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If you look at the pretty accurate prediction that global eCommerce sales are going to hit the roof (meaning more than 4 trillion US dollars), you could say that the future is now. If there are some doors of brick-and-mortar shops that have remained open, that’s only because they also interact with their customers through online shopping. And since online shopping is continually on the rise, the way that interaction is constantly changing, and it’s changing fast. Important eCommerce Trends are changing and you need to be ready.

The evolution of technology is happening in the form of huge leaps, creating more opportunities for retailers but also more demanding users looking for a flawless experience. The most notable trends are already here, but their role in reshaping the eCommerce sector is going to become evident in the years to come.  Many markets are already well developed, but there are the ones who are ready to take off with a bang such as Latin America, the Middle East, or Southern Asia, meaning there is still a huge potential audience waiting to be reached. Today’s audience is driven by trends, so we’ve put the list of the most important ones that will enable you to take the lead in the future that has already started.

The Prediction of Their Desires

In the business world, everybody is talking about the unmet customer needs, but the term ‛desires’ is much more appropriate. The core of excellent customers experience lies in familiarity, in creating a sense you not only know what they need, but what they want. If you want to profit from your relationship with customers, you need to personalize their experience. This is the only way to win not only their minds but also their hearts, and for that, you’ll need to predict the desires located deep within. You might think you’ll need a crystal ball for the job, but things are much simpler.

Their desires are actually already there, right in front of your nose. You already know what products they’ve purchased, so simply suggest others that have similar functions, qualities, and look. Asking via email if they’re looking for these similar products is not intrusive, especially if they’re dressed in special offers. It is like a suggested watchlist on Netflix, and people are already used to it. Customers don’t want to waste time with irrelevant information, and with a current information overload knowing their heart’s desires will definitely be a beginning of a beautiful (and profitable) friendship.

Single All-Present Entity

The most important thing for every eCommerce business today is to be all-present, and that’s why being present on multiple channels has become mandatory. But your web doesn’t only need to be spread across the Internet space – it’s equally important to spread it across all devices. Everybody knows the huge potential of mobile commerce, but what many still overlook is that it’s not all about smartphones. Today people are slaves to numerous gadgets, and they switch from one to other numerous times during the day. This means that most of your customers start their purchase on one device and finish it on another.

That’s why integrating your online platforms with all devices is more than a trend, and pretty soon it will become a necessity. The only way to make customers truly connected with your business is to make them feel like they’re dealing with a single all-present entity, and not with many separate parts. The quality of your eCommerce website design is the most important factor that will keep all the devices in sync, followed by the consistency in your tone of voice, social media content, and branding. You need to tie all this together because an omnichannel presence won’t mean a thing if there’s no solid back-end to connect users to your brand no matter what devices are they holding in their hands.

Fast Tongues And Virtual Eyes

In the early days, people have entered stores, approached the salesmen, asked for what they need, and have immediately been shown the products which they could examine and try out. Of course, there were those who loved to wander around the stores for hours, but today they’re the dying breed due to the constantly increasing rhythm of life and the pressure of numerous daily obligations it brings.

Although a modern man prefers to shop from his comfy chair, old habits die hard. When you look at the increasing use of voice search, it’s not difficult to conclude that the customers’ first point of contact with a brand will once more be achieved with their tongues. And the patience of a modern man has made those tongues fast and reckless, which means you’re gonna have to optimize your listings for voice search in order to ensure your content is relevant to the kind of queries customers are using when searching for a particular product.

When it comes to trying out the products, the confident steps of augmented reality towards mainstream will make it an organic part of online shopping. It will be just like in the old days when you could test make-up and try on clothes before you buy them, but seeing how 3D objects fit inside your home will definitely be a step further. Some furniture companies already offer these features where shoppers can see 3D decor and furniture inside their homes before they purchase, so it’s not just wishful thinking. It is true that we have been talking about this trend for years, but now augmented reality has finally become the reality.

As we’ve said at the beginning, the future has already started. You don’t need to watch out for these trends because they’re about to come, but because they’re already here and they’re evolving. Species who have failed to follow the evolution of Nature have become extinct, and an online world will be equally cruel when it comes to your eCommerce business. So now is the time to implement these things everybody’s been talking about and secure the existence of your business.

Nick is a blogger and a marketing expert currently engaged on projects for Media Gurus, an Australian business, and marketing resource. He is an aspiring street artist and does Audio/Video editing as a hobby.

Nick is a blogger and a marketing expert currently engaged on projects for Media Gurus, an Australian business, and marketing resource. He is an aspiring street artist and does Audio/Video editing as a hobby.

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