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Whether you need an E-Commerce site with 50,000 products or an image-focused marketing company, Matchbox Design Group a St. Louis Website development agency gives your site the look and functionality that turns heads and outthinks the competition. We custom-build all of our websites in WordPress for flexibility, security, and speed. Our front-end and back-end developers have received line-by-line code reviews by the international makers of WordPress to ensure we deliver the best service possible. But we speak many coding languages, too. Experience our web development & design service and see for yourself how well we mix our development with design.

Matchbox Design Group’s Website Development Service

The Matchbox design process is what makes us a successful website development company. We like to develop sites that are easily updated later, this requires a lot of hard work and planning. With that said we like to build SEO into the usability of our websites. This means that we build in easy updates because they are essential to the user and to Google. The reason we say Google is because they will help your SEO team keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm. As you can see through our work we focus on a clean design that is aligned with your brand. We make sure your brand shines on your website and when someone lands on your site they know exactly where they are.

Matchbox Makes The Development Process Efficient

UX Research. Discovery, And Strategy

Here is a quick and easy video to get you caught up on what UX is, the strategy behind it, and why UX Research is a very important part of Website Development. Also, it touches on the discovery and strategy part of this phase. This video is from the Viking Blogger Demo: Strategy (UX) Phase and originally appears here:

Matchbox Design Group starts our website development process by doing research in order to understand persona needs. We look for a unique proposition for each individual client. We also take a look at your current performance metrics. The approach here at Matchbox Design Group is completely based on our industry experience mixed with our data-driven analysis and market research.

Information Architecture And Messaging

Here is a quick video from that explains what Information Architecture is. After you watch this you can understand how messaging is a part of this.

At Matchbox Design Group we are always looking for information pathways. We want to find these pathways to help your users become more informed and ultimately convert. We learn what your business goals are and create a clear message that focuses on simplicity. Matchbox wants to cut through the excess clutter and spend the most time focusing on your business goals.

Stay Ahead Of Development Trends

Matchbox Design Group is ahead of every new technology that appears on the market. We believe this sets us apart in the web development community because we are always learning new design and development software, techniques, and technologies to beat our competition. We do this locally in St. Louis as well as the rest of the country. Here is a video about design trends. This video can be found here:

Matchbox Design Group prides itself on designing the best in class for evolving brands and providing an interactive experience. We start each project with the goal to create a game-changing digital experience.

Technology, Planning, And Strategy

Take a look at this video about the technology, planning, and the strategy portion of website development. This video is from 2014, however, the theme still applies very well here. You can find the original video here:

The Matchbox Design Group team is exactly that, a team. When you work with Matchbox we have specialists that are well versed in a very large range of different technologies. We focus on development as to how something works, not how something looks. We work on new technologies, plan out the project, and then develop strategies that help your site to work well as well as look good.

Interactivity, Integration, And Added Value

Matchbox believes that adding value to a website doesn’t necessarily mean adding bells and whistles to a site, just to add them. We want your site to be the best for the user. This is where we take interactivity, decide how it integrates with your website or brand. We then decide if this adds value to your website. Here is a video about interactivity in website development and how using it just right to add value. Video first found at

We like to start with your brand and from that starting point integrate our strategy & technology. This is where the real fun begins because we can bring them all together. When was the last time you had a great idea, but nobody could understand what you were saying? A great idea is only as good as how well you can execute it. This is where Matchbox Design Group stands apart from our competition in website development. We take our ideas and execute them for our clients.

Launch And Support

During launch and support, Matchbox turns the keys over to the client and lets them run free. The client has employees, friends, family, and anyone else they would like to file through the site. They are looking for good things, bad things and do their best to try and “break” the site. There is not a good video to share for this part of the website development process. Maybe this is a video we should make ourselves.

Just know that during the launch is when everything comes together and it’s go time. Not only do we give the client’s the keys to run free during this time period, but we also provide guidance. We offer our clients ongoing support, help them with strategies, and teach them how to make simple changes when needed. We pride ourselves on being client-centric, providing ongoing support when needed. Most web development clients stay on as SEO clients so their new website can start to rank well in Google.

Website Development Conclusion

Matchbox Design Group makes the website development process efficient because we begin with a clean bug-free code base that is developed internally. Why? Because we want to find you the best solutions including cloud-based solutions. We do our development this way to reduce a few things which include project cost, the time it takes us to develop the site and to make sure you get a quality product. We will have several collaboration meetings with the client on the overall designs and make sure the website we are building aligns with the client’s goals and of course usability. Our end goal is to make the CMS or content management system as easy as possible for the client to maintain. This is so the client doesn’t waste time and money later on with small updates. It keeps you focused on your business.

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