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It’s common knowledge that nonprofit organizations face financial issues that can lead to staffing issues and other problems. These problems often lead to the organization ignoring its own marketing. Today we are talking about our St. Louis nonprofit SEO and how we can help your nonprofit organization.

When you partner with Matchbox Design Group you can be sure that your investment is a good one. You will see the value we provide to your organization. This will lead to you having more time, a better pool of volunteers, and more donations.

What You Need To Know About Nonprofit Marketing

As you know nonprofit organizations have many challenges which include their marketing. With great problems comes great assets. Nonprofit organizations have a great story to tell and our marketing strategy will help you tell an inspirational and meaningful story. This will help your organization connect with others and make them aware of your mission.

What You Need To Know About Nonprofit Marketing. Sticky notes with marketing terms written on them.

Our nonprofit marketing will help increase awareness for your nonprofit’s work here in St. Louis or nationwide. We help raise awareness for all of the problems you are focused on solving. Because nonprofit marketing is different from other segments, we will be in a better position to help you see success.

Our Nonprofit SEO Approach

Matchbox Design Group’s nonprofit marketing and SEO process are partly creative and partly science-based. We focus on both a data-driven analysis which leads to our creative problem-solving.

We strive to follow best practices and use in-house experiments. This helps us find new approaches that you will see in your SEO strategy. Our agency is a multi-channel digital web marketing organization. We have in-house designers, developers, and strategists that build high-performing campaigns for your non-profit.

If you need a new website before we start our nonprofit SEO we are experts at website design as well.

Matchbox Design Group’s Nonprofit Marketing Plans

Our strategy for nonprofits creates valuable, measurable, and actionable items that work together as one.

  • Cause Campaign Development.
  • Content Strategy To Help Nurture Donations.
  • Design Or Add Fundraising To Your Website Through eCommerce.
  • Develop A Seamless User Experience.
  • Digital/Social Media Marketing & Fundraising.
  • Full Digital Strategy.
  • Nonprofit Advocacy.
  • Optimization Of Campaigns Based On Data.
  • Our Strategies Are Based On A 6 To 12-Month Roadmap.
  • Process Management Including Analytics Reporting.
    Strategic Planning & Fundraising Strategy.

Your Website And Non-Profit SEO

Girl looking at a nonprofit website and deciding if they need SEO.

At Matchbox Design Group we don’t just focus on one thing at a time. We use technology, design, content, strategy, and our brains to ensure our clients achieve their goals. We set goals with our clients, and develop robust campaigns which include our in-house SEO team, designers, and developers. All three teams come together to execute your multi-channel strategy.

Matchbox Design Group Takes Care Of Every Stage In Your Marketing Process

  • Strategy Phase.
  • Launch Phase.
  • Go-To-Market Phase.
  • Growth Phase.

In order to win in the crowded non-profit marketplace, your brand must bring its purpose to life. Part of our strategy for non-profits is to focus on behavior changes, attitude shifts, and overall business results. We want to help your organization deliver emotionally-compelling campaigns. We make sure the campaign is strategically-built fusing your non-profit’s communications, fundraising, and mission.

It’s not just what you stand for as a non-profit organization that matters. How you inspire others to take a stand also matters.

Why Nonprofit SEO And Marketing Is Important

Nonprofit SEO is important because most nonprofits have small or limited staff & budgets. It’s extremely important that every dollar put towards outreach, marketing, or SEO is well spent.

We will define goals for your campaign, track, and measure the results in order to determine the effectiveness of our efforts. Working with a dedicated SEO agency partner that is experienced in marketing for nonprofits is a perfect way to ensure results.

An agency partner such as Matchbox Design Group helps you improve your marketing efficiency and impact. This allows you to focus on your nonprofit’s mission.

Promoting Your Organization’s Mission And Message

Integrity on a sticky note. Promoting Your Organization’s Mission And Message.

As you probably know it’s important to promote your organization’s message and mission. Nonprofit SEO or marketing is different than for-profit marketing in some specific aspects. But, a similar approach is used to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

This strategic approach to nonprofit SEO takes a particular focus on your organization’s mission. Our strategy focuses on other similar nonprofit organizations and the various audiences that your nonprofit is trying to reach.

Using this three-pronged approach helps to ensure your organization maximizes its ability to generate brand awareness. It also helps your organization raise money through donations. Your organization will be able to fulfill its mission to the greatest possible extent.

Ongoing SEO For Your Nonprofit’s Success

If you have ever done SEO then you know it’s important not to just set it and forget about it. As with any other industry, there are many initial steps that are taken to improve your SEO in the short term. But, in order for your nonprofit to have a successful SEO campaign, you will need ongoing SEO and keyword research. Matchbox Design Group offers ongoing SEO as part of our SEO for nonprofit’s services and for all other industries in general.

Ongoing SEO Process

  • Ongoing Link Building.
  • Content Creation Or Ongoing Content Marketing.
  • Keeping Your Website Up To Date.
  • Overall Strategy Adjustments.

These things help increase your reputation with search engines such as Google. This also helps to ensure a higher ranking in search engine results for years to come as the work never stops.

Learn More About Our Nonprofit SEO Service

Matchbox Design Group isn’t like other digital marketing agencies, we take internet marketing seriously. If you would like to learn more about St. Louis nonprofit SEO services, call us today at (314) 849-6969 or fill out the contact form below.

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