and what’s in it for them.

3. Better Navigation

To make your site easier to navigate, put in a search feature that works. Making all navigation elements clickable links will also help. If there are multiple sections, categories, or sub-categories in your navigation, make sure all of them are defined clearly.

4. Make Your Contact Form Short And Simple

Make your page load faster to improve the overall user experience

Keep your contact form short and sweet. Make it ask for nothing more than a name, an email address, and a zip code, and it will likely get a higher success rate than a form that’s as long as your grocery list. In the sales sector, even real estate has significantly increased their game. Specific zip code searches are not only helping to make the user interface much more accessible but also showcase the clients their margins and the various estate available in them, thus making the overall choosing process much easier. 

5. Highly Visible Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons

Make your call-to-action or CTA buttons easier to spot by putting it above the fold. It will also draw more attention to itself if it’s red or orange.

6. More Whitespace

Having more whitespace on your website design not only makes everything easier on the eyes; with all that space between elements on your pages, everything becomes more convenient to scan or read too. When everything flows more easily, it gives visitors a better user experience which could ultimately lead to increased conversions or sales.

7. Display Those Badges

Receiving trust, security, and awards badges would be pointless if you don’t flaunt them, so make space on your website for these proofs that your site deserves your visitors’ trust.

8.  Make Videos

Well-written articles are great, but videos are simply more compelling and easier to take in. So, create more videos and make visitors to your website stay long enough to give you those much-coveted conversions.

9. Post Testimonials

Post testimonials to make more sales on your website

Posting genuine testimonials from real customers goes a long way in establishing your reputation in your industry. It can do the same for your bottom line, as people will likely take those testimonials to heart and give your offerings a try.

10. Make Your Site Responsive

A responsive website design will ensure that you will be seen in the best light by mobile users—who now outnumber desktop users—on their smartphones and tablets. Go responsive now, and you’ll increase your chances of tapping into that massive mobile market and increasing your sales.

These suggested tweaks to your web design are by no means a guarantee that you will see a spike in your sales, but you have to start somewhere, and these web design adjustments are as good a place to begin a harder drive to increase your sales as any.

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