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We live in the video ad era. Why is that? Well, for one thing, more context exists right now than at any other time in history, and more hits the market every day. If you would like to start doing video ads here in St. Louis, contact Matchbox Design Group today.

Think about all the content that’s out there. You can watch scripted, episodic shows. You can watch “reality” shows that have scripts but follow a more ad-libbed format. You can also watch podcasts that basically amount to someone sitting in front of a microphone and talking about topical issues.

Millions of hours of content exist, and many of them use sponsorship to make money. Some shows and movies might also utilize product placement to reap financial benefits. Podcasts, meanwhile, may tell you that particular show’s sponsor before they start a segment.

Almost anywhere that you have visual content, though, you have a chance to attract new customers to your company through a video ad. If your ad captures the imagination, that could be enough to entice some new potential customers and drive up your sales.

We’ll talk about why your company needs to grab users’ attention with video ads right now.    

Video Ads Help Establish Your Company’s Brand Identity

Video Ads Help Establish Your Company’s Brand Identity. Branding words on scrabble letters.

If you ask someone in marketing about brand identity, their eyes usually light up. They love to talk about a company’s brand identity because they understand how much that matters.

Think about a particular brand. What terms might you use to describe it? Is it serious, playful, alluring, informative, mysterious, or something else?

How do you start thinking about a company in those terms? Look no further than their ad campaigns. A well-crafted ad campaign lets you know how a company thinks about itself, and it follows that it wants you to think about it in the same way.

A video ad campaign is one way you show the world what you want them to think about your company and products. For instance, if you see a luxury car commercial around the holidays, the individuals driving that car might pull into the driveway of an enormous house. They get out of the vehicle wearing high-end clothes.

That car company wants you to know, using not-so-subtle terms, that you probably can’t afford this car unless you’re well off. These visual cues appear in most video ads. When you create a video ad for your business, you can use that ad to establish your brand identity, however, you envision it.   

You Can Position Video Ads In Many Different Places

Earlier, we talked about how there’s more content than ever before. That’s because you can watch broadcast television, or you can pay for cable and watch more channels that way. You can also watch TV via streaming services like Sling or Hulu.

Free apps like Pluto TV exist as well. You can also watch content on YouTube. You can potentially position your video ads in any of these places.

All you have to do is figure out who you want to see your ads. Say you want to target older generations. You can play your ads on cable TV since many older individuals still use cable and have not switched over to a streaming service if they want to watch live TV.

You can do market research to figure out just what kind of ads you should make, but also where and when you should show them. It won’t do you much good if you create and play your ads, but no one in the demographic you’re trying to target sees them.

You Can Play Video Ads On Social Media

You can also create and play your ads via social media platforms. Hundreds of social media platforms exist now. You should conduct market research to figure out which ones you should use since not all age groups use the same social media platforms if they use any at all.

Shooting video for social media.

For instance, if you want to target the younger generations, you might play your ads on YouTube, but only on certain channels. If you want to target older generations, you might use Meta, which was once Facebook. Studies show that Meta skews older now, with many retirees and Gen X members still using it.

Maybe you’ll create ads for vacation destinations if you’re running a travel booking site like Travelocity. You can show those ads on Meta since older adults who potentially have disposable income will probably see them. You can also use social media algorithms that will know to show your ads based on a platform user’s habits.

Your Video Ad Might Go Viral

Going viral is like the holy grail when you think about advertising. Something might go viral and dominate the public conversation for just a few hours, but sometimes, that’s all it takes for your company to sell millions of products.

It’s hard to predict when your video ad might go viral. Does the content do it, or maybe it’s more about where you post it? Bloggers have written thousands of articles about what going viral takes, but the reality is that pure, dumb luck sometimes plays a big part in that.

You can look at what video ads have gone viral in the past and try to base a new one you make on those results. Maybe it will work, or it might not.

The point is that making and playing an ad for audiences at least gives you a chance. If you catch lightning in a bottle, you might go viral, which can turn your company from a virtual unknown into a nationally-recognized entity in just a couple of hours.

Apart from everything else we mentioned, video ads appeal to viewers because humans are a visually-oriented species. We like to watch things, and since there’s more content than ever before, there’s also more content looking for sponsorship. You can probably find a time and place to play your video ads, and if you’re smart about it, your sales could potentially see a considerable boost shortly afterward.

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