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You have many different ways to drive traffic to your eCommerce website and it can be a challenge to try and find the avenues that work best for you. Rules and trends seem to be constantly changing with the best ways to develop a customer base online, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of Facebook and its users. User comments on Facebook have been going strong for 15 years and see no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The sheer number of people who use Facebook on a daily basis should be a sign that you need to take advantage of it.

Marketing and advertising online is an entirely different beast than the traditional marketing strategies businesses were used to for years. This does not have to be a bad thing, especially if you can learn how to take advantage of Facebook comments and understand why they are such a powerful tool. It is part of human nature to want to communicate, and people tend to talk about the things they really like and dislike. If you need some more information on how Facebook user comments can affect your online business, just keep reading below to learn more.

What Makes User Comments So Important?

Social media and content sharing. What makes user comments so important?

To understand why Facebook user comments stand to be a huge way to bring business to your eCommerce site, you first need to understand social media and the way it all works. There are a number of different reasons why the user comments are going to be a big help, and there is no one reason that will be able to account for your success. You need to have a basic understanding of the following concepts to really see where the benefits come from.

  • Low-cost marketing and advertising
  • Identify demographics
  • The potential to go viral
  • Reach customers worldwide
  • Efficient targeting of customers
  • Add credibility to your website
  • Higher quality traffic
  • Endorsements from high authority users
  • Facebook is too large not to use

The last two decades have drastically changed the way business is done. Even ten years ago the average person would hesitate to consider running a profitable online business. If you take advantage of what Facebook and its users can do, you can find your eCommerce website doing better than expected.

Low-Cost Marketing And Advertising

The most important part of running any business is to make a profit. When you are running an online business your marketing strategy almost has to be lean and mean. There is so much competition that you must reduce costs as efficiently as possible. Social media, specifically Facebook, has made a lot of things possible that most people wouldn’t have even considered in the past. Your low-cost advertising comes in the form of content published by your company profile and all of the shares and likes that will follow.

With user comments on Facebook, you will be getting direct and indirect marketing without spending anything more than your social media budget. Anytime you get a share or like the message is shot out through a web of connected timelines. There are no extra steps you need to take or money you need to spend for this to happen. The power of social media and people across the world advertises for you with just a little input.

Identify Demographics

Identify demographics in marketing strategies is helpful.

One of the most crucial parts of running any successful business is knowing your customers and what they want. By tracking user comments about your brand or business you can easily start to see all kinds of things about your customers. The ability to know more about your potential customers gives you a huge advantage is such a competitive environment. Whether they’re into sports, high-end cooking, or Blockchain, you need to calibrate the content of your comments and site content accordingly. You must use all the tools available to make your eCommerce website a success.

With Facebook, you will be able to see the average ages of your customers and where they are from. When you start to gather enough pertinent information from user comments you can use it to your advantage. If you know exactly who is buying your products or services you can tailor everything to their likes and dislikes.

Knowing your customer will always be an essential part of being successful in business. The landscape has changed but the power of money has not. Take advantage of the information you gather and use it to make your customers happier and more loyal. Loyal and happy customers are the ones who keep you in business.

The Potential To Go Viral

Viral itself was quite the buzzword for a period of time, and if you get your commenting skills up to snuff you can increase your chances of it blowing up. This is going to rely solely on the other Facebook users, their own comments and likes, and the ever-evolving machine that is social media. It is impossible to predict what is going to be the next viral movement, and it can make a huge impact when it happens.

You could be the smallest little nobody in the world and in a matter of hours have half the country reading something your business created. The content is so important for eCommerce to get the most out of Facebook user comments. Practice your writing skills, or outsource to a trusted content creator or writing companies if the budget allows. The potential to go viral is worth the time and effort for your business.

Reach Customers Worldwide

Reach Customers Worldwide

The internet has changed the game entirely; so much that it created our friend eCommerce. With the world being at everyone’s fingertips these days it is so easy to get traffic to your eCommerce website from all over. User comments create a connection between people from just about anywhere like a web. As you grow your name on Facebook it will start reaching potential customers that you may not have had the opportunity to reach before.

This type of reach was unheard of for a smaller business in the past. It is up to you to generate comments and content that will get people talking. Make everything relevant with high-quality and your eCommerce website will be in a great position to get a high volume of traffic via Facebook users from every country you could think of. The reach you can have through a platform like Facebook and its users is limitless.

