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eCommerce websites come in many shapes and sizes but at its core, it involves selling products or services online. Where a good e-commerce site can really prove its worth is how it makes the shopping experience easier for your customers and streamlines your internal business processes. The first can be accomplished through a good organization of product and calls to action and the second in connecting to an in-house system to cut down on wasted time from repeatable simple tasks. See how Matchbox Design Group designs and develops your eCommerce website as the premier St. Louis eCommerce website agency and overall website designer.

Planning And Strategy

Understanding your products and how your customers do and or might shop for them is the key to creating a great structure and foundation for your eCommerce site. If you have a current site and analytics data we review this information to find out where your site is successful and where it needs improvements. If you don’t have this data available, we’ll take into account your competition in the space, current and potential users, and goals when making these up-front decisions.

Next, we create a sitemap to identify content pages as well as product segmentation and hierarchy. Special consideration is also given to how people purchase your products, what options, variations, and special needs apply to make your eCommerce presence fit your products and process.

Designing for eCommerce

Matchbox Design Group is a website design company and our ecommerce design process is much like the rest of our sites.

Our goal is always to make an intuitive and easily navigable site so that your customers get to the products they need (and ones they didn’t know they needed) in as few clicks as possible. Using best practices we make decisions upfront to make sure we’re creating the best experience but to keep up with changes in customer preferences, we can continually review analytics data to make improvements.

The next step in design is to visually prioritize the information on every page, from the homepage to individual product pages. We understand the need to expose customers to new products, cross-sell, and make transactions as frictionless as possible. To do this we focus on creating clear calls to action throughout the entire site experience.

Developing E-commerce Sites

Our team has experience with multiple platforms including WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and more. We have built many custom WordPress WooCommerce websites to handle thousands of products, special ordering processes as well as connect these sites to in-house systems. When making these types of connections to in-house systems we consider factors like what types of systems are connecting to (ERP systems, Quickbooks, Sales Reporting Software, etc.), how we can keep all of these data transactions secure and how to use these relationships to save you time and money.

Connecting to In-House Systems

Keeping your eCommerce website in sync with your inventory, pricing, sale, and other information can save you time and create a 2-way street for business intelligence to impact your on and offline transactions. We have connected to modern ERPs, AS400 systems, CRM tools, and more. We can leverage the valuable data that all of these systems hold through API connections, CSV exports (with scheduled syncing), EDI files, JSON data, and a myriad of other ways. If you’re wondering if we can help with your specific solution, call us at 314-849-6969 today.

Automating Marketing Emails From Your eCommerce Site

Making your site smarter and automate your marketing emails can help drive sales and stay in touch with customers better than ever before. Email marketing platforms like MailChimp can tap into your eCommerce platform data and drive the automatic sending of emails. For instance, you can set a sales threshold for your best customers and send them a coupon code once they get to this level, touch base with customers that haven’t shopped in a few months with new product offerings, or send a reminder to customers who have abandoned their cart. Instead of worrying about manually creating and sending these, let the automation do the work for you.

Optimizing Ecommerce Sites, Driving Traffic and Tracking Campaigns

E-commerce sites can have some of the most transparent results when it comes to reviewing optimization efforts. The goal is always to drive customers to convert and figure out what they did, why they did, and how to help make them repeat customers. Using a variety of channels from email to social to traditional advertising and marketing methods, there is a way to mobilize your audience and track each campaign’s effectiveness. We monitor many factors to help make a determination about how to make your site better and have many tools at our disposal including call tracking, mouse tracking, heat maps, site analytics, and more to learn from everything we put in place and continually gain a better understanding of your audience.

Leveraging Social Media

Ecommerce sites and how they leverage social media

Social and e-commerce go hand in hand in today’s digital environment. Social platforms are evolving to bring ever more powerful tools to retailers including the ability to target, track, and retarget ads for exactly the audience you are trying to reach.

With all of these resources at your disposal, it provides, compared to traditional advertising methods, a plethora of low-cost methods to test and experiment with messaging, visual execution, new products, and conversion tactics.

We Can Help

Whatever your product or service we can help with strategy, design, development, integration, and marketing services to bring your products online or make your new eCommerce site perform at its peak. With a vast amount of experience creating dynamic and robust eCommerce websites, we can help craft a solution to meet your business goals.

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