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It’s no longer enough to create “digital content” and slap it up online. You need a strategy for what you are doing. A roadmap for when to do it. And a plan to measure its effectiveness. From your website and blog to your social media channels, we look at everything to make sure your content is just as effective as your context. Matchbox Design Group brings St. Louis Content Marketing Strategies for each project and helps your website rank with a great digital content strategy. We want your content to be better than all of your competition and to remain fresh. We develop what we like to call strategy content and apply that to your overall marketing content making sure we are managing them together for a complete content strategy.

Content is the one strategy that can impact every potential customer at all touchpoints, and on all channels. We realize this and come up with the best strategy that fits each client. Even if our client has multiple audiences. It’s easy to use the web to get in front of multiple channels and audiences at the same time. This includes your site pages, blog posts, social media networks, print material, and all other forms of media. This will help your SEO and overall SERP rankings.

Matchbox Design Group is your content marketing agency in St. Louis and we will make sure your content is effective and done in a strategic way so that it’s effective everywhere and all of the time. We will simplify your content, add substance while adding style at the same time. We will set goals to understand and measure your content’s success because we know not everyone searches the same thing. Since we have an impact on your companies customers on every channel we strengthen your branding message which has an even deeper impact on all of your touchpoints.

Matchbox Design Group’s St. Louis Digital Content Marketing Services And Process

During our website development process, we will develop a formula for writing content that everyone in your organization can easily follow based on a new marketing strategy. Of course, this can carry over into your print marketing if you would like. This means the way content is created within your organization might have to be redefined. This is usually a good thing because it reduces redundancy and gets rid of confusion. The content writing process is streamlined, making it easier for your staff. This leads to a content-rich environment, with great content being created by great people. Most of these people didn’t even know they could write such good content and that’s a morale booster.

Matchbox Design Group started out as only website designers, now our content marketing strategists are 100% customer-driven to help you with your content marketing. We believe that achieving your business goals is easier when it shows that you care about your customer’s wants and needs.

Matchbox has found that if there is research to back up the evidence that each content piece is based on, it’s always better than opinions. We write data-driven content based on ideas that we have tested, customers we have talked to and the historical data we have collected. Since we are experts in content strategy and your team are experts in the day-to-day workings of your business, it’s imperative we work closely together.

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