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Facebook is undeniably one of the best marketing platforms on the internet. It is home to a large user base at your disposal for any marketing campaign. Facebook’s revenue is forecast to grow at an exceptional rate of 20.53% per year. However, not all campaigns can maximize their effectiveness as they are unable to appeal to even a substantial subset of this userbase. This post will give you tips to boost your Facebook page.

It is a waste of resources if you have crafted what would have been an amazing campaign, but it is unable to reach enough users. Businesses do not realize how much they underestimate the power of the social media giant that is Facebook. Check out to see the benefits of social media engagement.

With this in mind, it is important to first work on improving the reach of your Facebook page. The following are five simple yet effective ways how you can organically boost your reach, and generate traffic:

1. Start Natural Discussions

The first strategy that you may employ in improving your Facebook organic reach is by starting natural discussions on your page.

It is a good idea for you to start topics that would invite people to participate. Natural discussions are often triggered by asking questions to your followers or through a survey.

Brainstorm on topics that would pique your audience’s interests that would certainly encourage them to engage with your business through commenting or sharing your content. Your topics should be different from common topics talked about, as well as from topics you have recently put up for discussion.

The key is to cause enough excitement to have people converse. If it’s worth it, your audience will even bring their connections into the discussion, making the reach even wider. That is growing organic reach at its finest.

2. Produce Quality And Shareable Content

If you want your content to have decent engagement, you should ensure that it is of great quality and worth sharing. Quality and shareable content naturally drive organic traffic, so this should be the goal when you craft your content. On the other hand, uninteresting content would be ignored and won’t be effective in garnering more followers for your page.

Here Are Some Content Types That Can Drive More Engagement On Your Facebook Channel:

  1. Trending Topic – whenever there’s a trending topic buzzing around the Internet, it’ll surely bring engagement to any Facebook page. From holiday greetings to trending celebrity news, there will always be a topic you can use as inspiration for content.
  2. DIY Posts – the simpler the DIY post, the better. We enjoy posts similar to Tasty’s content, which made it easier for us to cook different cuisines from around the world. Get inspiration from those nifty life hack videos on anything and everything adulting. Make sure to keep it simple and easy to understand by many.
  3. Encourage Engagement Through Polls or Questions – if you have run out of ideas, you can always ask your audience! Strike a conversation by asking a question, or asking your audience to vote through post reactions. Try creating a poll on two contrasting options and see how your audience will interact. Caveat: remain neutral throughout to avoid backlash!

With this in mind, make it a habit of publishing great content on your page. Doing this will also help you retain the following that you have captured. As a business, you need to understand that successful Facebook marketing campaigns are always driven by great content.

Use engaging content to boost your Facebook page.

3. Post Engaging Videos Or Go Live

Videos are considered to be highly-engaging content. What’s great is that you can post videos free of charge. There are also different video formats that you can do such as commercials, testimonials, how-to’s, interviews, and whatnot. There are also newer ways to do videos such as through Stories, and then through Facebook Live.

Facebook Live is especially effective if you have events that are worth sharing with your audience. There should be something interesting about your live video that can grab your audience’s attention, and have them watch what’s going on. One good example is the launch of a new product. You should set up an exciting way to introduce your new offering to your customers.

You may also hold customer engagement activities such as games and contests through Facebook live where they can get something in return by participating. These creative ways to engage your customers can organically earn you some following, which you can then keep through other marketing efforts.

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4. Interact With Your Audience

There’s a huge difference when a brand does exert effort in reaching out to its target audience as compared to those who do not do so. Facebook, as a social networking site, is meant to be a platform for socialization, so it is advisable that you implement activities that promote interaction with your audience.

There Are Many Ways How You Can Do This, Including The Following:

  • Tag People On Your Posts. There’s a positive result regarding reach when you tag relevant people on your posts. Tagging people to your posts opens many possibilities for tapping their network of followers as well. But just tagging anybody won’t cut it. There should be relevance between the post and who you tag. For example, you craft a post that involves a certain company. Then tag the company’s page, and key people involved so that you would be able to reach out to their friends and followers, driving them to your page.
  • Hold Contests. It’s always fun to engage your audience through some rewarding activities. There are a bunch of creative contests that you can offer, and the key is to pique the interest of your audience to have them participate. It is also worth highlighting that the reward from joining the contest itself should be enticing enough so that you can pull in the participation of your audience, earning you the traffic you want for your page.
  • Be Active In Communities And Groups. Your Facebook page should also be part of relevant communities and groups as these help you tap influencers with the same interests. Being active in these communities helps bring your brand out to those who are more likely to respond positively.

Communicate With Your Audience. Delegate this task to a team of social media managers who will communicate with your audience. Your audience will message and comment, and it is helpful if you reply as needed. It makes all the difference when a brand responds to its audience as compared to one that does not.

Interacting on Facebook will help boost your page's engagement.

5. Know Who your Followers Are

Finally, do your assignment and try to understand who your followers are. There are many tools out there that can help you understand the type of traffic you interact with, and one of these is Facebook Audience Insights. Insights can help you identify what kind of posts your followers are more responsive to so that you can make use of a similar approach moving forward, making your efforts more likely to bring about the desired results.

It is also best to know when your followers are online so that you can schedule your releases at this time. Knowing when your target market usually browses through Facebook gives your posts more chances of reaching the desired audience.

Follow these Tips to Earn Organic Reach and Boost Your Facebook Page

There are many ways for which you can make use of Facebook for advertising, and it’s not all the time that you should be shelling out big bucks to be in front of your audience. You can organically increase the reach and drive traffic towards your Facebook page, and the above tips can help you achieve that.

So follow these tips now and see all the difference that it can make.

Author Bio:

Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, a Facebook Ads Agency based in New York. He helps businesses maximize the benefits of Facebook Advertising, leading to a dramatic improvement in sales while pushing down costs. Voy Media thoroughly studies each client and comes up with tailor-fit solutions to bring about the best results.

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