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Justice For The Injured

This case study is for a St. Louis Personal Injury Law SEO Case Study of Cantor Injury Law.

Cantor Injury Law, a St. Louis-based firm specializing in personal injury law, has a history of securing justice for clients in Missouri and Illinois since 1993. Known for a no-win, no-fee approach, their areas of expertise include vehicular accidents and workers’ compensation, among others. Led by founder Mark Cantor, the firm emphasizes aggressive legal strategies, integrity, and case success.

Understanding the competitive nature of personal injury law and the critical role of digital visibility in attracting potential clients, Mark Cantor sought out help from our SEO team. Our strategy was built around on-page and off-page SEO efforts geared towards drawing more visitors to the site by improving rankings for key legal terms.

Client Background

With a history of legal victories since 1993, the attorneys at Cantor Injury Law are known for their commitment to achieving justice for the injured and advocating for fair compensation without charging fees until a win is secured. Their practice areas include car and truck accidents, workers’ compensation, and other injuries due to negligence. The firm prides itself on its aggressive, modern approach, and its team’s deep-rooted values of honor and integrity.

Founder, Mark Cantor, and his team have been recognized for securing some of the highest settlements and verdicts in Missouri, emphasizing a client-focused strategy that prioritizes the injured party’s health and recovery while taking away the stress of legal proceedings. Their approach includes free case evaluations, during which potential clients can discuss their cases and understand the best pathways forward.

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  • High levels of industry competition
  • Lack of supporting content for practice areas
  • Technical issues such as site speed and mobile-friendliness
  • Bad user experience on key landing pages
  • Reputation management

Goals & Objectives

  • Improve organic visibility
  • Secure a competitive advantage
  • Increase case count
  • Improve domain authority with high quality content
  • Enhance user experience on key landing pages

Strategy & Implementation

Our strategy to boost Cantor Injury Law’s online presence involved research, technical fixes, copywriting, data analysis and reporting. We started by conducting detailed keyword research and a competitor analysis to guide our content and SEO efforts. This step helped us identify how to differentiate the firm in a saturated market and target potential clients effectively.

Next, we optimized the website’s key landing pages and resolved technical SEO issues. During this phase we focused on improving site speed, mobile compatibility, and website security. These changes aimed to improve the site’s rankings by proving to Google that they were a credible and relevant firm.

We then created content clusters for each of the firm’s practice areas, establishing a network of related articles that bolstered the site’s authority on these topics. This strategy aimed to improve domain authority and establish the firm as a knowledgeable leader in its field.

We continually analyze website performance metrics to refine our approach, ensuring the firm’s site is adapted to the ever-changing SEO landscape. Regular updates and discussions with the client ensures transparency and allows for strategy adjustments as needed.

Personal Injury law SEO Case Study
Personal Injury law SEO Case Study

Organic Results

  • Started 2023 with 28.4% of focus keywords on page 1 of Google, ended 2023 with 88.5% or focus keywords on page 1 of Google
  • 1/22/22-2/21/23 2.99k clicks & 1.57m impressions VS 11/22/23-2/21/24 3.4k clicks & 2.21m impressions
  • Focus on car accident queries – 11/22/22-2/21/23 161k impressions vs 11/22/23-2/21/24 754k impressions
  • Car Accident pillar page – 11/22/22-2/21/23 290,876 impressions vs 11/22/23-2/21/24 1,530,879 impressions
  • Increased Organic Users 718.99% YoY – 2022 vs 2023
  • Increased form completion conversions 616% YoY – 25 in 2022 vs 179 in 2023

We hope that our St. Louis Personal Injury Law SEO Case Study about Cantor Injury Law will help you make a decision when choosing an SEO Company in St. Louis.

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