Meet Vanessa Sickles

Meet our newest Web Development Intern Vanessa Sickles

Meet Vanessa, Web Development Intern This will help us learn more about Vanessa, our Web Development Intern for the summer. Describe yourself in three words. Honest answer? I’ll go with ‘friendly, laid-back, forgetful.’ Where did you grow up? I grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where your entertainment options are ‘movie at a built-in-the-70s theater,’ ‘shopping… Read More

Meet Nick Waldinger

Matchbox Design Group hired Nick as a Design Intern. See if you can be an intern too.

Meet Nick, Design Intern Nick is going to tell us about himself and his time as a design intern at Matchbox Design Group. Describe yourself in three words. “Handsome, Genius, Humble.” Where did you grow up? “A tiny farm town in Illinois called Bradford. Population: 700” What are you doing during your internship at Matchbox… Read More

Matchbox Design Group Employee: Meet Jim Courtois

Meet Matchbox Design Group's new Front-End Developer, Jim Courtois

As our new front-end developer, Jim helps us bridge the gap between design and development. With a depth of knowledge in CSS and HTML and a background in design, he develops visually engaging digital presences for our clients. Jim also has a mind for user experience and strives to make digital experiences easy to use… Read More

Meet Stephenie Wang

Steph Wang was a great design intern for the summer of 2017 at Matchbox Design Group in St. Louis

Meet Stephenie, Design Intern Describe yourself in three words. “I had to ask some friends to help me with this one: Friendly, hard working, and of course, weird.” Where did you grow up? “I am born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where the food is everything and a (pet) alligator in the backyard is… Read More

Networking Is Not Painful

We hate networking, but why? Networking is not that painful

Just the word networking brings a cringeworthy expression to the face of so many. Why is that? Have we been so concentrated on forcing ourselves into what we think are the right set of professional behaviors that we forgot how to talk to each other? Networking is, by definition, creating connections. You never know who… Read More

3 Simple Tips To A Professional Headshot

Learn More About Professional Headshots from our resident photographer Colby

Congratulations! You got a new job, a promotion, a new haircut, need a new pic for LinkedIn or maybe a new shirt that just so happens to perfectly reflect your personality and project the exact level of professionalism you want. The point is: you need a new professional headshot. Your first thought is: “My new… Read More