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Matchbox Design Group, a St. Louis full-service online marketing agency which includes us being a Saint Louis SEO Company, employs the best St. Louis search engine optimization and SEM experts otherwise known as AdWord experts in the city. Matchbox Design Group, a St. Louis SEO agency, provides these website search services in order to make sure your search engine results improve.

Matchbox Design Group Has Nationwide SEO Clients

We do this not only in St. Louis but provide our high-quality services nationwide. Employing the top St. Louis SEO expert and continuing to learn helps us to continually measure and refine your Search Optimization. Matchbox Design Group’s SEO experts are all geeks when it comes to your SEO Analytics and SEM Analytics. This is why we keep your site on the cutting edge. We regularly conduct an analytic review on your site. Our Digital marketing services continue to grow as our agency grows into the SEO and SEM Marketing company your website needs. Try our St Louis SEO services today as we are determined to improve your search rankings or search results. We know it’s best to have your search engine optimization built in during your web design and is great for your business website.


St. Louis SEO Services

Start With An SEO Audit

Matchbox Design Group, experts with St. Louis local SEO, works diligently from the start and we understand your SEO is an ever-changing, ongoing process that is part of your overall internet marketing strategy. This is why we will always adapt to changes when needed. As an SEO firm we feel the same about SEM, it is never finished until you as the customer decides it’s not important to your marketing efforts anymore. Our Search Marketing involves setting up the correct hierarchy of your website, thorough keyword research, discovering long-tail keywords that can be important in your industry, competitor analysis and more. We make sure you have a dedicated account manager, great contact and we are 100% transparent with monthly reporting and a monthly phone call to go over all deliverables and anything you feel that needs attention. This is on top of our suggestions as well.

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Search Engine Optimization – St. Louis SEO Services Include:

St. Louis On-Page SEO

Your website will go through a full website audit conducted by our SEO experts, the best of any SEO firm in the city. This process will involve determining which on page aspects of your site need to be improved in order to maximize your SERP rankings. This is mainly for Google, but will also help with Bing and Yahoo. Most noteworthy, you will then receive a full report on the following on page SEO aspects: (This is different than our St. Louis on page SEO competitors)

  • Correct Structure Of Your URLS
  • Proper Page Titles And Meta Descriptions Per Google’s Guidelines
  • Ensuring Correct 301 Redirects Are In Place
  • Effective Internal Linking Structure
  • Content Development and Optimization
  • Keyword Rich Content Containing Location Specific Words
  • Ensuring You Have All Original Content, Fixing Any Duplicates
  • Developing An XML Sitemap And Connecting All Webmaster And Tracking Tools

St. Louis Local SEO

Local businesses thrive off of having the correct business information in as many places as possible. This means making sure your business citations, if they include a link or not are all correctly optimized. We will make sure your NPA listing is correct across the Internet as outdated or duplicate listings can hurt your business. Matchbox Design Group will spend time each month managing each listing and make sure they are optimized for your location. A number of listings for your niche can range from sixty to over two hundred, including:

St. Louis Technical SEO

Matchbox Design Group focuses heavily on the technical aspect at first to make sure your site is working like it should be which goes hand in hand with the On-Page Fixes. These technical aspects include several factors that will make your site run faster and Google loves when ranking you. Some of these things include technical SEO factors are:

  • Index Your Site Without Any Penalties
  • Fix Site Speed
  • Make Sure All 404 Errors No Longer Exist
  • Ensuring There Are No Duplicate Page Titles Or Metas
  • Developing Correct and Effective Robot.txt file
  • Setting Up Correct Canonical URLs
  • Avoid Bad Redirects (Redirect Circles)
  • Check For and Fix Errors Using Above Software

Link Development or Backlinks

Another very important part of SEO and St. Louis SEO if we are only doing local SEO for you. This goes for any inbound marketing campaign. We are of course talking about backlinks, otherwise known as inbound links. We make sure that you receive these links from trusted and authoritative sites. Therefore, 5 links from strong authoritative sites are better than having 50 links from sites with low authority. To get ahead of your competitors we do competitive analysis, find the valuable links that Google gives more trust to and then begin to acquire those links. We do this so you will receive the proper authority from well known trusted websites as quality is valued over quantity. Our Saint. Louis search optimization agency link building process involves some of the other search engine optimization best practices that we have discussed above. These are also known as marketing SEO and include:

  • Great Content Development
  • The Placement Of Your Content
  • Syndicating And Amplifying Your Content
  • Press Releases When Appropriate
  • Social Sharing
  • And Of Course Competitive Link Analysis

Saint Louis SEM Services

SEM or Online advertising, often known as AdWords or a PPC campaign is another service that we offer. This is often good for companies just starting a new campaign or wanting immediate exposure. Many times, even on a great blog post, SEO can take up to 6 months to really start working and seeing good results. In conclusion this time period is when you will often see a good SEM campaign implemented and take precedence over SEO in order to supplement the traffic that is slowly being built from the SEO campaign.

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