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Whether you have been working as an SEO expert for your customer’s website or working on your project, it is necessary to keep an eye on statistics. You must check domain authority.

Without knowing the stats, you will not be able to set up an SEO plan for that website. 

Also, it will not assist you in getting improvements if you have not analyzed a website before starting work. 

There are multiple metrics that you have to keep in mind to know about the current performance of a website. 

We are here to discuss one of the most important metrics from that list. You should take care of this score as it will help you in the estimation process as well as let you know about the performance of your website. 

Let’s get started and explore the following sectors to get to know about them. 

What Is Domain Authority?

DA or Domain Authority is a specific metric calculated by a SAAS company named MOZ. This score indicates how much potential a domain has to rank on the search engine. 

In simple words, a higher DA score means high potential and a low DA score means low potential. 

The scale of authority score ranges from 0 to 100 and every website will be given a number as per its performance. 

But it does not mean that you have to work for a 100 DA score always. You have to analyze your competitors and try to get a higher Authority score than them to rank above them. 

Will DA Score Impact A Website’s Ranking?

As we have mentioned earlier that DA is calculated by MOZ, not by Google. It means that you can’t say it is an authentic metric by the search engine. 

Then the question is why do we need to consider it? It is common to think in this way and look for the answer before getting started. 

No doubt, DA is not calculated by Google and has no authentic reports by the search engine. But it has been seen that this score clearly describes the performance of a website. 

According to research, we have found that websites with high DA stand in the top positions while websites with low DA rank lower. 

It tells that the authority score is calculated based on those factors that take part in the ranking of a site. 

So, you can say that the DA score will indicate the performance of your website in an authentic way. 

But it would be completely wrong to say that this score improves your website’s performance.  

How To Check Domain Authority?

It does not matter whether you are looking for a DA score or any other metrics, the first attempt that you have done might be to do it manually. 

Keep in mind the authority score is calculated by analyzing various factors like backlinks, the nature of the content, and other sections. 

Also, the exact algorithm of this tool is still unknown. So, you can’t even imagine calculating this metric manually but you have to use some tools. 

There are hundreds of tools available on the internet that can help you in analyzing the performance of your website. 

So, you can use them and check for DA scores along with other metrics to audit your site’s performance. 

3 Best Tools To Check DA

We have researched a lot and checked multiple tools to find the best tools to check DA. In our research, we have found a list of 3 tools that have no matches on the internet at this time. 

You should use these tools to check the DA score of your website or any other website for designing a better SEO plan. 


It is a SAAS company that is providing a wide range of SEO tools to work from basic to advance levels. MOZ helps you to analyze backlinks, check DA & PA, spam score, and many other metrics. 

When it comes to checking DA score, no tool can beat the rank of MOZ because it is calculated by the platform itself. You can check the tool and understand its interface to find the DA score of a website. 

Using MOZ to check your domain authority.

It will display many other related metrics to get a better idea about the performance of that website. The platform is also offering a chrome extension with the help of which you can directly check those metrics from your screen. 

You only have to enable this bar in your browser and open that website. It will display DA, PA, and spam scores in the menu of your screen. In turn, you can easily check these metrics for any website when it has been browsed on your windows.

How to write a blog post search results.

It is completely free to check these basic metrics by MOZ. But if you want to use its link explorer or backlink checker, you need to buy its subscription. In simple words, you should have to become its premium member for extensive use of its tools. 

DA PA Checker 

No doubt, MOZ is the best tool to utilize as mentioned above. But this DA PA checker is also an authentic and perfect tool to use for website analysis. 

This tool has been designed with a simple and user-friendly interface. You don’t need to worry about how to use this tool because everything will be visible and easy to understand. 

You can use this tool for bulk analysis too which is unavailable in the above tool. It means you only have to insert multiple domain URLs in its box and it will show all metrics simultaneously for those webpages. 

This DA checker also enables you to download the excel report regarding those metrics if you want them to use later. The main feature of this tool is the advanced features that make it capable of standing with the official MOZ platform. 

In the official tool, you will not get any filters like Exclude Same URL. So, the MOZ will display the DA score of the same websites multiple times if you have inserted their links accidentally. 

DA PA Checker

But this tool allows you to check into this box and exclude all same URLs. In turn, you will be able to conduct an audit of your website and many others in the meantime with perfection. 

How to download an Excel report using the DA PA Checker.

Last but not least, this DA PA checker is completely free for everyone without any premium restriction. You can check the authority score of up to 20 web pages at the same time by inserting one URL per line in its link insertion box. 


Sometimes, you might be looking to check some other metrics along with DA and PA scores. This is where Softo will help you in getting your task done without any hesitation. 

It is a comprehensive platform with more than 100 tools available for different purposes. But its DA checker is one of the best tools among other top-ranked checkers for the same task. 

The tool has been designed with a simple interface that can be understood by anyone. You only have to insert the URL, check for filters, and tap on the Check Authority button. 

Check authority with SOFTO

It will instantly start working and fetching data from the MOZ database. In turn, the tool will display the DA score in real-time stats calculation. 

It means you will not get older stats but it will show what is the actual score of a website in MOZ at the time of checking. 

Along with DA score, it displays MOZ rank and Google indexed pages. This feature enables you to check different stats with the same click and on a single screen. 

Softo Helps Check Domain Authority

Like the above tool, you can perform a bulk DA check with this tool in a single turn. You only have to insert URLs (up to 20) with one link in a line and click on the button to perform bulk analysis. 

It will display the results in a line-by-line context on your screen. You can check those stats or download an Excel report to use at a later time. 

Final Wrapping

The above blog has been written after comprehensive research. We have checked the above-mentioned tools manually and found them the best based on our analysis. 

You may not be able to find even a single tool better than these tools on the internet for this task.

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