6 Ways To Use Video Editing Tools To Grow Your Brand Online

6 Ways To Use Video Editing Tools To Grow Your Brand Online

If you are browsing through the internet, it is impossible to miss the barrage of videos that are flooding all social media platforms and websites. Videos are officially taking over storytelling. You can use video editing tools to grow your brand. Videos cater to the current online habits of users across platforms. Users today consume… Read More

8 YouTube Animation Channels To Watch While Stuck In Quarantine

Video Sharing Content Creator.

It’s quite challenging not to feel bored or anxious while staying at home in a time like this. To lighten up your mood and lift your spirit during the pandemic, we have a list of worth watching YouTube animation channels that will give you the giggles you need. The news about the coronavirus pandemic has… Read More

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Great Explainer Videos

Watching a great explainer video.

We already know how effective it can be to have an explainer video for business. In the recently published expert roundup, they say having an explainer video for online selling, whether a product or service, increases the chances of getting more potential customers. This highly-engaging video marketing tool can boost conversion rates in a way… Read More

6 Of The Best Explainer Video Software To help You Grow Your Business

6 Awesome Explainer Video Software

Indeed, an explainer video is one of the easiest and most effective ways to express the ideas and share the information with people without breaking the bank. Around 80% of the organizations that are creating explainer videos, do it to increase their website traffic and create a better user experience. Today we are going to… Read More

How Video Presentation Boxes Help In Brand Awareness

How Video Presentation Boxes Help In Brand Awareness

Like people, new products are often judged based on appearance. Before humans dig deeper into looking for imperfections, we first are taken away by the outer details. When branding your business, this is extremely important to consider. The first impression you leave is what they will take with them into the future. Creating a seamless… Read More

Why Video Marketing Will Always Work For You In 2020

Why Will Video Marketing Always Work In 2020

Video marketing has accumulated a lot of buzz in the past several years. By this point, it has proven to be extremely successful in achieving various marketing goals, but many people are still skeptical about it. Here is why video marketing will always work for you in 2020. What Is Video Marketing? Video marketing is… Read More

Clever Ways To Use Video In eCommerce Marketing

Use video in eCommerce marketing for things like tutorials

eCommerce marketing might seem simple to someone who’s never done it before, but this is basically a giant puzzle you have to solve. One big piece of the puzzle that helps you stay ahead of the competition is using video in your E-commerce marketing campaign. Using video means that you’ll have a much easier time… Read More

4 Major Video Marketing Challenges You Are About To Face In 2020 And The Shortcuts To Solve Them

4 Major Video Marketing Challenges You Are About To Face In 2020 And The Shortcuts To Solve Them

The power of video for marketing is undeniably hard to ignore. The numbers from the latest video marketing statistics that keep staggering are quite enough to prove that a video is a must-have tool in every business strategy. We are going to talk about some video marketing challenges today. If you haven’t yet noticed a… Read More

10 Online Video Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss

Take a look at the Infographic about the online video trends of 2019

As predicted by many, online video content has risen to become the most powerful medium to grow an online audience, and boost engagement! If we just take a look back a few years ago, simply put, the sheer amount of video content that we now consume on a daily basis was unimaginable! In fact, video… Read More

How to Speed up your WordPress Website

Let Matchbox Design Group tell you how to speed up your WordPress website

It’s impossible to overstate how important website speed is to every website owner. The reasons are plentiful. Most importantly, your page loading speed greatly affects the overall user experience. The user bounce rate, as well as conversions, are very much reliant on this factor. In case your site speed is not up to par with… Read More