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The current business landscape is very competitive, and therefore, every business takes special care to mark their online presence and build an online reputation. A good online reputation can help a business show its credibility and attract new customers. That’s why we see the importance of online reviews.

With so many options available in the market, it gets quite tricky for the customers to decide on the right product or services for themselves.

To get rid of this cloud of confusion, the customers seek help from online reviews. In fact, a recent study has shown that almost 90% of the customers prefer reading online reviews before they actually invest in a product.

And why not?

As it is the only smart way of doing a transaction. Undoubtedly, this scenario has made online reviews a very integral part of growing a business.

An online review gives the customers a clear idea about the pros and cons of the product or service and whether it is worth buying or not. Online reviews have helped customers across the globe to make an informed decision.

Customers prefer to read online reviews because it is easily accessible and is a credible source for getting the right information. Many customers have claimed that they trust online reviews because the feedback comes directly from specialists and existing customers of that product or service.

And we all know it is not always possible to run to your friends and ask for recommendations. Hence, an online review website is the best choice that the customers have for choosing a product for themselves. 

If you own a business and you do not have online reviews of your product, then it is high time for you to pull up your socks to get online reviews for the products that you are selling. You can create a positive online footprint only if you know how the online reviews will optimize your targeted customer experience. For explaining this, we will focus on five reasons for the importance of online reviews for your business. 

1. Online Reviews Act As A Social Proof 

Social proof is important to your online digital strategy.

Customers are likely to buy a product even if a stranger has bought it, and they have left a positive review of the product. In fact, online reviews act as the biggest social proof. As a result, online reviews can directly impact the sales of the product. There is a reason why big e-commerce companies ask their buyers to review the products that they have bought. Also, a positive online review encourages visitors to purchase the product. 

2. Online Reviews Increase Your Visibility

This graph shows that online reviews can help increase your online visibility.

Your brand can be considered only successful if people know about it. It is crucial to make your business visible amongst the throng of other businesses. Most customers will look for their options with a simple Google search. Different search engines have different criteria for indexing websites, but one sure fact is that every search engine prefers fresh and original content. And guess what? Online reviews can feed the content machine of your business. This, in turn, gives more exposure to your business. 

3. They Increase Your Credibility

Online reviews help to increase your trust and credibility.

A wide number of positive reviews will help your business to increase its credibility and trust from the customers. A study has shown that online reviews actually help in building the online identity of the business. It might be impossible to always get a five-star rating, however, even a good average rating will convert the potential customers into real customers. 

4. It Is A Simple Way Of Welcoming Conversations

Use reviews to start an online conversation.

Reviews spread like wildfire! When people think your product is good, they may leave positive reviews on other websites like, TechRadar, and depending upon the product or service that they are dealing with. These websites are important for your online reviews. In fact, the Google algorithm takes data from such trusted websites and creates its own result ranking. And if you manage to rank yourself in Google, you will be having a great business.

5. Online Reviews Influence Decision Making

Reviews can steer you in one direction or another when making a decision.

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of online reviews for influencing the decision-making of the customers. We have already stated 90% of the customers prefer reading online reviews before they actually buy a product. Hence, online reviews play a vital role in influencing the decision-making process. 

Last but not least, online reviews will clearly impact the sales of your business. Positive online reviews are equivalent to big money for your business. A study has shown that online reviews can increase your sales by up to 18%.

Please note that if you are thinking of contacting a third-party to review your product, make sure that they publish online genuine reviews. This is particularly important because the online review publisher should be credible themselves too! Many people prefer reading reviews of different products in and services at Clutch.Co because they know that the site highlights both the pros and cons of the products or services and this makes these online review websites highly reliable.

Having gained the knowledge, are you now wondering where should you start? Well, for now, you can simply ask your previous customers to leave a review via email, and then gradually, you can work your way up by contacting other online reviewers because the importance of online reviews is priceless.


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