Four Big Changes In Content Marketing Over The Years

The focus has shifted for content marketing.

Any experienced business owner knows that content is king. Almost 90% of the business-to-business industry uses content marketing and even more when it comes to business to consumer marketing. Content marketing not only helps your business build a strong online presence but also encourages engagement, trust, and most importantly, sales. Today we are going to… Read More

If You Value Content In Your Marketing Strategy, Here’s What You Need To Know

What to do if you value content.

Way back in 1996, Bill Gates famously proclaimed “Content is King.” What he meant is that, due to such factors as the rise of the Internet, it would become increasingly important in the upcoming years for companies to market their brands by providing customers with educational and/or entertaining content, in other words, create and value… Read More

5 Resources To Help Manage Marketing Content

How marketers manage marketing content

Traditional forms of marketing are less effective in business today. Many companies now focus on their content to generate sales. When you provide your target audience with relevant, informational, and insightful content, your company’s conversion will rise, and your reputation and brand awareness is developed. You will likely receive more customers for your products and… Read More

How To Find Time To Work On Your Blog When You Have Kids And A Full Time Job

How To Find Time To Work On Your Blog When You Have Kids And A Full Time Job. Blogging At Home.

Blogging can be a wonderful thing. It can be a creative outlet or a place to share a hobby or passion with the world. For some people, it’s also a substantial source of income. I could go on and on about the benefits. But, how do you find time to work on your blog? What’s… Read More

How Technology Will Change The Way Brands Create Content

All of this technology shows how Technology Will Change The Way Brands Create Content.

Changes in technology are constantly shaking up the business world, and content marketing is one of the areas where those changes must be monitored and implemented to keep up with the competition. This year is set to be revolutionary in many ways. Technology will change the way brands create content. While marketers are already using… Read More

Actionable Tips For Converting Leads Into Customers

Here are some actionable tips for converting leads into customers from Matchbox Design Group

Converting leads into customers is a strategy that aims to make a site visitor take the desired action on your website. Every business today tries to employ this, but everyone has its own level of effectiveness here. Having big traffic doesn’t always end up with great lead conversion. Digital technologies and human behavior are changing… Read More

5 Reasons Why Journalists Make Excellent Content Writers

Here are 5 reasons why journalists make excellent content writers, content marketers and content strategists.

Content is everywhere. You soak up endless amounts of it from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Today, people have come to realize that the success of their business relies on the success of their website and the success of their website relies on the value of its content…. Read More

How Your Outdated Articles Can Drastically Increase Your Traffic

Learn how your outdated articles can drastically increase your traffic

Are you hoping to move up the Google rankings and gain more search engine traffic this quarter? One of the simplest strategies to boost your SERP position and see you rise up the rankings is to update your outdated articles and web pages. Keep reading to learn how your outdated articles can drastically increase your… Read More

5 Tips To Make Writing Your Blog Easier

Do you ever get questions about how to blog better? Well here are 5 tips to make writing your blog easier

Being a digital strategist at a local marketing company in St. Louis I am asked several times a day…. Can I get some help with a blog I’m writing? The top 5 questions I seem to get are right here and I hope my answers to my coworkers’ questions can help you all make writing… Read More

The Art Of Good Content And The Science Behind Why It’s Good.

The Art Of Good Content by Matchbox Design Group in St. Louis, MO

A Successful brand will have the ability to develop an idea and then turn that idea into engaging content. After this content is created a successful brand will also be able to measure the performance of that content. This takes us back to our roots as students. When we were Elementary School students and what… Read More