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The main reason to do SEO is to get results and show a positive ROI. The best way to understand why you aren’t getting your desired results from SEO is to conduct an SEO audit. As a top website designer in St. Louis, we know the technical aspects of your website that need to be taken care of that other companies don’t know.

At Matchbox Design Group we conduct an SEO Audit before we bring on a new client.

I know what you are thinking! An SEO audit sounds boring, mind-numbing, and definitely not something you are worried about. Let your accountant handle it right?

But, the truth is an audit is extremely important and that’s probably why you are here reading all about SEO audits.

It doesn’t matter if you are a numbers nerd, a computer nerd, or someone who just wants to make money. An SEO audit is definitely not boring and you should take them very seriously if you want your website to succeed.

When we do an SEO audit we make sure we do a deep dive into a lot of technical and some people would say geeky sides of SEO. The reason we do this is to make sure your site is running and performing exactly the way it should. We have done audits and have seen powerful results, some would even call them game-changing. You can see an obvious revenue impact and the items from the audit are all actionable changes. You can get your free SEO Audit below or get your SEO Report card here.

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What Is An Easy Way To Explain An SEO Audit

Doing an SEO audit is a process that will evaluate your site’s search engine’s (Google) friendliness in many areas.

This is not your traditional audit, we are not just looking at numbers. This audit is done exclusively for the marketing purposes of your website.

At Matchbox we do SEO audits the correct way. This means we give you a better insight into your website. This includes all pages, not just the home page, and includes your overall traffic.

Our goal is to improve the performance of your website which leads to better rankings in search engine results, more leads, and hopefully more money in your pocket.

Matchbox Design Group conducts SEO Audits to increase your rankings and your ROI

We believe that an SEO Audit should be performed:

  • At the beginning of a new project
  • When a new quarter begins
  • Or at least once a year

SEO Audits And Different Ways To Do Them

If you are performing an SEO audit, you always need to do some things. There are different ways to do audits which include simply doing a brief audit and checking a few things. Doing a deep dive and being extremely thorough or somewhere in between.

Matchbox falls on the side of being extremely thorough and believe us when we say there are some things that need to always be done which include:

  • On-Page Analysis
  • Technical Analysis – Which includes accessibility and indexability
  • Off-Page Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research

But, before we dive into the complete SEO audit, here are Search Engine Watch’s SEO’s site audit tips and the must do’s in 2017. We believe these 4 things are must do’s that mainly fall on the technical side. They have become very important in 2017 and should remain that way for a long time to come.

Four 2019 SEO Audit Must-Dos

1. Mobile Crawling

As we know Google is starting to learn more and more on the mobile side and has created a mobile-first index. Making sure your website is ready for mobile is critical.

This includes using the Google page-level mobile validator. We do this for every site to make sure Google’s mobile crawler is seeing all pages on your site. You need to make sure Google is able to see your top pages on mobile. This also reports usability issues on the mobile site that might not show up on the desktop side of things.

Using an SEO crawler with a smartphone Googlebot option is an effective way to check your mobile status. This means we use software such as SEMRush to simulate a Google mobile crawler. This tells us if your site is showing up correctly on mobile phones and tablets.

2. Check your JavaScript Crawl Behavior and Content Rendering

A while ago Google stated that they are going to start executing JavaScript so that GoogleBot can better understand your website. However, as with anything on a website, there are tests out there that show it really depends on how the JavaScript was implemented and the framework that is actually used.

When doing an SEO audit it is vital that you follow best practices that keep content accessible and to avoid others, such as certain out of date code. A site should rely on JavaScript only if it’s absolutely not avoidable. Will Critchlow ran tests that showed that there were result improvements when removing a website’s JavaScript reliance, especially for internal links and other critical content.

3. Structured Data and Optimization

You have probably noticed that when you do a Google search you are not just seeing 10 links with some words underneath them anymore. There are things popping up like images, videos, and something called the local pack. Now with the introduction of features such as rich cards, knowledge panels, rich snippets, and answer boxes. You will see all of these features in search results, however, Google isn’t giving up the exact percentage of times they will pop up.

What does this mean for your website and for anyone doing an SEO audit? It means you can attract more clicks in more ways. Not only will you see clicks from organic listings, but by optimizing your site for all of these other features. The way to do this is with structured data, answering questions with your content, and making sure you use the right modifiers.

