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The Blick & Staff website got a facelift earlier this year, but you know what they say, these things can be addicting. Just like Pamela Anderson, they loved their results but wanted more. We completed the re-design of their new site back in January but it was time to reconfigure and add some extra features. We designed a photo slider to show off Blick’s team of highly skilled Public Relations professionals and highlight their biographies. We also expanded their Expertise section, including a sliding element to describe each segment and to allow viewers to download case studies.

The Blick And Staff Website Design

Blick and Staff Website

I asked Andy to describe the operation from the developers perspective and he was happy to translate: “The team slider presented some interesting challenges. Our goal was to create a highly interactive slider that would display the Blick & Staff team in a way that was both attractive, and informative. By gradually showing more information when the user hovers and then clicks, the slider is packed with information while maintaining a relatively small footprint. It’s also pretty easy on the eyes!”

Website Gets A Facelift

Website Design Case Study

Much like plastic surgery, all the down and dirty work are hidden to the average viewer. The main hurdle on this project was to take the old site, originally made in HTML, and transfer it to WordPress. With the site on the table, the developers skillfully dropped code in all the right places, careful to avoid all major arteries, and successfully performed this operation in the allotted timeframe. It was a success, the site is now live! Oh my gosh, there are so many correlations between web development and cosmetic surgery…

The end result represents the quality and personality of the Blick & Staff team. Mission accomplished! Head over to and see it for yourself today!

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