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We all know how important video marketing has become today as video is demanded on every social media platform or website. Every marketer is responsible for delivering relevant content at the right time and place. Even the most amazing video would underperform if shown through the wrong channels. This is why marketers must carefully pick their advertising and content marketing mediums. Your video marketing strategy is more important than ever.

Many times marketers tend to ignore important factors such as the device used by their audience – smartphones or tablets. This may affect the viewer’s experience of watching a video and may even force them to shut it right away if the video quality and format don’t fit their device’s screen perfectly. 

Now, you might not consider this a big issue and keep assuming that most people watch video content on their PC or laptops. However, in reality, the number of mobile phone users has increased dramatically in recent years and is continuing to grow. So, it has become imperative to optimize the video content and prioritize the mobile users. 

Young people discussing their video marketing strategy.

This is why I have listed the 7 main mobile video stats that prove how mobile devices have changed the entire video marketing space. 

But, before that let’s look at some recent figures & numbers proving how mobile-optimized videos can become a trump card for your marketing strategies. 

  • By 2022, the smartphone video audience will reach up to 205 million in the US.
  • Around 4.18 billion people use mobile internet – which is roughly equivalent to half of the global population. 
  • 57% of mobile videos are vertical video clips. 
  • People watch around 90% of vertical video advertisements. 
  • Video is the most preferred form of video content that people want to see from various brands on social media platforms. 
  • Around 87% of marketers use video as part of their marketing strategy. 
  • 81% of marketers bet on mobile users while optimizing their social media video ad campaigns. 

Top 7 Mobile Video Statistics To Reconsider Your Video Marketing Strategy 

1. Videos are Quite Popular Among Young Smartphone Users 

There’s no denying that the millennials and all the youth use their smartphones for almost everything. The figure is quite surprising and huge! Precisely, 98% of the younger population aged between 18-34 years prefer watching videos on their mobile phones. 

You may think that watching videos on a small screen of a mobile phone isn’t so feasible or delivers a great viewing experience. Honestly, it’s not. But, the advent and popularity of social media and the video content on it can’t be ignored. Plus, the number of users who watch/read content on the go. 

So, if your target audience comprises the millennial & zen generation, creating good-quality mobile videos gets important. Moreover, optimizing such videos for mobile users is imperative too. 

2. Desktop Videos Are Losing Their Charm

To clear any of your doubts in mind regarding the optimization of mobile videos, let me tell you that users are 1.5 times more likely to consume video content on their smartphones rather than PC or laptop. 

Marketers commit the mistake of stressing their video marketing efforts for desktop users, while their audience is somewhere else. This not only diminishes the user experience, but they could also lose a huge chunk of the audience who do not use computers anymore. 

So, it’s time to start producing videos that are enjoyed by your mobile audience as well. 

3. People Give More Attention To Mobile Phone Videos

Since the human attention span has fallen shorter, it’s become tougher to retain the audience’s attention for a long duration of time. 

As per Google, any video can make the most of the attention span of its viewer through its first few seconds itself. Viewers are less likely to get distracted while watching video content on smartphones than on TV or desktop computers. 

It’s not a surprise that this can happen as many of us tend to finish our other tasks while watching television. However, while consuming content on mobile phones, people usually pay full attention. 

This also proves how mobile videos can boost your content marketing efforts by reaching more people, and for longer. 

4. People Enjoy Instagram Videos Than On Any Other Social Platform 

Have you ever opened your Instagram account on your laptop or desktop? You must have realized how uncomfortable & inconvenient it is to navigate that way. Not to mention, the features it lacks. Though, I would like to highlight that Instagram is specially designed and optimized for mobile users. 

Having said that, the below statistics will inform those marketers who’re trying to give their viewers a good mobile video watching experience. 

Facebook findings say that an Instagram video is 1.8 times more enjoyable than the same video on any other social platform. This also indicates that it will also create more user engagement than other social networking sites. 

5. Vertical Videos Or Ads Beat Other Formats

We are all aware of the fact that vertical videos are the first step to great mobile video optimization. 

This format may not look good on a computer screen, but they definitely fit the screen of a smartphone/tablet. And since we already discussed the popularity of mobile videos, the following statistics shouldn’t leave you in surprise. 

Vertical video ads drastically outperform other video formats in more ways than one. First of all, these videos have a higher – 80-85% completion rate than horizontal videos. They also outperform square videos on Facebook, leading to lower CPC and CPV. 

Also, people are a bit lazy to watch video ads on their phones, and only 10-15% of them swipe their screens to watch an advertisement. This proves that aspect ratio matters more than size. 

6. Most People Access Facebook On Mobile Devices

Mobile videos also work well on other popular social platforms like Facebook. It currently has over 2.6 billion active users worldwide. And what’s more? Over 98% of these Facebook users access it on their smartphones or tablets. 

And there’s more to it! Almost 80% of people access Facebook only on their mobile devices. 

Therefore, if you’re targeting Facebook users, keep in mind that most of them use smartphones or tablets to access it. This further implies that marketers must leave no stone unturned to show high-quality mobile video content on the platform. 

7. Mobile Ads Will OutPerform TV Ads

Here is a statistic to prove the end of television advertising. By 2022, marketers will be seen spending double what they spent in 2019 on mobile video ads

After knowing the huge potential of mobile advertising through videos, you may wonder where will the marketers get money from? The most obvious thing to do is reduce costs of traditional advertising such as TV ads, and spend that budget on producing mobile video ads. 

Mobile ads on video platform.

Doing this is absolutely logical & beneficial, as people mostly consume content on their mobile phones rather than on television. 

However, this is not the only reason why marketers tap into mobile video ads instead of television advertisements. Creating and transmitting a TV ad is generally costlier than producing mobile ads. Moreover, digital ads are more segmented than TV ads, and therefore they result in a more targeted campaign. So, mobile video ads are clearly at the winning end here. 

To Sum Up 

Mobile devices are gradually taking control of the entire video marketing space. And, there’s no stopping it. 

Right from engaging an increased number of relevant viewers to retaining their attention for a long period of time, producing a video tailored for mobile users offers numerous benefits to marketers. 

Therefore, mobile video content is a lot more beneficial than videos created for TV or desktop. Investing in a good-quality mobile video will be more cost-effective than opting for traditional forms of advertising while resulting in better lead generation. You can even make a video on your phone, as a lot of smartphones are technologically advanced and are a handy option as well.