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Video is important for marketers and so to pull out an effective video marketing strategy, certain things need to be kept in mind. Today we are going to discuss 6 rules of cost-effective video marketing.

What makes a great video? Is it the hook or the story that keeps the audience engaged throughout? Well, this is the challenge that marketers have to face while planning video marketing strategies.

So, to ease your load, we bring to you a list that you could perform to make your videos highly engaging. Keep reading to find out.

Tips On Creating Great Videos

Digital Video Camera. 6 rules of cost-effective video marketing.

Check these 6 effective tips to create engaging and awesome videos.

Focus On The Story

When you are planning a video marketing campaign, you must keep your focus on creating stories that the audience can connect to and remember for a long. Instead of pitching plain sales videos, try to deliver videos that add some kind of value to the audience.

The better you are at telling the stories, the more likely your views are going to increase. And with the online video platforms, you now have the upper hand in sharing your stories with a huge audience at the same time. All you need is a relevant plot and a smooth flow to keep the viewers hooked. However, make sure that your videos are to-the-point and tell a concise story.

Utilize The First Few Seconds

The general audience takes just 8.5 seconds to form their opinion about anything. So, the first few seconds of your video act as the deciding factor whether the audience would continue watching or leave it. Therefore, it’s important to pay special attention to the beginning of the video.

To begin, you need to have clarity at first- what the video is about and is it something that could gain people’s confidence. Creating great videos that could easily grab people’s attention need just two things- a creative hook and a catchy thumbnail.

The thumbnail must be something that immediately compels people to click on the video and secondly, the hook is what would build the interest and audience base. It’s better to hint at your audience about what they could expect in the video.

Collaborate With Brands And Influencers

It’s a fact, 90% of people trust products that are backed by recommendations. So, when a trusted influencer talks about your products or videos, it instantly enhances the value of your content. Collaborating with brands and influencers add credibility to your videos and lets you win the trust of your viewers.

However, Before Collaborating You Must Get A Few Things Cleared:

  • Is the influencer having huge followers that could benefit you?
  • Is the influencer relevant to your field?

Optimize Your Video For With And Without Sounds

Facebook recently changed one of its features where videos can now autoplay with sound on, unless your phone is on silent mode. However, it’s still not clear how this setting would affect the viewing habits of the people. Before this setting became effective, people used to view as much as 85% of videos on Facebook with sound off.

Keeping this in mind, you need to understand the importance of creating videos optimized for both sound on and off. Make sure, your video is engaging and interesting enough even without the sound.

For this, marketers must focus on creating videos that are easily understandable by just the visuals without having the need to listen to the audio. The deal is to pick a topic that could convey the message without sound too. This will also boost the effectiveness of your video.

Optimize Your Video For With And Without Sounds.

Few Ways You Can Make The Most Out Of Silent Playback:

  • Appealing visuals
  • Heavy descriptions
  • Right subtitles

Add CTAs

When creating videos, it’s imperative to optimize the content for a call to action or CTAs. A CTA does not necessarily have to be sales-related. Instead, you can do something similar like these:

  • Subscribe to our channel.
  • Like and follow our page.
  • Follow us on other social media platforms.
  • Share with your friends.
  • Like and comment on the video.
  • Check out our other content.

Where Should A CTA Be Placed?

There are basically three positions where you can add the call to action.

  1. Pre-roll call to action: This appears at the very beginning of the video, making sure the audience has something to click on.
  2. Mid-roll call to action: Can appear anywhere between the beginning of the end of the video. They focus on targeting viewers when they are engaged the most.
  3. Post-roll call to action: Appears at the very end of the video to ensure that the user is highly interested before being presented with the CTA.

The most effective one however is the post-roll call to action.

2 Ways To Add CTA To Your Video:

  • Add a card to the end of your video.
  • Add mid-role cue.

Optimize For Search

Do you know, that more than 3.5 billion searches are performed on Google per day? While YouTube boasts 3 billion searches per month and Facebook witnesses 2 billion searches per day.

So, if you are not optimizing your video for search, you probably are missing out on a lot. Check these tips to optimize your video for search:

Use Keywords In The Title

You might be familiar with SEO for blogs and articles. But you must know that SEO plays a major role for video titles too. You need to search for high-ranking keywords to be added to your videos.

As the title or H1 of the blog post is important, so important is the title of the video. Try to add the main keyword in the title and keep it to be under 66 characters for the text to not get truncated.

Add A Description To The Video

Both Facebook and YouTube give you the option to add descriptions to the videos that you upload. Just like the title, try to add primary keywords in the description too. But do not overfit the keywords, make sure your description is saying a story about what is in the video.

Bonus Tip:

Create A Strong Profile

Before you start creating and posting videos, make sure you have a strong profile that helps build your brand. This doesn’t have to be fancy. A great place to start is to add your logo (you can use a free YouTube logo maker for this) and a cover image. Follow this with a simple ‘About’ section to introduce yourself.

The objective here is to share useful content and give your audience a way to connect with you.

To Conclude

Creating successful videos is a great way to attract more audiences but make sure you stick to the story of your brand and do not go over the top. The idea is to let people know and recognize you with your video content.

Hopefully, this article about these 6 rules of cost-effective video marketing helps you find what you were looking for. If you have any queries or doubts, shoot them in the comments section below.

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