A Responsive Site for a Superior Company

It’s no secret that this mobile web thing is taking off. If the analysts are right (Nucleus Research. TODO: find more sources), by the end of this year, mobile website visits will account for 50% of all web traffic. Different devices have different capabilities. Different connection speeds, processing power, and of course, different dimensions.

Superior Team Website Design

Superior Team Website Design was a challenging redesign for Matchbox Design Group, However we took care of it and delivered a great product to our clients.

Following the first meeting with the Superior team, a package arrived at our office via courier. It was an overstuffed envelope filled with everything from testimonials, newspaper articles, photographs, CD’s, awards, certificates, and magazine articles. We asked for resources and they delivered! Our challenge was to translate all of those elements into web-ready content; we… Read More

MDG Tee-ming Up with Kids in the Middle for a Great Cause

The Matchbox Design Group Team is excited to partner with local non-profit. Kids in the Middle, was happy to invite us for their annual golf tournament. The event takes place June 13 and is being held at the Country Club of St. Albans. Learn More About Kids In The Middle If you aren’t familiar with Kids… Read More

Do You Have a Mobile Web Presence?

mobile web presence

On April 3, 1973,  the first cell phone call was made from a phone that weighed two and half pounds. The price tag? It cost the Average Joe nearly $4,000 when it was mass produced a decade later. Luckily, it’s 2013 now and technology has made the cell phone not only much more accessible to… Read More

Combat the Creative Clutter

Combat The Creative Clutter

Let’s face it: work is hard. Trying to work when you’re completely unmotivated? Nearly impossible. But all is not lost! You just have to find a way to re-motivate or inspire yourself. Here at Matchbox Design Group, we all have different ways to stay motivated. I asked my team members what keeps their gears turning and… Read More

You Are Special, We Are Specialists – SLU Hospital Campaign

Today we are launching a new website in tandem with a series of campaign commercials! We worked alongside the SLU Hospital Marketing Team and another local agency, Werremeyer, to create and deliver the complete SLU hospital campaign. Laura Keller at SLU Hospital and Werremeyer came up with the idea and slogan, found the specialists and… Read More

Matchbox Makes an Appearance at the KITM Grand Opening

So many good things are happening for the Kids In The Middle team in 2013 and we couldn’t think of a more deserving bunch. This Not-For-Profit supports families during divorce or separation. We were so proud to announce the launch of their website last month and we were so excited to see it projected as… Read More

Our App Survival Guide

App Survival Guide

I’ve been thinking about apps a lot lately and trying to find new things that I’ve never used or even heard of before. Our team uses either iPhones or Android phones so, at our Matchbox Monday Morning Meeting I asked everyone to compile a list of their top three apps. Much to everyone’s surprise, we… Read More

Matchbox Takes a Trip to Bosnia

Today the Matchbox team stepped outside of the office for a bit of European culture. Matchbox Takes a Trip to Bosnia, because we had a lunch date at an authentic Bosnian restaurant, Bosna Gold, and it was delicious! Maida provided interpretations and menu suggestions (as she is a Bosnian native and meat connoisseur) and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meats,… Read More

Pharmacogenomics WUSTL

Pharmacogenomics WUSTL

Washington University of St. Louis’ website for their Center for Pharmacogenomics has a new clean look, sporting bright bursts of color and provides info on the center’s many types of genomic research from breast cancer to dermatology. Pharmacogenomics WUSTL Website While our awesome development team took the simple and beautiful designs created by former Matchboxer,… Read More