4. Amp Configuration

Amp has slowly started to become the norm for media websites, blogs, and news sites. It is slowly starting to spread into other areas as well. What is AMP? It’s supposed to provide an easier HTML version of your posts as it optimizes your resources using its own cache which will serve your posts faster in mobile search results. If you have mobile speed issues, AMP might be the answer to your problem.

Using AMP to increase your site speed is the smartest and quickest way to help mobile.

Google is already requiring AMP in order to be included in Google’s news carousel. If you pay attention to Google News then you have seen more and more AMP pages pop up in the mobile search results. It is expanding daily, it is getting preference over app deep links and is expanding into image results. AMP is now supported by an Asian search engine called Baidu.

It is essential that your technical SEO audit make sure your website has AMP implementation and verify that your pages compile correctly with Google’s requirements.

This All Leads to a Good User Experience

Matchbox Design Group does SEO audits for many reasons and User Experience is one of them.

Accessibility and good user experience go hand-in-hand with online search results.
Image by Paul Veugen on Flickr; some rights reserved

The Deep SEO Audit Dive Without Getting Too Deep

Again let’s go over a few reasons we are doing the SEO Audit in the first place. First and foremost you are going to find ways that you can improve your SEO campaign. We want to identify the weak points in your site and your campaign which are only hurting your performance.

We are going to give you a list of items that need to be done and fixed for a deep SEO audit, but not get into too many details about each one. We know We know, audits are boring. Once an action is taken on these items you will see vast improvements in your SEO performance.

When We Do Your SEO Audit – Check/Setup/Explorer/Investigate

  • Talk to our client.
  • Define Buyer Personas.
  • Conduct Keyword Research.
  • Conduct a Competitive Analysis.
  • Define our client’s goals.
  • Setup Google Webmaster tools.
  • Setup Google Analytics.
  • Make sure the site is mobile (See Above).
  • Do A Site Crawl – Comparing this to your XML Sitemap.
  • Site Speed.
  • HTTPS Status.
  • Domain History (If This Applies).
  • Know how the site was built (WordPress).
  • Site Architecture and Site Structure.
  • Keyword Research (What words are currently being targeted).
  • Have LSI Keywords.
  • Keyword in URL.
  • Keyword in the title.
  • Keywords in the first paragraph.
  • Check the Content (Keywords, Length, Spammy, Duplicate).
  • Rel=Conocical.
  • Meta Tags.
  • Title Tags.
  • Image Titles.
  • Alt Images.
  • Image Size.
  • Citations or Business Listings Uniform.
  • Conversions (Visible Forms/Phone Number).
  • Incoming Links Audit.
  • Internal Links Audit.
  • External Links Audit.
  • Are the links relevant?
  • Are your links diverse?
  • Is the sites anchor text diverse?
  • Social media accounts connected.
  • Social Signals.
  • Keyword Cannibalization.
  • Redirect Issues.
  • Indexability and accessibility.
  • Is your content useful?
  • Is your content better than your competitors?
  • Is your website engaging?
  • Is your site providing a good user experience?
  • Is the site completely SEO Optimized?

Why Matchbox Design Group’s SEO Audits Are Important

Again this is the short version of the Matchbox Design Group SEO Audit. We can’t talk about the process step by step because that would take us days to write and possibly weeks for you to read. There is simply too much that goes into it. There are between 6 and 10 tools that are both paid and unpaid that we have to use to complete the audit and large amounts of time.

When we do an SEO audit and present it to our clients, you are probably thinking you would say what is this mess and how do I read it. That’s not what we want and not what we do.

We Make Our SEO Audits Easy To Read And Easy To Understand

Check out this SEO Audit simple overview

  • Matchbox Design Group makes our SEO Audits visually appealing. The last thing we want is your eyes to glaze over when you are looking at an audit that can end up making you a lot of money.
  • We include charts, screenshots, images, graphs, and more to help explain our analysis.
  • We provide a short summary that explains your audit.
  • We provide a checklist of things that need to be fixed and links on how to fix them.

We ask that we have a meeting after every audit so we can help explain the potential impact the audit can have on your website and your ROI.

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