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In this article, we’ll look at 11 inspirational landing page examples that adhere to best practices, increase interaction, and entice visitors to click the CTA button.

A landing page is similar to a single-page website. Its sole purpose is to motivate visitors to execute a specific action. Whatever the campaign’s goal, a landing page includes a clear message conveyed in the form of a headline, pictures to supplement the writing, and a compelling call to action.

Modern landing page design is similar to sales pages in that they are designed to sell products or acquire leads. They include more detailed information about your business or product than your standard website and must function correctly. Landing pages are an integral part of a marketing strategy wherein potential customers “land” after clicking on paid ads such as Google AdWords or social media ads.

In some ways, landing pages may make or break your website. Customers will almost certainly browse the rest of your website if you have a superb landing page. And if the landing page is uninteresting and has poor content, they will abandon the website altogether. As a result, landing pages must be given special consideration while designing a website.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

In addition to raising conversion rates, enhancing paid ad campaigns, and gaining important insights from visitors, landing pages can also increase your credibility. If you design your landing page to demonstrate the benefits of your solution and social proof, your audience will recognize the value of what you are offering.

Even if your visitors do not convert straight away, your landing page is still effective. If you have a strong brand identity with a clear and consistent design and tone, along with an attractive offer, your visitors will remember you. They will feel more acquainted with your business the next time they land on one of your ads and will be more inclined to respond.

Landing pages are an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy since they help convert leads into buyers. 

Now, let’s look at the key elements a successful landing page must have.

What Are The Key Elements Of A Successful Landing Page?

Creating a competitive landing page that results in conversions is not a simple feat. There are many crucial factors to consider based on the science of psychology and a good sense of what your clients want.

Because landing pages have so many differentiating aspects, there is no standard method for designing a great landing page or a one-size-fits-all instruction manual. 

They can be as diverse as their visitors. Each has a distinct reader, a unique call to action, a separate niche, and a different service or product to advertise. 

There is a great deal of variation among intent, purpose, perspective, niche, audience, angle, industry, testimonial strategy, product, messaging, focus, cost, buy-in, pricing, and many other elements.

There are, however, some common qualities that you should be aware of. By reviewing these and taking help from a free SEO optimizer tool, you may develop a compelling landing page.

The following elements are required for an effective landing page:

  • Your landing page must include a primary headline that informs your visitors or consumers about your product or how it may help them.
  • The landing page should always include a USP (unique selling point) that distinguishes your product from others.
  • Your landing page should offer information about the benefits of your product.
  • The copy on your landing page should be appealing and engaging. Furthermore, it should be concise and problem-solving.
  • A video or graphic helps your landing page’s content to be more understandable.
  • Social proof is essential for the success of any landing page because it builds trust in the minds of your customers.
  • A decent landing page should feature a clear call to action button. Your visitors will not be able to take the desired action if you do not include a call to action button.

So, these are the essential components of an effective landing page. It is nearly impossible to create a high-performing landing page without these. 

If you are ready to develop a landing page, it’s time to be inspired. To help you crush your 2023 marketing objectives, we have compiled a list of our favorite simple yet appealing landing page examples with an SEO-friendly web design.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Landing Page Examples


Among the more minimalist landing page examples discussed in this article is Shopify’s free trial. The Shopify landing page has emerged as one of the top responsive landing page examples due to its basic structure. The color combination is sophisticated, and the phrase is eye-catching. The copy is brief, but the intention is clear. There is a field for the user to enter their email address, a CTA, as well as an illustration.

If you scroll down, you will see the three bullet points regarding the most persuasive Shopify features, a panel showcasing brands already associated with them, and a custom quote. With a user-friendly design, the company briefly summarizes what Shopify is all about on this landing page.

Another factor that makes the landing page brilliant is that the form asks for the necessary information, nothing over the board.


The place where practically everyone goes to unwind is well-known for its marketing activities. Its landing page is not far behind. Despite its basic appearance, Netflix gives a wealth of information to visitors.

Netflix is a streaming platform that anyone can figure out by visiting its website. Its headline, accompanying text, and photos all reflect this. The landing page merely has 12 captivating words, but it makes excellent use of visuals and a call to action. 

Netflix is one of the best instances of landing page design, demonstrating how a few words can help you capture the hearts of a million people.

They also employed bolded text to improve the readability of the landing page information. Furthermore, the CTA button on the landing page is clear and immediately attracts visitors’ attention. 

Overall, it is an excellent example of a high-converting streaming service landing page.


