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When it comes to branding, we do more than just present you with a bunch of pretty logo options. We dig deep. Matchbox Design Group wants to know who you are, why you exist, who you serve, and why we should care about you. We want to know our client. Yes, the deep, touchy-feely questions that only true branding fanatics can love. But you’ll love us, too, especially when we transform your brand into a messaging, voice, and visual identity that increases your sales and appeal. We arguably offer the best St. Louis branding agency in the city. Brand design is so important because your brand speaks for you when you can’t.

We Set Out To Refine Your Brand And Redefine Your Relevance

Matchbox Design Group helps set your brand apart from the crowd with our expertise. As a marketing company, a marketer’s brand is important and we understand that about you. There are always similar projects, similar initiatives, but we want to help your brand develop and nurture an emotional relationship with your audience. Our team of creatives work hard together to collaboratively achieve this through an internal review. We conduct a competitive analysis and develop campaigns that optimize your message.

The Key To Good Branding Is Creativity – We Are The Number 1 St. Louis Branding Agency

We are all aware that the best type of marketing is conversational or word of mouth. In today’s digital age the best brand traction comes from social interaction and a centered story. You can use every social platform in existence. However, they are only going to be as useful as the content you create, which is why creativity is key. It’s Matchbox Design Group’s job to establish an emotional relationship. We develop lasting relationships between your brand and your user or target audience. We do this by being creative with our content strategy in your blog and across popular social media channels. Matchbox even uses social media platforms that are rarely used, they are important too.

Define Your Brand! Discover Your Message! Delight Your Customers

Imagine your brand as something that is alive and beautiful, trying to make its way through a market that is changing on a daily basis. Matchbox Design Group is here to maintain your brand’s place and to keep up with the pace of change by helping to keep your brand relevant. We want your brand to ultimately reflect your personality, like rambunctious children. Since we are a full-service marketing company that started out as a website design agency and have morphed into a strong brand agency, we take extra pride in our design. At Matchbox we will never miss the small details while displaying our passion for keeping things simple, yet showcasing the bold as this translates into a powerful user experience. These things alone will help differentiate your brand and help you stand out from the crowd. And it is crowded!

We Make Your Brand Fresh And Sometimes We Even Make It Clean! (Outkast Lyric for those who don’t know)

As stated before we start every project with a kickoff conversation that gets down to who you are and what your brand is all about. This is so we can start helping the health of your brand immediately. We also want to figure out what your goals are. This means short term goals, long term goals, and anything in-between. Matchbox spends a lot of time studying your business, studying your industry, and then come together as a team. We develop the best plan to set your brand apart from the crowded clutter that is your competitors. We develop strong words, discover your reason for being, why people should believe in your brand, and develop a strategy that builds on that foundation to create a superb brand that will give your brand energy.

As longterm website designers, Matchbox Design Group wants to make sure we have a strong understanding of your industry before we define our brand strategy. We do this so we can layout an offering that is unique to you. We want to know your competitors inside and out, the same way we have to know your brand inside and out. This will help us set your brand in a position to own the market and remain authentic.

Our Branding Service Does All Of That And More

We will develop a strategy that strengthens your brand, adds power in your industry, and with your audience by telling your brand’s story from your point of view through our design work, email, your website, and more. Matchbox does this by offering creative content across all platforms. We use social media, leveraging industry influencers, and marketing all other types of content which will deliver your message and showcase your brand to both prospective and current customers.

To conclude, if there is a way to conclude when it comes to branding we do as much as we can to make sure your company is aware of your own brand and then getting that message out to the world. You should know we are innovative, we are strategic, we are human and we want to build your brand with soul. We believe each brand has it’s own soul and is emotional, which means your brand needs to make an emotional connection to each consumer. Once we uncover your brand’s soul, your brand will be able to engage with your customer on an emotional level. This connection is done to help create a desire for your brand, bring out the joy in the consumer and ultimately build loyalty.


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