Efficient Targeting Of Customers

The last thing you need as a lean and mean eCommerce machine is to have resources being wasted on dead ends. Facebook users can be targeted based on everything from age, gender, location, employment, relationship status, and this list goes on. You need to get people interested in your Facebook content so you can start getting those all-important likes and shares. As you start to get rolling with your Facebook strategy you will start to get indicators on the types of people interested in what you are selling.

If you take the time to get the right information you can start to construct your content to be more likable for them, so they will, in turn, start commenting and sharing with all of their friends. If you were not able to get any pertinent information about these users it would be a blind shot in the dark when you work on your content. Take the time to learn about your audience so you can target more effectively, this is going to lead to much more success in the long run.

Add Credibility To Your eCommerce Website

So far we have been talking only about Facebook itself, posting content, and user comments affecting all of this. While this is a major part of keeping you relevant online and your business surviving, you can also use all of the positive comments you receive to add credibility to your own website. As you get people talking about your business on Facebook you can keep track of the best comments to actually use on your website to add content.

You have the option, depending on the website tools and services you use, to embed sections of Facebook user comments on your own website. While this is going to be different depending on an assortment of technical factors, it essentially gives you the ability to promote yourself with testimonials. When potential buyers start reading about all of the wonderful things Facebook users have to comment about your business it will give them more incentive to do business with you.

Sure thing, to get those comments it’s worth to check if something on your business website needs to be updated. Check if all the pages work properly, analyze your audience and see if your website meets their needs. You may want to consider adding a cryptocurrency wallet if, say, your audience consists of traders.

Higher Quality Clicks And Traffic

Traffic and clicks are the way you measure the people that have been accessing your eCommerce website. With the right input and SEO anyone can have a website that generates traffic every day, but what is the point if none of that traffic stays on the site with no intention of shopping? That is going to be traffic that just eats up your bandwidth without contributing anything to your hard-working business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more traffic that actually wanted to be there?

When you effectively utilize Facebook user comments and the accompanying data that will go along with it, you will start generating some interest from Facebook users and their friends. As posts on Facebook are going to be easily ignored, they only ones who are likely to click on your content are ones that are actually interested in it. This means that you may see lower traffic numbers in total, but the percentage of that traffic that makes a purchase or spends quality time is much greater.

Endorsements From High-Authority Users

Endorsements From High-Authority Users Help Your Marketing Strategy

Social media is basically run by the most popular people on the platform, as their content reaches the widest range of other users. If you are able to catch the attention of an influencer, high-authority user, or whatever you want to call them, it could mean a lot of publicity for your brand and eCommerce website. One comment from a popular enough Facebook user could potentially have you seen by millions of followers. This can set off a chain reaction sometimes and has literally blown up businesses overnight in the process.

Make your posts engaging enough that celebrities in your field are going to want to pay attention and talk about your product or service. With social media, perception is key to get people in the door. If you are able to get one popular user started it could end with many more following suit.

Facebook Is Too Large Not To Use

When you really think about the number of people who log in and use Facebook on a daily basis it can be absolutely mind-boggling. This company that started in a computer dorm room has expanded into one of the largest entities on the entire planet. It started the social media trend and is still at the top of its game to this day. With the sheer volume of people who use it any eCommerce business person who doesn’t use it to some degree is just asking to fail.

This may just sound like people chatting about random nonsense on another social media platform, but it is so much more than that. If you set up the right content strategy utilizing Facebook comments it could be the boost you need to get to the next level. The sky is the limit when it comes to the amount of coverage you can get from Facebook users, so do everything you can to get popular.

Above All Else Keep Content High-Quality

Regardless of what else you do to promote yourself on Facebook, you need to have the best possible content to engage your users. To be able to do well in business you need to sell a quality product or service, treat your customers right, and never try to deceive with misleading information or advertising. Your content is a reflection of your business on Facebook and that means everything to other users.

There is another reason why your Facebook content has to be so well done; if people have no interest in clicking on your content or comment the process cannot even begin. For this to go successfully the comments and posts need to be done well, heavily researched and accurate, and you need to be able to back up all your claims. Making everything pleasing on the eyes and easy to read is going to be the icing on the cake.

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