The global business communications software Slack’s landing page is a masterpiece in user-friendly UX. The seamless scrolling walks a potential consumer through the fundamentals of Slack and all it has to offer. The onsite content is short, single-clause statements that get straight to the core of what Slack does better than some of its competitors’ products. Furthermore, their landing page form has one field to fill out, increasing the likelihood that consumers will join.


Lyft’s landing page is dedicated to individuals they know will be looking at it: prospective drivers wishing to work for them. Lyft keeps it brief and simple to this goal, opening the page with nothing but a point-and-click, single-action form that urges visitors to get started right away. The images are clean and entertaining, and the language never deviates from Lyft’s main sales pitch: “Drive with us to start making money instantly.”


IBM’s no-nonsense strategy on its landing page is intended to show potential clients that they are worlds apart from some of Silicon Valley’s more flowery firms.

There are no testimonials or mission statements on this page. All you get is a crisp white background, an enticing opening phrase, a signup form, and, obviously, IBM’s iconic logo, which has been untouched since 1972. 

This company flaunts confidence and efficiency with its clear and straightforward landing page.


SEMrush, an SEO optimizer itself, is another excellent example of a good landing page because its design, landing page content, and CTA button are all outstanding. 

SEMrush’s hero category provides information about its service. You are not required to scroll down. Furthermore, the text on its landing page is quite informational and sends a clear message.

Additionally, noticeable client reviews are placed on its landing page, making it difficult to ignore. Similarly, information about users, accomplishments, and progress are presented nicely on its landing page, rendering it a converting landing page.


Maze contributes to the creation of amazing things. This word game is an excellent approach to draw visitors’ attention to your website. The title is straightforward and encourages visitors to take action. 

It addresses some of the concerns that ‘product managers’ may have and offers a realistic answer. Two CTA buttons are placed just beneath the copy and serve as a natural continuation of the message.

Animation is another amazing feature of the landing page. It blends into the page without any visible borders or lines. Although the pieces travel slowly, each has a unique path that keeps visitors interested long enough to think about the tool and, ultimately, take action. 

The rest of the page is designed and constructed similarly, with lots of engaging animations and excellent copy. Every piece complements one another and naturally guides users through the website.


Everyone has heard about MasterClass. Whether you are a business leader, a chef, an artist, or a scientist, Masterclass has a course for you. Their landing page features a series of prominent lecturers (Gordon Ramsay, Serena Williams, etc.).

There is no need for intricate design or illustrations. Displaying the program’s most valuable asset (in this instance, people) aids in attracting new users.

It’s worth noting that the copy conveys a powerful message. It tells people that they can be just like one of the world’s most famous figures. The text is incredibly motivating and devoid of fluff–just a simple statement to urge people to start on a course. In addition, it is enough to provide an email address and enter the MasterClass community.

The dark background lets the colors and the call to action button stand out. A stark contrast emphasizes the message, making it harder to ignore once you arrive at the page.


BambooHR is a popular HR software aiming to modernize hiring while improving employee experience. This is precisely the message conveyed by the landing page. 

The emphasis is on people, regardless of age, gender, religion, or race. The BambooHR landing page highlights some of the company’s core beliefs in only a few photographs.

The use of green colors effectively conveys the company’s aesthetic identity. The copy is straightforward and focuses on the most important keywords. Because of the page’s simplicity, it was simple to incorporate a ‘New primary feature’ section without making it appear unduly promotional.


Zoom has long been one of the most famous video-conferencing platforms. It has, however, proven to be much more useful under the new hybrid setup. This component is well-emphasized on the landing page. 

Instead of simply marketing Zoom as a conferencing technology, it shows how it may be helpful in a specific situation. Because of the advent of hybrid workspaces, practically all communication must now be online, and Zoom is one of the finest options. At least, such is the message that users receive when they visit the website.

When it concerns visual identity, Zoom sticks to its well-known images. The brand has become so well-known that it no longer requires any more explanation. 

This is why the landing page is straightforward and invites individuals to sign up for the product.


Starbucks’ goal with this landing page is to provide customers rewards in exchange for their contact information. They promise to repay you with free coffee if you participate in the program. The message is evident right away, but if you move down, you can receive a few more concise ideas regarding how the program works and how you might qualify for the prizes.

You’ll also notice that Starbucks never abandons its identifiable brand colors. Aside from the attractive layout, clear message, and friendly design, you’ll find interesting icons, a space where you can submit your codes, and numerous calls to action if you want further information on related topics.


There you have it – some of the world’s leading companies paired with some of the best landing page examples on the internet.

Now that you know what goes into creating a successful landing page and have seen the best-performing landing page examples for 2023, it’s your chance to create one. Don’t be afraid to create your landing page.

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