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Justice For The Injured

This case study is for a St. Louis Personal Injury Law PPC Case Study of Cantor Injury Law.

Cantor Injury Law, a St. Louis-based firm specializing in personal injury law, has a history of securing justice for clients in Missouri and Illinois since 1993. Known for a no-win, no-fee approach, their areas of expertise include vehicular accidents and workers’ compensation, among others. Led by founder Mark Cantor, the firm emphasizes aggressive legal strategies, integrity, and case success.

Due to the highly competitive nature of personal injury law and the importance of digital visibility, Mark Cantor expressed his interest in enhancing their online presence through targeted PPC campaigns. Our strategy focused on creating and optimizing Google ads to increase visibility, drive traffic, and generate leads by strategically targeting relevant audiences in specific geographical locations.

Personal Injury law SEO Case Study

Client Background

With a history of legal victories since 1993, the attorneys at Cantor Injury Law are known for their commitment to achieving justice for the injured and advocating for fair compensation without charging fees until a win is secured. Their practice areas include car and truck accidents, workers’ compensation, and other injuries due to negligence. The firm prides itself on its aggressive, modern approach, and its team’s deep-rooted values of honor and integrity.

Founder, Mark Cantor, and his team have been recognized for securing some of the highest settlements and verdicts in Missouri, emphasizing a client-focused strategy that prioritizes the injured party’s health and recovery while taking away the stress of legal proceedings. Their approach includes free case evaluations, during which potential clients can discuss their cases and understand the best pathways forward.

Personal Injury law PPC Case Study


  • High competition and cost per click
  • Appropriate keyword selection and management
  • Figuring out the best geographical targeting
  • Choosing optimized/optimizing landing pages
  • Regulatory compliance (getting ads approved with policies)

Goals & Objectives

  • Increase visibility
  • Decrease cost per click
  • Increase CTR
  • Increase users on the site
  • Increase sessions/conversions/phone calls/etc.

Strategy & Implementation

For Cantor Injury Law, our PPC strategy was crafted to meet the demands of the highly competitive personal injury law sector. We began with comprehensive keyword research, identifying the terms that potential clients are using to seek legal services. This step was complemented by a thorough competitor analysis, allowing us to understand the market landscape and set benchmarks that aimed to exceed industry standards.

To ensure the campaign’s relevance, we localized our efforts, tailoring our ads to target audiences in specific geographical areas. Attention was also dedicated to the ad copy and creative elements, which were optimized to grab user interest while adhering strictly to advertising standards.

Another critical part of our strategy involved the careful selection and refinement of landing pages. We focused on optimizing these pages to boost the likelihood of converting visitors into clients, making sure that they provided the necessary information and calls to action that would engage and convince potential clients of Cantor’s expertise.

Budget management was also a key component. We carefully adjusted bids throughout the campaign to maximize return on investment, adapting to changing market conditions and search volumes. We also used negative keywords to improve targeting and remove irrelevant traffic, enhancing campaign efficiency.

Last but not least, we needed to implement compliance by ensuring that all campaign elements adhered to strict legal standards. This approach not only met Cantor Injury Law’s objectives but also significantly improved their digital presence, increasing client engagement and case acquisitions.

Personal Injury law PPC Case Study
Personal Injury law PPC Case Study

Paid Search Highlights 2023 vs 2022:

  • 1,030% increase in impressions (from 6,615,271 to 74,767,555)
  • Decreased average CPC by 77% (from $1.30 to $0.29)
  • 694% increase in clicks (from 50,407 to 400,621)
  • 146% increase in Users to the website from Paid Ads (from 34,989 to 227,309)
  • 145% increase in Sessions to the website from Paid Ads (from 50,939 to 323,467)

We hope that our Personal Injury Law SEO Case Study about Cantor Injury Law will help you make a decision when choosing an SEO Company in St. Louis.

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