The Future Of SEO

Everybody Wants To Know The Future Of SEO

What will happen in the future? It goes without saying. People want to know what is coming so that they can prepare for it. This attitude applies to SEO strategies as well. Since people’s rankings are on the line, they want to know what is coming so they can make SEO adaptions quickly and get that edge over their competitors.

SEO may not be the same as it was in the early 2000s.  With technology advancing and how it is applied to change, you can bet that SEO rules and strategies will be upgraded, outdated, or just changed. It’s of the utmost importance to have an SEO professional optimize websites.

The 5 Golden Rules Of Google

What follows are some of the general rules that Google applies to rankings through Google’s search algorithm:

  1. Keep crawling and indexing simple.
  2. Keep content unique. Also, focus on keywords but do not overstuff or you will receive a penalty.
  3. Create good content. You want people linking to your site not fleeing it.
  4. Build backlinks. Another positive to help you rise to the top in your niche.
  5. Provide a positive user experience. This keeps visitors coming back for more and converting into a customer.

But algorithms change and while most of those changes work with those rules, some do not. It is best to stay up-to-date on all changes so you can optimize your SEO strategy. To get algorithm news just go to MOZ, Google Webmaster Central Blog, Search Engine Watch, & Search Engine Land.

SEO Predictions For The Future

Experts are already weighing in on what is going to happen to SEO methods in the future. Here are some of the predictions that have been made to help people gain an edge over their competitors:

Content is King or at least it helps with your SEO and Content Marketing

#1. User Experience Will Become More Important

It is less about keywords and technical tweaks that will fuel SEO success. Knowing how internet searchers use the internet is going to be the key. Your website content has to be unique, engaging, interesting, and good if you do not want to miss out on traffic to your website.

Try free analytic tools to help you get a grasp on this issue and see what searchers are doing.

#2. It Is Not Going To Be Just Desktops That Index Websites

Or ranks them either. With the advent and popularity of mobile devices, search engines are looking to incorporate mobile use to design a second index. This new index is only in the development stages, but it is coming.

Searchers are also looking to avoid slow loading websites when they use their mobile devices. This will play a factor in rankings once the new system is up and running

#3. Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Game

AI will help search engines learn patterns, understand the content better, and make them more accurate. Also, it is thought that Ai will eventually kill off Black Hat SEO. Google has been working on AI search factors for a while now, and other search engines may follow suit.

Eventually, AI may run all internet searches.

#4. Voice Search Will Become Normal

Information will have to be provided under new formats to accommodate the growing number of internet users who use a voice search function. This includes getting their content ready for search engines looking for this feature on a company’s websites

#5. Blockchain Will Revolutionize SEO

What this technology will do is help erase the trend of providing fake news. Besides using voice, visual, and standard search functions, blockchain is seen as being able to offer authentication and author attribution.

This will help filter out bad sites that do not constructively contribute to a searcher’s knowledge, etc.

#6. Virtual And Augmented Realities Will Be A Part Of Organic Searches

These two technological advances focus not on how everyone searches but address other vital parts of SEO functions. These functions work on how website owners build links, interact with visitors, and create leads.

The addition of AR and VR may force search engines to adapt their criteria and index criteria to include these features in their ranking stats.

#7. More Importance Given To Search Intent And Web Code

The talk is that any website that loads in over 2 seconds is going to be penalized. Codes operating website speed will be analyzed and judged. SEO is not about the keyword or keyword phrases. Search engines are going to strive to see the intent behind the use of certain words and base their results on that forecast.

#8. Social Media To Become More Influential In Search Results

That is because different search engines are already starting to place importance on these media outlets. The more social media influence and presence you have the better your website.

Keep in mind that Youtube is the second largest search engine on the planet. This indicates that social media search engines will influence SEO rankings.

#9. Other Platforms Instead Of Google Will Rule SEO Rankings

The talk of the town is that Google criteria may take second, third, or even fourth place in the SEO ranking area. The rumor is that powerful search engines like Amazon and other social media outlets will eclipse Google and change SEO rules and strategies once again.

Other Search Engines Could Rule Search and SEO

Some Final Words

Looking into the future is something just about everyone wants to do. But they may be surprised at what they see and wish they had never looked. Predicting the future of anything, including SEO is not something that can easily be done.

There is no magic crystal ball that will provide any real insight into the future of search engine optimization. The best thing to do is to weigh the words of the experts, analyze what each search engine is doing and what changes they are making to their algorithms, and try to get ahead of the crowd.

Some predictions look good, but humans can be fickle. While some lie to be innovative, up-to-date, and very trendy, others are more conservative and opt for less exciting search options. Time will only tell which prediction is the correct one.