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A Modern Design With A Lasting Impact – Octane Fitness Branding

Octane Fitness is a fitness equipment manufacturer who specializes in cardio and endurance machines for both commercial facilities and individual consumers. They came to us in need of a brand update and challenged us with creating a fresher look and feel without completely reinventing the wheel.

After collaborating with their team and discussing brand goals, we were able to make some much needed updates to their visual assets, such as messaging and product page designs. The result was a modern and engaging website that will drive Octane forward in the fitness industry for years to come.

What We Did


Health and Fitness

Bold & Clean

Our first area of focus was the logo. Octane’s original logo featured a timeless design of bold text and eye-catching color, it just needed a few minor updates to push it to the next level.

Our team made a simple but very impactful change to remove “Fitness” from the logo. This helped clean up the visual presence by removing any unnecessary elements or clutter. Our decision to shorten the logo to just “Octane” will help push the brand forward by presenting itself in a more memorable way that is easily recognizable.

Octane Fitness Branding. Octane Logo.
Fuel Your Life - Octane Fitness Branding phrase.

Powerful Messaging

Our next area of focus was messaging. Octane’s original copy was a bit repetitive and lacked a consistent tone/voice. We saw an opportunity to add more powerful and moving statements that would catch the user’s attention and help redefine who they are as a brand. We accomplished this by using the expressive font “Phonk” and playing around with text colors and patterns.

Dynamic Product Pages For Our Octane Fitness Branding

We design and develop websites using WordPress blocks. We find that this gives us more freedom to build custom pages and make styling changes. In the case of Octane, they were in desperate need of a product page refresh. We used new branding elements and Woo-commerce features to take their product pages to the next level. This included dynamic product feature blocks that better showcase the capabilities of their machines.

Multidimensional Elements For Our Octane Fitness Branding

Octane’s first priority was the website, but they also expressed the need for a multidimensional brand that could be used for advertising and print pieces.

During the design process we took extra care to ensure that all elements could be re-sized and re-purposed for trade show pieces, brochures, and other non-digital mediums. Versatility is key to a lasting brand.

Octane Fitness Branding Materials.
Octane Fitness Branding Materials.

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